Is Turnbull scheming to pass so-called “gay marriage”?

25th October, 2016

Conservatives are in danger of being lulled into a state of complacency, given the current state of affairs in Canberra.

Following the federal election in July, in which heavy losses were incurred upon the Liberal Party, Turnbull would appear to be ‘on the leash’.

But don’t be deceived.

We still have the clandestine carbon dioxide tax organised by the Turnbullites. We are still making no substantial progress on debt and deficit. And we still have Turnbull obstinately refusing to rule out a parliamentary vote on homosexual pseudo-marriage, and saying he is willing to negotiate.

The latter indicates that Turnbull is scheming, behind-the-scenes, for a free parliamentary vote on the marriage issue. This is a vote he knows he could win given the parliamentary numbers are now more favourable. What though, might such a scheme look like?

We ought to recall his first run as Liberal leader in 2008-09, in which he connived with the then Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, to steamroll backbench conservatives, and pass an economy-crippling Emissions Trading Scheme. Indeed, not only did he want the legislation passed, he pushed hard to get it done before the global conference in Copenhagen, so the Australian people could be exploited to serve the interests of securing a global treaty.

Could Turnbull again be scheming with Labor in such a manner?

One possibility could be a proposal to prevent a credit rating downgrade, such that Labor agrees to pass ‘substantial’ budget savings measures through the Senate in exchange for a free parliamentary vote on so-called “gay marriage”. This deal would be heavily promoted among Turnbull’s ideological allies in the leftist media who would frame it in such a way as to demonise conservatives.

If conservative backbenchers oppose the deal they will be presented as pathologically obsessive about the supposedly “inconsequential” social issues, to the point of being hindrances to the “more practical” and urgent matter of budget repair and economic reform. Should conservatives succeed in stifling the deal, they will then be blamed for any subsequent downgrade in Australia’s credit rating, and for the resulting debt spiral.

On the other hand, Turnbull and Shorten would be made to look like heroes, achieving productive compromise in a difficult parliament.

Such a scenario has been made possible by the foolish tactic employed by many conservatives, over many years, of presenting the marriage issue as a “third order” issue that should be put at the back of the line. The truth is that marriage is a civilisational bedrock of equal or greater importance than any other issue, and that truth has been undermined by the aforementioned tactic.

Schemes such as that I have described above must be anticipated and pre-emptively eradicated, before they see the light of day. Turnbull though, sagging in the polls, unlikely to win the next election, and desperate to leave a lasting legacy that will ensure everlasting popularity among his ideological brethren, may be willing to martyr his leadership over the issue, and go out in a blaze of leftist glory.


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7 thoughts on “Is Turnbull scheming to pass so-called “gay marriage”?”

  1. As the majority of the population support Marriage Equality as PM he would be doing his job.
    Quite simply if you do not want to marry a same sex partner – don’t!!
    Move on with your life and focus on something positive. And let others go about their lives without judgement hatred and forcing your views onto others.

    1. It’s not a marriage unless bodily union can, at least in principle, result in children. If homosexuals think that can get married, they are not currently prevented from having a ceremony and claiming they have a marriage. Redefining the word “marriage” to include homosexuals makes marriage meaningless.

    2. “Forcing your views onto others” reminds me of how the Victorian Govt. introduced ‘safe schools programs’ without consulting anyone, not even parents.
      Many Victorian parents are still not aware that their kids can now go to school dressed as male or female (or even as transvestites?) , use whatever toilet they wish, have their breasts bound, etc.
      I believe the same laws have now been introduced into South Australia.

      Is this how the Left wish to rule? Forcing their views on others?

      I stopped listened to ABC radio 12 months ago when they said that “anyone who does not believe same sex marriage is natural, is abnormal”. Agreed, I don’t want such ‘hatred’ views forced upon me or my children.

  2. Ha ha haaaar; oh the right should so get over themselves. Blocking the will of the people through macavallian political manoeuvring; rather than geninuely representing their electorates (only 1 electorate in far flung QLD has a majority against marriage equality, for example); is bull shine hubris of the very worst kind. The kind that gets a Tony Abbo, thrown out of the top job of representing the peeps. He stank like a dung heap, precisely because he wasn’t representing their will. Stupid people.

  3. “the will of the people..” This will only be known by a plebiscite, not the single opinion of a minority.

  4. ‘the will of the people’ reminds me of the media in the USA who knew of no one who thought Trump would win.
    Agree with David that the minority in favour is small, less that half of gay relationships (1.5% of the population) want to get married.
    Hey Tex, if the majority of the people want same sex marriage, why does the Left (Penny Wong, Bill Shorten, etc) not want the plebiscite? One reason could be that they know that most people may wish to retain existing social, moral and religious values?
    Avoiding the ALP’s commitment to have a plebiscite, avoiding the people’s right to have a say on the most important aspect of our social and religious lives, the moral fabric of our society, is a tightrope that Turnbull has to face, otherwise he must go!

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