Turnbull’s mentor is behind the greyhound ban

13th July, 2016

One of Malcolm Turnbull’s mentors, former High Court judge Michael McHugh, is behind the NSW state government’s Special Commission of Inquiry that effectively recommended a ban on greyhound racing.

The Baird Government announced McHugh as Commissioner igovn March of 2015, and he reported back in June this year. McHugh claimed that “the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry has fundamental animal welfare issues, integrity and governance failings that can not be remedied.”

This conclusion has since been thoroughly discredited, and McHugh has even backtracked on one of his claims.

McHugh is a radical leftist, and admits as much. He once told students at Sydney University:

“My own social views are probably as radical as anyone in this room – maybe more so.”

Michael McHugh

McHugh’s wife Jeannette was a federal Labor MP and is now the Chair of the Jessie Street Trust, an organisation that celebrates the Stalin-loving communist and former Labor candidate, Jessie Street.

In his 1988 book titled ‘The Spycatcher Trial’ Turnbull discusses McHugh’s involvement in the Spycatcher case as a judge on the NSW Court of Appeal alongside Lawrence Street (son of the aforementioned communist, Jessie Street) and Michael Kirby (future High Court judge and homosexual activist). On page 89 of the book, Turnbull refers to all three men as “something of mentors” (pictured below).

turnbull-mchughTurnbull was a lawyer in the Spycatcher case and recounts his fear that the absence of McHugh during one part of the trial would mean the possibility of a conservative replacement who would not be sympathetic to his cause.

From page 164 of ‘The Spycatcher Trial’, a book authored by Malcolm Turnbull.

McHugh’s report is the basis of the NSW state Liberal government’s plan to ban greyhound racing in NSW, and he certainly has some ideological fellow-travelers in that government.

For instance, the government has recently appointed former ABC Managing Director Mark Scott as Secretary of the NSW Department of Education despite Scott presiding over the most left-biased, anti-Liberal incarnation of the ABC in history.

Further, the government also supports the infamous ‘Safe Schools’ program, which is linked to communist and pro-paedophilia academics. NSW MLC Fred Nile, a long-time campaigner against paedophilia, recently withdrew his support for the Baird Government over the issue.


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