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*This part covers September 2015 (the leadership coup) until the end of 2016.

16th September, 2015 – Political commentator, and former Labor Senator, Graham Richardson makes an important point whilst interviewing Christopher Pyne:

“Having watched the whole exercise, the thing that amazes me is that for the last two weeks this had been going on in earnest and it didn’t leak. The cabinet leaks every time it meets. How is it possible that an exercise like this, which would’ve involved 30 or 40 people, didn’t leak?”

The fact that the coup d’etat didn’t leak, but the cabinet constantly did, proves the broad and highly-organised nature of the anti-Abbott conspiracy.

16th September, 2015 – The Daily Telegraph‘s Andrew Clennell reveals that, in his youth, Turnbull wanted to become leader of the Australian Workers Union.

20th September, 2015 – Turnbull announces his first cabinet, which has now increased to 21 members (Abbott had 19), providing yet another useful indicator of Turnbull’s unwillingness to cut the size of government.

He deliberately makes it a weak cabinet, lacking in assertive individuals, lacking in experience, and excluding key rural Liberals. This will make his domination a much easier task.

On the sacking of Bruce Billson, Fairfax journalist Matthew Knott says:

“I’ve spoken to some people in the Liberal Party who say it’s a personality issue. That Bruce Billson talks alot in cabinet, constantly arguing for small business, and that annoys [Malcolm Turnbull].”

He also removes the Immigration Ministry from a permanent position in the National Security Committee, indicating his disdain for tough border security. He is even criticised for this by Bill Shorten, in yet another instance of Turnbull outflanking Labor to the left.

21st September, 2015 – It is reported that Turnbull will provide large-scale federal funding for urban mass transit. This is a major policy change. Abbott had previously banned all large-scale federal funding for urban mass transit, which was a policy consistent with conservative and classical liberal philosophy.

Turnbull has also canvassed the phasing out of cars, appointed a Minister for Cities, and spoken in support of cities becoming more densely populated. This is all part of the leftist-‘progressive’ agenda to  pile everyone into urban flats and high-rise units, depopulate and cut-off rural areas, and phasing out privately-owned and mobile cars, in favour of government-owned and restricted mass-transit.

In stark contrast, Abbott has clearly articulated his opposition to this vision, writing in his 2009 book Battlelines [pg. 173-174]:

“In Australia’s big cities, public transport is generally slow, expensive, not especially reliable and still a hideous drain on the public purse…People who can afford to live in the inner city or on a train line…often puzzle over others’ attachment to their own car and passion to drive. They underestimate the sense of mastery that many people gain from their car. The humblest person is king in his own car. Drivers choose the destination, the route, the time of departure, the music that’s played and whether to have company. Women, especially, tend to value the sense of security that a car can give. For people whose lives otherwise run largely at the beck and call of others, that’s no small freedom. It should not be underestimated or sneered at by senior policy makers who are more accustomed to getting their own way.”

Turnbull and his leftist media allies call the Abbott policy “ideological“, which is a classic tactic of the left. When a conservative is implementing conservative policy, then they label it as “ideological”, but when a leftist-‘progressive’ is implementing leftist-‘progressive’ policy, then it is labelled “pragmatic and science-based”. They are able to get away with this lie because the left have largely wrestled control of academia, and a facade of neutrality can be applied to what is really ideological.

23rd September, 2015 – The Turnbull Government launches its own set of slogans, despite Turnbull’s criticism of Tony Abbott’s slogans. The new Turnbull Government slogans include “Work. save & invest” and “Agile”. Tony Abbott’s slogans included “Lower, simpler & fairer taxes”, “Stop the Boats” and “Lifters not Leaners”.

23rd September, 2015 – Turnbull weakens on border protection, suggesting the government’s policies might change:

“I understand the issue, I have the same concerns about it, about the situation of people on Manus and Nauru… Our policies will change, all policies change.”

25th September, 2015 – Turnbull’s Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, suggests that carbon dioxide emissions will be cut even further than the current policy of 26-28% of 2005 levels by 2030. Hunt also pointed out that PM Turnbull had reorganised his Environment portfolio to include the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, both of which former PM Tony Abbott was trying to abolish. Hunt also says:

“There’s a change in mood in the renewable energy industry. What matters to them is that they know the RET [Renewable Energy Target] will stick.”

25th September, 2015 – The Turnbull Government backs the United Nations’ “Agenda 2030” program at the 70th General Assembly in New York. The program is thinly veiled leftist-‘progressive’ ideology, and includes “gender equality”, “reduced inequality”, “inclusive institutions”,  “sustainable agriculture”, “sustainable water management”, “sustainable energy”, “sustainable growth”, “sustainable industrialisation”, “sustainable cities”, “sustainable consumption”, “sustainable use of oceans”, “sustainable development”, “sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems”, etc.

“Sustainable” is a code word for ‘artificially suppressed’ (and therefore more expensive) using “the environment” as the excuse.

28th September, 2015 – Julie Bishop fawns over being invited into meetings of the higher echelons of the United Nations. Meanwhile, Maurice Newman, an opponent of global warming ideology, is sacked as a business adviser.

30th September, 2015 – The Turnbull Government announces that it will pursue another non-permanent seating on the UN Security Counciland it is revealed that Julie Bishop intends to pursue a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

The government also bans an anti-abortion activist, Troy Newman.

1st October, 2015 – In an interview with Neil Mitchell on Melbourne radio station 3AW, Tony Abbott says:

“We can’t just increase the GST Neil. That would be a terrible mistake. Tax reform has got to be about lower, simpler, fairer taxes, and just whacking up the GST doesn’t address the spending issue…We don’t have a revenue problem in this country, we have a spending problem in this country.”

Turnbull would later float an increase to the GST as a serious proposal.

1st October, 2015 – Turnbull holds a summit to take ideas on the economy. He invites the leftist-‘progressive’ Grattan Institute, but doesn’t invite the classical liberal Institute of Public Affairs. It should be noted that Lucy Turnbull sits on the Board of Directors of the Grattan Institute [2018 update: she resigned in late 2016], and both Malcolm and Lucy are listed as donors [2018 update: they have now been suspiciously removed from the donor list].

Terry McCrann called it:

“…an exact representation of corporatism: government sitting down with the major interest groups to “decide things” in their shared best interests”

2nd October, 2015 – In the morning, the media reports that Turnbull will ditch “the blunt and often divisive language used by his predecessor Tony Abbott” which had apparently “alienated many in the ­Islamic community”.

In the afternoon, a 15-year-old Muhammedan boy, Farhad Mohammad Jabar, murders an unarmed police civilian finance worker at NSW Police headquarters in Parramatta, Sydney.

4th October, 2015 – Turnbull is booed at the NRL Grand Final.

5th October, 2015 – Bill Shorten goes in harder on terrorism than Turnbull.

*6th October, 2015 – Turnbull abandons Abbott plans to ban Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

9th October, 2015 – It is revealed Turnbull is operating a private email server, like Hillary Clinton. Who is he hiding from? Is he putting security at risk?

He did, however, win support from the Communist Party of Australia, which tweeted:

“Turnbull still uses a private encrypted email address: he doesn’t trust ASIO with his metadata, and nor should anyone else.”

9th October, 2015 – Turnbull laughably claims that the Golden Rule is something common to all religions, when it is, in fact, a teaching of Jesus Christ.

10th October, 2015 – Turnbull is mocked and booed at the NSW Liberal Party Council’s conference. Sky News reporter David Lipson says:

“In a room where leaders are normally treated to a hero’s welcome, the Prime Minister was publicly ridiculed by grassroots members of his own party.”

12th October, 2015 – Former Labor MP and ABC presenter Maxine McKew praises Turnbull.

14th October, 2015 – Labor attack Turnbull over tax minimisation. Turnbull retorts, but Turnbull himself, in 2005, called tax minimisation a “black art”.2

14th October, 2015 – Turnbull abandons any free speech reform.

17th October, 2015 – Turnbull skips the memorial service for Curtis Cheng, the victim of the Parramatta terrorist attack.

19th October, 2015 – Official launch of the Turnbull Government’s bid for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

19th October, 2015 – In an article titled “Why women are mad for Malcolm Turnbull” the leftist-‘progressive’ blogger Mia Freedman quotes an acquaintance saying:

“I can’t decide whether I want Malcolm Turnbull to adopt me or ravish me.”

The word “ravish” actually means rape. When you consider that Mama Mia is an outfit that constantly attacks men, conflating masculinity and rape, this is quite astonishing. Apparently rape is ok, as long as the rapist is a left-winger.

20th October, 2015 – Turnbull hires a former senior Labor staffer as an adviser, and rules out changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.

21st October, 2015 – The Turnbull Government abandons the Bjorn Lomberg centre, which would’ve researched less costly solutions to “global warming”.

23rd October, 2015 – Turnbull gives his first major newspaper interviews to two confirmed Abbott-haters from Fairfax.

24th October, 2015 – Turnbull plans to borrow “massive” amounts to fund more inefficient public transport. He is supported by the leftist-‘progressive’ Australia Institute.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, he approvingly quotes the Chinese mass-murdering communist dictator, Mao Zedong. And this is not the first time he’s quoted Mao. In a 2011 speech at the London School of Economics, he said:

“The economic success of modern China, whether manifested in gleaming new cities, fast trains and freeways, or in tanks and stealth fighter jets, is the fulfillment of Mao’s proud boast in 1949 from the top of Tien An Men. ‘Zhong guo ren min zanqilai le’ – the Chinese people have stood up. And so they have – and we are now all taking notice.”

At the time, The Australian newspaper’s Greg Sheridan wrote that Turnbull’s speech helps explain “why he was such a disastrous Liberal leader and why he should never be considered for the leadership again.”

Turnbull shares his love for communist China with the new leftist Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who says he has a “level of admiration” for China’s “basic dictatorship“.

Furthermore, he celebrates his birthday with Martin Parkinson, who Abbott axed.

28th October, 2015 – Turnbull floats an increase to the GST, and simultaneously pushes for centralisation, arguing that any GST increase would require abolishing certain “inefficient” state taxes. This would only further the fiscal imbalance, and therefore further degrade federalism.

Keep in mind that Turnbull has pushed precisely this agenda in the past. In 2008, as Shadow Treasurer, he said the revenue from an emissions trading scheme should be used to phase out state taxes.1

This is something Menzies opposed, and contradicts the vision of the constitutional framers.

31st October, 2015 – The Turnbull Government launches a bid to co-chair the “Green Climate Fund” which Tony Abbott called a rort and “a Bob Brown bank on an international scale“.

31st October 2015 – The Turnbull Government announces establishment of a “Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions” that will conspire to increase the price of cars by imposing mandatory limits on carbon dioxide emissions (which are actually harmless).

3rd November, 2015 – Liberal MPs and Senators pushback against the Turnbull plan for a GST hike.

5th November, 2015 – Turnbull’s gives a speech on taxation policy, and uses a sailing metaphor that makes him look mentally unstable.

8th November, 2015 – Turnbull Government axes program to restore civility to government-funded arts projects.

10th November, 2015 – Kevin Rudd announces his approval of Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Ministership, whilst attacking conservatives.

12th November, 2015 – Kevin Rudd reveals he met with Malcolm Turnbull to advise him on ‘climate change‘.

13th November, 2015 – Turnbull spends $557 million of taxpayers money on carbon dioxide reductions.

13th November, 2015 – Malcolm Turnbull “slaps down” Tony Abbott’s London anti-immigration speech from October, which warned of security risks with regard to “refugees” from the Middle East. Just hours later, terrorists, including one Syrian “refugee”, attack various locations in Paris, claiming 130 lives.

14th November, 2015 – Disturbingly, Turnbull says France is “the home of freedom“, which clearly indicates that Turnbull’s idea of “freedom” is that of the leftist French revolutionaries rather than the liberty-minded American revolutionaries.

18th November, 2015 – Turnbull backs Grand Mufti’s statement on the Paris terrorist attacks and urges a power-sharing deal in Syria, involving the ‘Islamic State‘.

Turnbull pals around with the Mufti.

18th November, 2015 – Turnbull supports a new OECD anti-coal policy, contradicting his predecessor, Tony Abbott.

20th November, 2015 – Turnbull says a Darwin port leased to a Chinese company is “not being used by the military, it is a commercial port,”. He is wrong.

22nd November, 2015 – Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt ponders whether Turnbull is weaker than Labor on national defence matters, after Bill Shorten attacked Turnbull for removing the Immigration Minister from the National Security committee of cabinet and Anthony Albanese mocked Turnbull’s plan to include the ‘Islamic State’ in a negotiated settlement in Syria.

22nd November, 2015 – Malcolm Turnbull writes an article for the leftist-‘progressive’ blog Mama Mia. He writes in support of radical feminist ideology which claims that for a scenario to qualify as “domestic violence” it need not include actual violence. Essentially Turnbull is saying that a man who acts in his traditional role as head of the household, and puts his foot down on certain decisions, is guilty of domestic violence.

24th November, 2015 – Turnbull says:

“By most measures, however, ISIL is in a fundamentally weak position. We must not be fooled by its hype. Its ideology is archaic, but its use of the Internet is very modern. ISIL has many more smartphones than guns, more twitter accounts than fighters. It does not command broad-based legitimacy even in those areas under its direct control.”

As he speaks, another terrorist attack takes several lives in Egypt.

26th November, 2015 – Turnbull’s NBN cost blow-out gets even worse.

28th November, 2015 – Turnbull pours tea for “Human Rights” Commission President, Gillian Triggs.

30th November, 2015 – Turnbull wants to increase Australia’s carbon dioxide reduction target.

30th November, 2015 – A Turnbull interview is released in which he says:

“I love nothing more than doing something new. I’m very curious and i’m always intrigued by novelty.”

For obvious reasons, such a statement ought to alarm conservatives and traditionalists.

1st December, 2015 – Turnbull Government gives $1 billion to foreign countries for ‘coping with climate change’.

2nd December, 2015 – The Turnbull Government floats cutting back on ANZAC day commemorations, and uses “the threat of terrorism” as the excuse. This contradicts Turnbull’s claim that the terrorists are “weak”, but is a convenient excuse for doing something the left wants to do anyway.

2nd December, 2015 – It is revealed that the United States is planning to send special forces into Iraq ad Syria to help destroy the ‘Islamic State’. This is precisely what Tony Abbott had earlier suggested, but was mocked by Turnbull and members of his government.

3rd December, 2015 – It is revealed that Turnbull, as Prime Minister, has sent a public message of support to the Sydney homosexual Mardi Gras. This message appears in their official 2016 program. Tony Abbott, as Prime Minister, didn’t send a message of support, despite requests.

turnbull_mardi-grasThe Mardi Gras is an event that harbors and celebrates some very disturbing groups and individuals, as i’ve detailed in my article titled Malcolm Turnbull, Paedophilia & Pornography: 8 Disturbing Connections.

5th December, 2015 – There is a 13% primary vote swing against the Liberal Party in the North Sydney by-election. The swing doesn’t go to Labor or the Greens, but to independent candidates. This is despite Turnbull blanketing the electorate with his photo and robo-calls, in an inordinately expensive campaign for a blue ribbon seat.

turnbull-north-sydney7th December, 2015 – Turnbull spends $1.1 billion on what he calls “innovation“. This is despite the fact that many of the technologies that could boost the economy are already invented, but are being restricted by government policy, like dams and coal-fired power.

10th December, 2015 – Turnbull abolishes Tony Abbott’s pay freeze for politicians, and agrees to a 2% rise. This will obviously help solidify his strong support base among the many unprincipled careerists in the Liberal Party.

15th December, 2015 – Turnbull cuts Abbott’s practical environmentalism program.

22nd December, 2015 – Turnbull places official advertisements in magazines that don’t contain the logo of the Liberal Party. His website also continues to completely lack the Liberal logo.

January, 2016 – Turnbull’s Liberal-left faction in NSW organise pre-selection challenges against reliably conservative NSW Liberal MPs and Senators like Craig Kelly, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells and Angus Taylor. It is suspected that Turnbull is orchestrating these challenges behind the scenes.

6th January, 2016 – Turnbull will spend $28 million dollars of taxpayers money to push his “innovation” agenda.

13th January, 2016 – Turnbull rejects increasing Australia’s operations against the ‘Islamic State’ and is criticised by former Defence Minister Kevin Andrews. As a backbencher, Andrews is wholly entitled to this criticism, which is entirely different from Turnbull’s sniping and undermining of Tony Abbott whilst he was a cabinet minister subject to the principle of cabinet solidarity.

15th January, 2016 – The ABC website’s Technology Editor quits citing attempts to gag him over his criticism of Turnbull’s handling of the NBN as Communications Minister. The ABC then deletes his entire section of their website.

18th January, 2016 – It is revealed that Lucy Turnbull is scheduled as a keynote speaker at an event run by a Labor Party think tank. She will have a “discussion” on “leadership, cities, communities and social innovation” with a leftist Obama administration Czar named Melody Barnes.

Prior to working for Obama, Barnes was “Executive Vice President for Policy” with the Soros-funded left-wing think tank “Centre for American Progress”, which was founded by John Podesta, Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

*18-19th January, 2016 – Turnbull visits Washington DC, his first trip to the U.S. as Prime Minister. He speaks to Presidential candidates Hilary Clinton (Democrat nomination front-runner) and Marco Rubio (a globalist Republican nomination candidate), but didn’t speak to, nor attempt to contact, Republican nomination front-runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, despite being advised by experts that one of them would win the nomination and Rubio had little or no chance.

He further shows his contempt for conservative candidates, and willingness to put Australia’s relationship with the U.S. at risk to further his globalist ideology, by holding a dinner event at the Australian embassy for Republican officials to meet him, to which he invites no one close to either Trump or Cruz.

According to Laurie Oakes (a Turnbull media ally and clearing house):

“The truth is that he dreads the thought of either Trump, nuttily Right-wing and populist, or Cruz, darling of Tea Party extremists, becoming president of the US…he would prefer, although he can hardly say so publicly, to see Clinton and the Democrats win…when asked late last year what kind of president Trump would make, Turnbull laughed but declined to comment.”

With Hilary Clinton though, Turnbull has a long and friendly history. According to reports:

“The two have been in contact several times since first meeting in early 1992, when Mr Turnbull was in the US and Ms Clinton’s husband, Bill, has only recently won his first election for the presidency.”

Oakes says that Turnbull and Obama are ideological fellow-travellers:

“…Turnbull and Obama have much in common. That, according to an Australian official who has served in Washington, is because “the left of the Liberal Party is really the centre of the Democratic Party”. There is no such crossover with the Tea Party types intent on dominating the Republican Party…”

18th January, 2016 – Turnbull praises Barack Obama by claiming that the United States’, under his leadership, is “stronger than ever“, a claim that contradicts the facts of America’s $19 trillion national debt, massive unemployment rate and sluggish economy.

19th January, 2016 – Turnbull Government announces that it will involve itself in urban tree coverage, which is so obviously a state government matter. So much for the Liberal Party platform of supporting federalism.

Increasing urban tree coverage is designed to improve the livability of urban areas, so that rural and semi-rural areas can be depopulated and people crammed into small, high-rise apartments with minimal complaining.

19th January, 2016 – Turnbull is embarrassed by a mistake from his staffers when posting a photo on his Instagram account. They accidentally post a caption containing notes on what they could post to avoid exposing Turnbull for his weakness on the ‘Islamic State’.

20th January, 2016 – Eric Abetz condemns NSW Liberal factions plotting to overthrow grassroots conservative members:

“It’d be fair to say, on my estimation, that about 80% of the membership would be, in general terms, conservative. That is not reflected in the state executive or in the power base of the elite within the Liberal Party machine in NSW.”

22nd January, 2016 – Laurie Oakes reveals that the only presidential candidates Turnbull contacted during his trip to the United States were the front-runner for the Democrat Party nomination, Hillary Clinton (and “old friend“), and the third-placed, pro-establishment, “moderate” Republican Party candidate, Marco Rubio. He ignored the front-runners for the Republican Party nomination, conservative Ted Cruz and populist Donald Trump, thus indicating his contempt for their agenda. Oakes writes:

“If [Turnbull] can’t have a Rubio-style Republican he would prefer, although he can hardly say so publicly, to see Clinton and the Democrats win.”

22nd January, 2016 – Turnbull ally Christopher Pyne says he would prefer people vote Labor than for a minor party or independent candidate like Family First or the Australian Liberty Alliance, indicating that the left-faction of the Liberal Party are ideological fellow travelers with Labor.

25th January, 2016 – Julie Bishop, at her attention-seeking best, socialises and takes photos with celebrities in New York, including a “transgender model“.

29th January, 2016 – Turnbull says David Morrison was a “very good choice” for “Australian of the Year”.

2nd February, 2016 – The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) announces that it will allow people to choose between ‘male’, ‘female’ and ‘other’, with regard to gender.

4th February, 2016 – Turnbull pushes for a federal takeover of TAFE funding, further deteriorating federalism.

4th February, 2016 – Turnbull abolishes the Abbott policy on red tape repeal days.

5th February, 2016 – Turnbull admits he privately complained to the ABC about the public broadcaster’s coverage of the National Broadband Network. This proves that he lied when, as Communications Minister, he said he couldn’t do anything about the ABC’s left-wing bias. The truth was that he didn’t want to do anything because he shares that philosophy, and the ABC was implicitly backing his stealth leadership campaign.

10th February, 2016 – Turnbull promotes the leftist agenda of racial awareness and division, with his “Closing the Gap” speech.

13th February, 2016 – Turnbull announces his second Cabinet, and again increases its size. We’ve gone from an Abbott Cabinet of 19 to a Turnbull Cabinet of 22, a 16% increase. Turnbull ensures he is the oldest cabinet member, thus bolstering his ability to dictate policy.

14th February, 2016 – It is revealed that the Turnbull Government has cancelled the Anzac Day ceremony at Lone Pine. Even Labor’s Bill Shorten opposes the cancellation, and agitates for its reinstatement.

15th February, 2016 – Turnbull complains that Labor’s plan on ‘negative gearing’ is not a big enough tax increase for his liking.

15th February, 2016 – Turnbull implicitly pokes Abbott by telling the media that he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for ministers to be handling military weapons. As he says this, Liberal backbencher Ewen Jones is standing behind him playing with a grenade.

abbott-gun15th February, 2016 – The Turnbull Government is unwilling to abolish the so-called “Safe Schools” program which is a radical homosexual/transgender propaganda program for school children, in the guise of an anti-bullying program. The program was written by a radical Marxist named Roz Ward.

roz-ward-safe-schools16th February, 2016 – Former Treasurer Peter Costello attacks Turnbull for allowing the GST debate to run for so long. He says a GST rate rise would merely be a “cash grab“.

16th February, 2016 – Turnbull rules out a rise to the GST only a hours after his Employment Minister said it was still a possibility.

16th February, 2016 – Greg Sheridan explains how Turnbull is showing contempt for the Defence portfolio in an article titled “Defence portfolio suffers in Malcolm Turnbull era“.

16th February, 2016 – Former Labor leader Mark Latham reveals that Turnbull contacted him in the late 1990s for ideological guidance. Latham says:

“I first encountered Turnbull in the late 1990s when he rang me to ask what books he should be reading to find out about Third Way thinking and the development of social capital (community building).”

17th February, 2016 – Turnbull supports the totalitarian ‘pay-as-you-drive’ tax, which will put GPS trackers in every car and tax you for every kilometre you drive, with variable rates used for social engineering.

22nd February, 2016 – Turnbull removes Tony Abbott’s ban on first class travel for Ministers.

March, 2016 – Writing in The Monthly magazine, in an article titled “Turnbull’s Rightful Place”, former Labor speechwriter Don Watson praises Turnbull, and says that, although he’s restricted due to his being within the Liberal Party, at his core he is nevertheless “the ideological bedfellow of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton”. Ominously, Watson makes a crucial point about Turnbull:

“Of course, compromise sits equally with ambition and belief at the heart of politics. But it is almost impossible to believe that Malcolm Bligh Turnbull wants to go down as nothing more than a great compromiser or, worse, as a prime minister who puddled around in the politics and dodged the real tests of power – the ones that turn the country in the direction that on principle you think it ought to take.”

Watson also puts forth his fantasy of a Turnbull-led Labor government, which, he says, would allow Turnbull to thrive.

2nd March, 2016 – The Australian newspapers Foreign Editor, Greg Sheridan, reveals that Turnbull has delayed the acquisition of replacement submarines for the Collins-class boats by nearly a decade, compared with the timetable set under Tony Abbott’s government.

5th March, 2016 – Turnbull gives a speech at a NSW Liberal Party State Council meeting at Tumbi Umbi on the NSW central coast. Reportedly, large sections of the delegates refused to give him a standing ovation, as is customary.

More than 70% of delegates present voted in favour of a motion to conduct public debates on whether there is truly a scientific basis for global warming ideology. A second motion called for the Turnbull Government to hold an inquiry into Australia’s engagement with the UN on climate change, but that was stifled by left-faction heavy Michael Photios.

5th March, 2016 – Turnbull becomes the first sitting Prime Minister to attend the Sydney homosexual Mardi Gras.


7th March, 2016 – Turnbull visits the taxpayer-funded ‘Islamic Museum of Australia’ and holds roundtable discussions with the ‘Islamic Council of Victoria’ (ICV). He reveals that he received a letter from ICV Executive Director Nail Aykan shortly after the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, thanking him for his “fresh tone and positive narrative”.

At his roundtable he says the ‘Islamic Museum of Australia’…

“… plays a really crucial role, I believe, in acknowledging the enormous contribution that Muslims have made to Australian society…The museum vividly illustrates that throughout our history, Muslims have been at the forefront of innovation and education. And for more than 150 years, Muslims have formed an integral part of our nation – Australia – which is the most successful multicultural society in the world.”

Turnbull even praises the museum’s showcasing of the Ottoman Empire and the medieval Muhammedan regime in Spain, which was the result of a violent 8th century invasion. He says:

“…the museum tells the story with which I’m familiar of the great heights of Islam in Spain and indeed in the Ottoman Empire, when the successful, the really successful, artistically brilliant, brilliant in every respect in terms of medicine, in terms of literature, I’m thinking of the Abbasid Caliphate, I’m thinking of the Umayyads in Spain. They were brilliant in large part because they were open societies.”

These regimes that Turnbull calls “open societies” persecuted and suppressed Christians, forcing them to pay the ‘jizya’ tax, denying them any public office of influence, and enslaving them in large numbers. If a Muhammedan converted to Christianity, they were put to death. [VIDEO]

9th March, 2016 – Interviews on Sydney radio station 2UE, Former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett says Turnbull took the leadership “for his own self-interest” and “did not have any plan at all”.

“When they changed leaders, I thought we were in for a period of government, a period of stability, a period in which policy was going to be annunciated. This talk about an early election is an indication, sadly, that the government does not have a plan for the future of the country and they are trying, I think, to use this talk of a double dissolution, an early election, simply to cover up their own failings.” — Jeff Kennett

11th March, 2016 – In a speech at Western Sydney University, Turnbull praises a violent aboriginal man who is recorded as having murdered at least one British settler (allegedly many more), and engaged in a long and violent campaign against others:

“Now we acknowledge the Darug people, upon whose lands we meet and we honour their elders past and present. And we especially honour the courageous resistance of the Bidjigal man, Pemulwuy, originally from Botany Bay district, who led the resistance against British settlers right across the Sydney Basin, especially here in what we now call Western Sydney.”

The following is an account of the murder of British gamekeeper John McIntyre in December, 1790:

“About one o’clock, the sergeant was awakened by a rustling noise in the bushes near him, and supposing it to proceed from a kangaroo, called to his comrades, who instantly jumped up. On looking about more narrowly, they saw two natives with spears in their hands, creeping towards them, and three others a little farther behind. As this naturally created alarm, McIntyre said, “don’t be afraid, I know them,” and immediately laying down his gun, stepped forward, and spoke to them in their own language. The Indians, finding they were discovered, kept slowly retreating, and McIntyre accompanied them about a hundred yards, talking familiarly all the while. One of them now jumped on a fallen tree and, without giving the least warning of his intention, launched his spear at McIntyre and lodged it in his left side. The person who committed this wanton act was described as a young man with a speck or blemish on his left eye. That he had been lately among us was evident from his being newly shaved.” 3

McIntyre subsequently died of his injuries, and a group of aborigines identified Pemulwuy as the murderer.3

Pemulwuy went on to wage a campaign of violence, robbery and property destruction, including the alleged murder of another man, and the wounding of several more.

When Pemulwuy was finally killed, a group of aborigines brought his severed head to NSW Governor Philip Gidley King, saying he “had been the cause of all that had happened”. The head was sent to the scientist Joseph Banks with a letter from the Governor saying “Although a terrible pest to the colony, he was a brave and independent character.” 4

13th March, 2016 – Turnbull is openly jeered at a Liberal Party function in Sydney.

21st March, 2016 – In an interview on the ABC’s 7:30 Report, Turnbull takes issue with interviewer Leigh Sales for using the term “knifing” in asking the question “What was the point of knifing Tony Abbott?”. Turnbull though, had used similar language in the past, when it suited him. [VIDEO]

It is also revealed that Turnbull moved the date of the federal budget without the knowledge of Treasurer Scott Morrison. Turnbull subsequently admitted that the Treasurer was not a part of his “small circle“, thus making a mockery of his economic justification for the coup against Tony Abbott. [VIDEO]

21st March, 2016 – In an interview on 3AW, Turnbull talks about unauthorised boat immigrants:

“When I was Opposition Leader, before Tony became leader, I strongly opposed Rudd’s dismantling of the Howard policy. So whether it is Howard as leader of the Liberal Party, Abbott, or Turnbull, we’ve had the same policy on border protection. So this is not something that was invented by Tony Abbott, this has been a continuum.”

This is not true. Turnbull, as Opposition Leader in 2008-09, weakened the Coalition’s border protection rhetoric and refused to clarify whether the Howard policies would be re-introduced under a Turnbull Government. Turnbull was even criticised as having “gone soft” by the then backbencher, Bronwyn Bishop, over the matter.

Furthermore, in October 2009 Turnbull publicly denounced Liberal backbencher Wilson Tuckey, who warned that terrorists could be entering the country disguised as refugees. Tuckey was later proven correct, with Muhammedan “refugees” involved in several terrorist attacks and planned attacks.

In the same interview, Turnbull is challenged by interviewer Neil Mitchell, who says he doesn’t think the public cares too much about innovation (which is, of course, true). Turnbull though, showing his utter disconnection from middle Australia, takes issue with Mitchell, saying:

“Well i’ve gotta tell you, I think the public do care about innovation. Everywhere I go people are talking about it, because they recognise that if we don’t do things differently, if we’re not more innovative, if our kids don’t have the skills for digital 21st century, then we’re not going to to be successful.”

Turnbull also back-flips on his previous opposition to slogans, which he used as a barb against Tony Abbott.

Mitchell: “Another thing you promised was ‘no slogans’. Will there be no slogans in this election campaign?”

Turnbull: “Ha ha. Well I…I, I, I’m generally criticised for talking err, at…at too much length, so I think, um, I think quite a few of my critics would prefer it if there was a little bit…err…if just a few slogans would sneak in rather than the lengthy explanations. Yeah.”

22nd March, 2016 – It is revealed that Turnbull’s new slogan, “continuity and change”, is near identical to one used by a fictional politician in an American comedy series that makes fun of vacuous political campaigns. [VIDEO]

23rd March, 2016 –The Australian newspaper’s Political Editor, Dennis Shanahan, writes about the relationship Turnbull has with his Treasurer:

“No matter what Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison say, this is the quickest souring of a fresh partnership between prime minister and treasurer since at least World War II — before then hardly matters now.”

23rd March, 2016 – Turnbull says multiculturalism and tolerance will combat terrorism. The Guardian‘s Political Editor, Lenore Taylor, writes:

“Malcolm Turnbull has nominated Australia’s cultural tolerance and multicultural society as reasons the country is well-placed to deal with terrorist threats.”


23rd March, 2016 – Turnbull announces an extra 1 billion dollars of taxpayers money to subsidise expensive wind turbines and solar panels.

24th March, 2016 – It is revealed that Turnbull has a secretive decision-making inner circle of advisors, staff and ministers, which freezes out key cabinet ministers. This is despite one of his explicit justifications for the coup d’état against Tony Abbott being that he would “restore traditional cabinet government“.

24th March, 2016 – Former Greens leader Bob Brown heaps praise on Malcolm Turnbull for retaining the 10 billion dollar “Clean Energy Finance Corporation”, which Tony Abbott tried to abolish.

“Malcolm’s been talking about innovation and investment — that’s what this is all about…I welcome the news. It’s a feather in the Greens’ cap as far as business is concerned. It was derided here and overseas by the Abbott government as the ‘Bob Brown fund’. It’s endured.”

Early April, 2016 – The Liberals are sluggish on abolishing the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) rort that will put thousands of small truckers out of business. Turnbull is clearly reluctant, and would likely prefer to have large corporations and big unions in charge of the transport industry, because this is consistent with leftist-‘progressive’ ideology.

Even though enough cross-benchers support abolishing the organisation, Turnbull only agrees to abolish it if re-elected. By that time though, many truckers will have already gone out of business. In other words, Turnbull could achieve his ends to a significant degree, but still appear as if he’s trying to fix the problem.


7th April, 2016 – In an interview on the ABC’s Lateline program, Maurice Newman says Malcolm Turnbull is a leftist who could cause a split in the Liberal Party.

8th April, 2016 – Turnbull, who justified the coup d’état against Tony Abbott on the basis that he was a superior communicator, has one of his worst waffling episodes in history on Triple M radio in Melbourne. [AUDIO]

12th April, 2016 – The Turnbull Government reinstates funding to three Muhammedan schools who were guilty of misappropriating government funds. The schools are the ‘Islamic College of Brisbane’, ‘Langford Islamic College’ in Perth, and the ‘Islamic College of Melbourne’.

13th April, 2016 – Finally, Turnbull is forced by conservatives into changing his position, and agreeing to abolish the RSRT immediately.

1st May, 2016 – In an interview on Sky News, Turnbull interferes in the debate over whether the UK should leave the European Union (EU). He predictably favours the pro-EU side, and absurdly claims that Australia is better off with the UK inside the European Union:

“From our point of view it is an unalloyed plus for Britain to remain in the EU…”

This is false. When the UK entered the EU in 1973, Australian farmers suffered badly, and were forced to reorient themselves towards the foreign cultures of Asia to find replacement markets [VIDEO].

Turnbull’s statements are promoted on the pro-EU BBC to try and influence the vote.

British Conservative MP, and leader of the UK Parliament’s Committee on Australia and New Zealand, Andrew Rosindell, later responds to Turnbull [VIDEO].

2nd May, 2016 – Turnbull enters into negotiations with 2GB radio announcer Alan Jones about an interview. Up until this point in his Prime Ministership, Turnbull has not fronted up for a single interview on 2GB, and has only done one commercial radio interview in Sydney. More broadly, he has also refused to do interviews with anyone who is even mildly conservative in their ideological disposition.

*3rd May, 2016 – Turnbull announces he is handing out 220 million dollars of Australian taxpayers’ money to the United Nations and a variety of left-wing NGOs for their work in Syria. Leading staff at one of the NGOs Turnbull is funding, Oxfam, have been caught paying prostitutes for “wild sex parties” in the third world country of Haiti. There are also claims aid was offered to poor people in exchange for sex and that girls were underage.

A source gave the following comment to The Times of London:

“They were throwing big parties with prostitutes. These girls were wearing Oxfam T-shirts, running around half-naked, it was a like a full-on Caligula orgy. It was unbelievable. It was crazy. At one party there were at least five girls and two of them had Oxfam white T-shirts on. These men used to talk about holding ‘young meat barbecues’.”

Oxfam employees have also been accused of rape, sexual abuse and frequenting prostitutes in numerous other countries, including South Sudan, Liberia and Chad. Furthermore, the UN itself has been involved in countless cases of sex abuse. Former aid worker Professor Andrew MacLeod claims child sexual abuse and rape have been endemic in the aid industry for years.

4th May, 2016 – Economic commentator Terry McCrann says Turnbull’s budget is a “semi-Labor budget”. The Australian newspaper’s Political Editor, Dennis Shanahan, says the Turnbull Government “has stolen Labor’s policies to pay for Labor’s legacies“.

It includes:

  • An attack on the Australian middle class, and Liberal base voters, in the form of retrospective changes to superannuation taxes and caps. These changes are so radical that they are even opposed by the Labor Party.
  • An outrageous anti-liberal attack on smokers, in the form of an increase in the excise tax.
  • A change in tax laws to make them sharia-compliant, so that Muhammedan countries and Muhammedan investors can buy large Australian assets, like roads, railways and ports.
  • An increase in foreign aid/affairs of 620 million dollars.

4th May, 2016 – Lucy Turnbull is announced as an ambassador for an organisation that helped develop the infamous ‘Respectful Relationships‘ program to indoctrinate school children with transgender theory and ‘sexual diversity’ ideology.

5th May, 2016 – The Turnbull Government announces that it has appointed a perennial Greens candidate, Lin Hatfield-Dodds, as a Deputy Secretary in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. She will be in charge of social policy.

The scope of Hatfield-Dodds’ new powers can be garnered from the advertised job description, quoted below:

“The Deputy Secretary, Social Policy works collaboratively across the public service, industry and academia to provide whole of government advice to the Prime Minister on a range of social policy issues, including health, education, immigration, social services and gender equality. The Deputy Secretary provides advice to the Prime Minister on major Commonwealth initiatives…”

“In concert with the Deputy Secretary, Economic, and the Deputy Secretary, Innovation and Transformation, the role leads the Domestic Policy Group. As a member of the Department’s Executive Leadership Group, the role is responsible for contributing to the leadership of the Department through active involvement in executive decision making processes and representational activities… We are seeking an innovative, agile, forward-looking person…”

5th May, 2016 – The Turnbull Government announces it has appointed Edward Santow to replace Tim Wilson as Human Rights Commissioner. Santow has a history of leftist-‘progressive’ policy advocacy, and previously worked for the Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

6th May, 2016 – A pro-Turnbull independent, Stephen Mayne (founder of the leftist ‘Crikey’ website), announces his candidacy for the seat of Menzies, trying to unseat genuine conservative Kevin Andrews who was sacked from cabinet by Turnbull immediately after his coup in 2015. It is not known whether Mayne was put up to it by the Liberal’s left-wing faction, as was attempted in the seat of Barker in 2013.

9th May, 2016 – Turnbull admits the Paris targets will rise (because he wants them to):

“The way these targets will rise in the future, and I believe they will, is by mutual agreement…What we achieved in Paris was a good practical outcome, and I believe those targets will increase over time…”

9th May, 2016 – On the ABC’s Q&A program, Turnbull Government Minister Kelly O’Dwyer admits publicly what was already obvious:

“Malcolm Turnbull hasn’t changed. Malcolm Turnbull is exactly the same person that he always was.”

This contradicts other Liberals who justified the coup d’état against Tony Abbott by claiming Turnbull had learnt his lesson since his last episode as leader.

9th May, 2016 – Turnbull introduces new logos for the election campaign. The Coalition has been renamed “THE TURNBULL COALITION TEAM“, and the Liberal Party has been renamed “THE TURNBULL LIBERAL TEAM”.

Further, given that the words “COALITION” and “LIBERAL” are wholly capitalised, it remains ambiguous as to whether these words refer to the political parties so named, or merely the words “coalition” and “liberal“. There is, of course, no doubt as to which way Turnbull interprets it.

11th May, 2016 – Turnbull takes the train to Western Sydney to campaign with Lindsay MP Fiona Scott at Penrith Westfield shopping centre. One passenger asks him “Who are you?”.

After a press conference with Fiona Scott, Turnbull and his advisors calculate that he can’t handle meeting Western Sydney voters face-to-face. The walk-through at Penrith Westfield is cancelled, and Turnbull heads back to his brethren in the Sydney CBD, with whom he is relatively comfortable. [VIDEO]

The point is made that if Fiona Scott (and a few others) had voted for Tony Abbott instead of Turnbull, she would probably have held on to the seat. [VIDEO]

13th May, 2016 – In a debate with Labor Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Turnbull barely mentions border protection. This is because he’s in favour of weaker border controls, and doesn’t truly support the Coalition’s policy on the issue.

Furthermore, the success in this policy area was the result of Tony Abbott’s efforts, and will remind people of the unjust nature of Turnbull’s coup d’état against him.

15th May, 2016 – Despite giving millions of dollars to a variety of leftist publications, the Turnbull Government allows the Australia Council to deny conservative magazine Quadrant a literary grant. Quadrant had been the only conservative publication to receive government funding. Editor-in-chief, Keith Windschuttle, says:

“This is the first time in the magazine’s 60-year history that we have applied for a federal literary grant and been completely denied. This not only leaves a gaping hole in our modest operating budget; it is also a political decision designed to devalue our reputation and demonstrate that the Left remains in control of the arts.”

16th May, 2016 – Sydney Morning Herald columnist Tim Dick, a leftist, says Malcolm Turnbull is his ideal Prime Minister.

16th May, 2016 – Former Liberal frontbencher, and candidate for Indi, Sophie Mirabella, a long-time Turnbull adversary, is leaked against during the election campaign. The leaks appear to have come from campaign headquarters.

24th May, 2016 – Former Australian Treasury Secretary John Stone says Malcolm Turnbull is “not a real Liberal”, and plugs StopTurnbull.com:

“…the fact was that the man who replaced Tony Abbott, namely Malcolm Turnbull, is not a real Liberal. Never has been. Anybody wants to know that, go and look at the website StopTurnbull.com.”

25th May, 2016 – A Young Liberal campaign volunteer reveals the mass of negative feedback he is getting about the coup, and Turnbull’s leadership. [AUDIO]

2nd June, 2016 – Both Turnbull and Bill Shorten fail to attend a repatriation ceremony for 33 of Australia’s fallen Vietnam servicemen at Richmond RAAF Base in NSW. Turnbull instead campaigns in a mattress factory in Sydney, just 47km away.

Turnbull also refuses to invite Tony Abbott to the ceremony, even though it was Abbott who, as Prime Minister, organised the repatriation.

6th June, 2016 – In an interview with Sky News, Clive Palmer says he thinks his 2014 dinner with Malcolm Turnbull was an attempt to soften him up for a leadership spill. This was something Turnbull denied, calling those who made such suggestions, like Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt, “unhinged” and “bordering on the demented”.

6th June, 2016 – Turnbull again explicitly declares himself a “feminist“. Indeed, he’s been calling himself a ‘feminist’ since at least 1988.

7th June, 2016 –Turnbull refuses to participate in a ‘people’s forum’ debate with Bill Shorten, hosted by Sky News. This continues a long pattern of behaviour for Turnbull, who will go to extreme lengths to avoid conversations with the masses of Australia. [AUDIO]

12th June, 2016 – Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt exposes a series of ‘global warming’ falsehoods peddled by Turnbull, in the context of the Tasmanian floods.

14th June, 2016 – Turnbull outrageously describes the European colonisation of the Australian  continent as an “invasion“, which is precisely the propaganda terminology long-employed by the most rabid elements of the left. A journalist had asked him if the colonisation of Australia could be fairly described as an “invasion”. He responded as follows:

“Well, I think it can be fairly described as that, and I’ve got no doubt obviously our first Australians, aboriginal Australians, describe it as an invasion…The facts are very well known. This country was Aboriginal land. It was occupied by Aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years – for 40,000 years….This was, and is, and always will be, aboriginal land.” [VIDEO]

When asked the same question, the previous night, on the ABC’s Q&A program, Labor Opposition Leader Bill Shorten had refused to call it an “invasion”, but said that aborigines were “dispossessed”.

Tony Abbott later responds saying he doesn’t agree with the use of the term “invasion” to describe colonisation.

It should be noted that before European colonisation, infanticide, cannibalism, child marriage, polygamy and savage inter-tribal warfare were rampant on this continent. Life was brutish and short. Colonisation was the beginning of an immeasurable improvement.

14th June, 2016 –The Australian newspaper’s Foreign Editor, Greg Sheridan, criticises Turnbull’s weak opposition to Muhammedan terrorism in the wake of the deadly attack on a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. He says Turnbull is “equivocal in the language he uses and licenses his colleagues to use”. Further he writes:

“[Turnbull] said it was important to find out what the gunman’s real motivation was. But the gunman has told us what his motivation was.”

This is a reference to the killer, Omar Mateen, calling 9-1-1 shortly after the shooting began and swearing allegiance to the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and praising the Boston Marathon bombers.

The Australian newspaper website on the 14th of June, 2016.

14th June, 2016 – It is revealed that the Liberal-National Party are putting Australian Liberty Alliance candidates last (below Labor and the Greens) on their how-to-vote cards in every electorate in QLD. A local LNP candidate explains that this is not a decision of the local candidate, but an order from campaign head office (i.e. Turnbull).

15th June, 2016 – Turnbull against interferes in the Brexit debate, saying a British vote to leave the European Union would create global economic uncertainty.

16th June, 2016 – Turnbull rejects an invitation to attend a ceremony installing the new Catholic Bishop of Parramatta, to instead host an Muhammedan “Iftar” dinner at Kirribilli House. He is the first Prime Minister in history to hold such a dinner.

Taxpayer-funded halal caterers not only prepare halal food, but also bring in special halal crockery for the Muhammedan guests, because they won’t use crockery previously used by non-Muhammedans.

One of Turnbull’s invited guests was Sheik Shady Al-Suleiman, the national president of the Australian National Imams Council, a firebrand preacher who says that Christmas parties are the “worship of Satan”, and calls upon ‘God’ to “destroy the enemies of Islam” and “prepare us for jihad”.

Some wonder how Turnbull will successfully screen the 12,000 “refugees” he has agreed to allow into Australia, if he cannot screen guests at his own dinner party.

20th June, 2016 – On the ABC program Q&A, Turnbull says:

“I condemn remarks which disparage Australians, whoever makes them, on the basis of their sexuality…”

If taken literally, this statement would mean that Turnbull would condemn remarks made against Australians on the basis that they are necrophiliacs, coprophiles, paedophiles, zoophiles, sadomasochists, polygamists, polyamorists etc.

Turnbull also claims to have confronted and rebuked Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi about his comments on homosexuality.

In a statement on his website, Senator Bernardi immediately responded:

“By saying he’d had ‘firm discussions’ with ‘a number of colleagues’, Turnbull gave implicit support to the claim that myself and other Coalition MPs are ‘homophobic’ and implied that he’d had a conversation with me about ‘homophobia’. For the record I have never had such a conversation with any of my colleagues because they know that any such claims cannot be backed with facts.”

21st June, 2016 – On the ABC Radio National’s Breakfast program, Tony Windsor says:

“Malcolm Turnbull was the guy that used to come to us during the hung parliament and whinge about Tony Abbott’s performance.”

Despite this outrageous act, Abbott responds by remaining loyal [VIDEO].

28th June, 2016 – Turnbull refuses to help students from the Queensland University of Technology who are being persecuted under totalitarian anti-speech laws.

1st July, 2016 – Turnbull’s secret carbon tax comes into effect. It has previously been exposed by Joanne Nova and others.

This deception was even foreshadowed by Sky News commentators during the leadership spill in September of 2015.

2nd July, 2016 – The federal election is held. Turnbull scrapes over the line for a 1-seat majority. There are a few points that need highlighting:

  • The Nationals ran a separate, more traditional campaign strategy and didn’t lose a single seat. The 14 net loss of seats were all Liberal-brand losses.
  • Liberal advertising materials were saturated with Turnbull’s name and face.
  • It was a presidential campaign centred on Turnbull himself.
  • Commentators say Tony Abbott would’ve done better. [VIDEO]
  • Turnbull refused to go negative on Labor policies during campaign (because he supports many of these policies and wants to gradually move Coalition policy that way).
  • During the campaign, Turnbull often knocked-off at lunchtime.

3rd July, 2016 – Turnbull gives a ranting, un-Prime Ministerial post-election speech in which he blames his election result on Labor’s text message campaign:

“There were text messages being sent to thousands of people across Australia saying that Medicare was about to be privatised by the Liberal Party and the message – and the message, the message, the SMS message, came from Medicare,”

What Turnbull doesn’t want his backbenchers to realise is that the only reason Labor were able to successfully peddle this lie is because of Turnbull’s notorious public image as an elitist who has contempt for general populous, and those on lower incomes. Such a lie would not have been successful if Tony Abbott were leader and was therefore not tried during his leadership.

*5th July, 2016 – At a press conference, Turnbull claims responsibility ONLY for the CAMPAIGN, which, he said, was “positive” and “powerful”. He DOESN’T claim responsibility for the election RESULT, which he tried to blame on Tony Abbott. That is a crucial point that many journalists and commentators missed. [VIDEO]

Turnbull also tries to blame Tony Abbott for the “Mediscare” campaign that Labor ran during the federal election. After being asked by a journalist how much Tony Abbott is to blame for the electorate’s distrust of the Liberal Party in the area of health, Turnbull replies:

“Barnaby and I and my colleagues are as committed to Medicare as any other Member in the Parliament. That’s a fact. However there was some fertile ground in which that grotesque lie could be sown.”

The true fertile ground for “Mediscare” wasn’t Tony Abbott’s 2014 budget, it was Turnbull’s image as an elitist who has contempt for everyday Australians. An image constantly bolstered by his own actions, for instance, his cancelled street walk in the electorate of Lindsay during the campaign.

*6th July, 2016 – Amidst attempts to pin blame for the election result on campaign director Tony Nutt (as opposed to the real cause which was Turnbull’s Labor-lite policies, reluctance to attack Labor, and “innovation” rhetoric), Nutt has lunch with Tony Abbott in Canberra, with the media present. At the end of the lunch they shake hands right in front of the cameras.

6th July, 2016 – Liberal MP and former SAS soldier Andrew Hastie strongly rebukes the Coalition’s national campaign team (i.e. Turnbull), accusing them of being disconnected with everyday Australians and his electorate.

Hastie struggled to answer when he was asked by a regular Aussie dad how the Coalition’s plan would benefit the future of his five children. Hastie said:

“It was at that point I realised that a lot of what we were campaigning on nationally just wasn’t resonating with everyday Australians…he wasn’t earning enough to benefit from the increased tax thresholds and he wasn’t an innovator – he was just an everyday Australian who was trying to pay down his mortgage and look after his children and ensure they had a brighter future.”

Hastie added that he threw away Turnbull’s campaign playbook and “essentially ran my own show“.

6th July, 2016 –The Australian newspaper reports on comments made by Former West Australian Liberal leader Bill Hassell, who says Turnbull has alienated conservatives with his “disastrous” behaviour.

13th July, 2016 – At a press conference Turnbull says 77 seats in the House of Representatives (a majority of two) would be a “very solid” majority:

“We are very, very confident of having a majority of 76 and if Ewen succeeds involving the seat of Herbert which it appears he will do, we will have 77 which is a very solid working majority in the House of Representatives.”

One commentator said “It is a new definition of the word ‘solid’ isn’t it. Where does that leave the phrase ‘slim majority’ I mean, there’s no room for that anymore…”

14th July, 2016 – Turnbull is loudly booed by the crowd at an AFL game at the SCG.

15th July, 2016 – Turnbull refuses to front a press conference about the terrorist attack in Nice, France, despite five Australians being wounded.

15th July, 2016 – Liberal sources confirm that Turnbull’s leadership was the cause of the election donation drought from the Liberal base.

“One Liberal MP said they were regularly approached and offered donations on the proviso they were not redirected to Mr Turnbull’s federal campaign.”

16th July, 2016 –The Australian newspaper’s Jared Owens writes that the voting methods promoted by StopTurnbull.com and others were successfully employed against some of Turnbull’s most prominent coup plotters.

*17th July, 2016 – Turnbull spends 5,000 dollars of taxpayers money to hold an elaborate birthday party for Julie Bishop and others.

18th July, 2016 – It is revealed that Turnbull donated well over $2 million dollars to the election campaign. This was required as a result of a donation boycott by conservatives.

It is interesting to note that Turnbull is willing to make large donations when he is leader, but not when others are leading the party. It is yet more evidence that he is not dedicated to the cause of the party.

19th July, 2016 – Turnbull snubs conservatives in his ministerial reshuffle.

Despite this, the size of his new cabinet reaches a record 23 members, making it the most bloated cabinet since the infamous Whitlam Labor Government of the 1970s. In contrast, the United Kingdom has a population nearly three times larger than Australia, and doesn’t have any State governments, yet its cabinet has just 22 members, one less than Turnbull’s.

The Australian newspaper’s Political Editor, Dennis Shanahan, says:

“Expanding the cabinet to 23 — the largest since 1975 and
25 per cent more than the “gold standard” cabinet practice of John Howard — and retaining ministers in cabinet who now have gutted jobs suggests a weak leader and unwieldly government.

What’s more, the inability to drop people for fear of admitting errors of judgment or creating enemies, and giving every child a prize, creates confusion about who does what.”

Turnbull also removes the small business ministry from cabinet, revealing his leftist-elitist preference for society to be controlled by big government, big corporations and big unions.

23rd July, 2016 –The Australian newspaper calls Turnbull a “disgrace” for missing 100th anniversary of the first and most deadly battles involving Australians on the Western Front during World War One. Associate Editor Cameron Stewart writes:

“This was not just another war commemoration, it was the biggest anniversary of the worst part of the most devastating war Australia has been involved in. Yet the Prime Minister chose not to prioritise his schedule to pay his respects on these battlefields to the 46,000 soldiers who gave their lives on the Western Front.”

26th July, 2016 – Turnbull announces a knee-jerk Royal Commission in response to what was later revealed to be a biased, agenda-driven episode of the ABC’s Four Corners program about apparent abuses at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in the Northern Territory.

It appears that the episode’s airing was timed, by the leftist ABC, to facilitate the defeat of the Country Liberal government in the local elections, due the following month.

Turnbull’s actions effectively endorse the program’s editorial line, and facilitate a tidal wave of leftist agitation. His government later appoints a commissioner who had publicly declared the accused to be guilty before hearing any formal evidence.

14th August, 2016 – Former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett travels to Darwin to tell the Country Liberal Party campaign launch that the ABC reported selectively on the controversy over behaviour in the Don Dale youth detention centre.

“I accuse the ABC of bias, I accuse them of a misuse of public funds, and if there should have been a royal commission at all, it should have been into the conduct of the ABC,” — Jeff Kennett

Kennett said Turnbull was “absolutelyunprofessional in his knee-jerk reaction of initiating a Royal Commission.

23rd August, 2016 – Warren Mundine makes an observation about Turnbull’s priorities:


27th August, 2016 – Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt makes a crucial point on his blog:

“Turnbull already seems to hate the job. He is not hailed as the savior he imagined. He flopped in the election and is mocked even by his own side, which must lacerate a man with such a sensitive pride. His two great allies in the leadership bid – Treasurer Scott Morrison and Loyal Deputy Julie Bishop – are now distancing themselves from him…I suspect Turnbull won’t care too much if he quits early, provided he stays longer than Tony Abbott and goes out in a blaze of self-justification – the self-immolation of a Götterdämmerung – to the applause of those whose opinion he cares for most. No, not the pygmies of his own party, as he’d see them, but the ABC Left.”

There is little doubt that Turnbull is scheming along these lines, most likely to push through homosexual pseudo-marriage in a parliamentary vote.

28th August, 2016 – The Sydney Morning Herald reports that an online audit of Turnbull’s Twitter account has revealed that almost half of his 654,000 followers are considered fake, leaving him with just 356,000 genuine followers. The audit produces an ‘authenticity score’, and Turnbull has the lowest one of any senior federal politician.

By contrast, the same audit says Tony Abbott has 400,000 genuine Twitter followers (out of 615,000), meaning Tony Abbott has a greater Twitter following that Malcolm Turnbull.

30th August, 2016 – At the opening of Parliament, Turnbull gives a speech at the “Welcome to Country” ceremony. He begins by saying:

“You honour us as you welcome us, the Members of the 45th Parliament to your Country. Yanggu gulanyin ngalawiri, dhunayi, Ngunawal dhawra. Wanggarralijinyin mariny bulan bugarabang.”

He then tweets this statement out.

8th September, 2016 – Former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett cannot name a single achievement of Turnbull as Prime Minister, after nearly one year in office.

9th September, 2016 – Speaking at a forum hosted by the Menzies Research Centre, former Treasurer Peter Costello implicitly criticises Turnbull:

“The Liberal Party is supposed to be the custodian of small government and low tax…That’s what it’s there for and if the Liberal Party decides to give up that traditional ground there won’t be anyone arguing for it…I regret the fact that we’re not generating what I think is enough concern about these issues,”

9th September, 2016 – Turnbull is asked what his “greatest achievement” is since becoming Prime Minister. His answer is “jobs and growth“. The problem is that the job creation and overall GDP growth are being fueled by increasing immigration, so there is actually stagnation or deterioration in the standard-of-living of the average individual Australian. The jobs created aren’t actually improving the unemployment rate because of the immigration, and housing prices are pushed higher in desirable areas due to increased demand.

Furthermore, ramping up immigration hurts social cohesion and ultimately threatens national sovereignty and identity.

So whilst Turnbull has technically presided over “jobs and growth”, the lives of the Australian people are getting worse.

11th September, 2016 – After months and months of Turnbull refusing to do anything to help those Australians being persecuted under federal anti-speech laws, former Prime Minister John Howard makes a rare public statement calling on Turnbull to act on the matter.

12th September, 2016 – Leading up to the one-year anniversary of the Turnbull Prime Ministership, it is clear that he is stifling progress in the conservative direction via sheer inaction.

17th September, 2016 – It is revealed that Turnbull’s Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet is spending $200,000 per month on a feminist “change agent”, to “weed out unconscious bias against women“.

This is despite the fact that, although there are more female public servants than male, Turnbull isn’t spending any money to alleviate that imbalance.

21st September, 2016 – At an international conference held by left-wing US President Barack Obama, Turnbull announces he is permanently raising Australian’s ‘humanitarian’ immigrant intake to 19,000 and increasing foreign aid by 130 million dollars. Turnbull posts a video of his announcement on his Facebook page and website, and quickly removes them, no doubt due to an avalanche of critical comments.

28th September, 2016 – The artworks Turnbull has chosen for his parliamentary offices and official residences are revealed. The theme is as would be expected for someone of the “progressive” ideological orientation (i.e. cultivating the ugly).

The dining room of The Lodge in Canberra, under PM Turnbull.

Hanging in his Parliament House office is photographic work titled “Majority Rule“, which shows an ‘aboriginal flag’ flying over Old Parliament House, with no Australian flag in sight.

This artwork, showing an ‘aboriginal flag’ flying over Old Parliament House, is hanging in Malcolm Turnbull’s parliamentary office.


2nd October, 2016 – Journalist Ross Fitzgerald makes a series of points in the Sydney Morning Herald:

“…on border protection, the Prime Minister, through gritted teeth, finally embraced the Abbott policies that he’d never liked”

“In fact, he can’t lead a centre-right party, at any rate because all his instincts are centre-left.”

“..the same-sex marriage plebiscite is so fraught for Turnbull. He never liked it and only agreed to it as the price of rolling Abbott and getting a Coalition agreement from the National Party. If the Labor/Green/Xenophon bloc makes it impossible, Turnbull may eventually settle for a parliamentary free vote. But any departure from the plebiscite will strike large sections of the Coalition party room as a breach of faith.”

“Because he’s not a Howard or Abbott-style conservative, Turnbull will always get some benefit of the doubt from the media.”

7th October, 2016 – Turnbull initiates a review into the electricity market to be conducted by someone Turnbull knows has similar views to his own on global warming, Alan Finkel. This is calculated by Turnbull to pressure the backbench and destroy the Coalition’s political advantage over Labor on global warming policy. Turnbull, knowing the result of the review will be to his liking, can argue to the backbench that if they do not adopt the recommendations they will suffer political damage because Labor can point out that they have ignored their own review. So Turnbull is forcing the Coalition to ‘own the issue’, as Peta Credlin later noted:

“…rather than make this a Labor party problem, and use the issue of energy to then go after Bill Shorten and really target jobs and household cost-of-living…the government has taken it all on themselves. They’ve set up this Finkel report. They are now responsible for it.”

18th October, 2016 – Paul Murray compares Turnbull’s lack of support for cartoonist Bill Leak, with his vocal support for photographer Bill Henson. Leak drew a cartoon highlighting the lack of parental responsibility in remote indigenous communities and came under attack from the federal government’s ‘Human Rights Commission’. Henson took photos of naked children.

“When asked about [Bill Leak] today the Prime Minister had not an awful lot to say. Instead, however, I’d like to say there was another Bill that he was willing to stand up for…it was that creepy Bill Henson guy, remember the guy who takes those creepy photos of kids.” [VIDEO]

1st November, 2016 – Warren Mundine, Chair of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council, is interviewed by Patricia Karvelas on ABC radio. He reveals that Turnbull has not contacted him, or returned his phone calls, since before the July 2016 federal election. Turnbull immediately calls Mundine in “white hot anger” because Mundine “made him look bad in the media”. Mundine later wrote:

“We didn’t discuss… my concerns about Indigenous affairs policy. His main interest was about what I said about him on the ABC”

*3rd November, 2016 – The owners of Hazelwood Power Station announce it will close permanently in March 2017, removing 1600MW of the cheapest and most reliable electricity from the grid. This is due to the combined affects of government-imposed renewable energy mandates and the tripling of coal royalties making the station economically unviable.

Shutting this power station down is, effectively, an act of war against the Australian people. It is something that the Imperial Japanese would’ve loved to achieve during World War II, but couldn’t because of the bravery and sacrifices of our defence forces. It is not only a colossal act of economic sabotage, it will also cause people’s deaths, as was outlined by Liberal MP Craig Kelly and others.

Turnbull, of course, vigorously supports the closure by ignoring protestations to prevent it.

*10th November, 2016 – After Trump is elected (on a platform of withdrawing from the Paris treaty), Turnbull immediately ratifies the Paris Treaty. He does this in order pre-emptively crush the opposition to ratification that would logically arise as a result of the Trump election, opposition which might have reached the party-room and pressured Turnbull to stop ratification.

It is also a slap-in-the-face to the country that is Australia’s security guarantor.

At a press conference announcing the ratification he rubs salt in the wounds of conservatives by smugly boasting that, even if Australia wanted to, it takes four years to withdraw from the treaty:

Journalist: Prime Minister, in the event that America follows through with what Donald Trump has said – that he doesn’t agree with the Paris Agreement [inaudible] climate treaty – in the event that America exits the Treaty, will Australia follow suit? And another question, if I may…There will be people in your own show who don’t agree with it. What do you say to those people?

Turnbull: Well, we have ratified the agreement. It takes effectively four years to withdraw, if a country sought to withdraw from the agreement. It takes four years.

Turnbull follows this up by contradicting Trump again, this time by giving excessive praise to Barack Obama:

“We have had a very good relationship with the current Administration – one that has seen the strength of the Australia-US Alliance, our partnership continue to grow, to deepen in every respect. President Obama has served the world well as the leader of the United States and he has advanced the common interests of both our nations.”

Given that Obama was now on the way out, this excessive praise was gratuitous and not in Australia’s interests, but Turnbull, of course, isn’t fighting for Australia but rather a globalist elite and he wants to promote politicians who push that agenda.

11th November, 2016 – Turnbull explicitly blames Tony Abbott’s 2014 budget for his poor election result.

13th November, 2016 – After weeks of tough-sounding rhetoric and seemingly pointless policy proposals on illegal boat immigrants, Turnbull suddenly reveals a plan to resettle current immigration detainees in the United States, a policy which will only encourage more boat immigrants.

The rhetoric was clearly a public relations tactic designed to distract people from Turnbull’s weakening of our border protection regime.

14th November, 2016 – In the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory in the US, Turnbull laughably attacks the “elite media” for being out of touch with regular people. [VIDEO]

15th November, 2016 – From The Australian newspaper:

“Indonesia has warned that an agreement that could see hundreds of asylum-seekers currently detained in Nauru and Manus Island resettled in the US will be a “breath of fresh air for people-smugglers”.

Indonesia’s senior police commissioner for human, child and sex trafficking, Sulistiono, told The Australian he was concerned that Malcolm Turnbull’s resettlement deal would give fresh impetus to people-smugglers look­ing to revive their trade in asylum-seeker movements.”

17th November, 2016 – In a speech to the Business Council of Australia, Turnbull lies about the Coalition’s Indigenous Procurement Policy, saying it was a “great initiative of my government” when it was Tony Abbott’s policy, and had been launched on the 1st of July 2015, over two months before Turnbull’s coup.

21st November, 2016 – Turnbull gets a fawning selfie with leftist US President Barack Obama at an APEC summit in Peru.

Turnbull also offers gushing praise, saying:

“It is great moment and a sad moment to have our last meeting in your capacity as President of the United States…I want thank you for the leadership you have shown for your country and the world over eight years.

Thank you for the leadership and the friendship you have shown…The relationship will get stronger than ever but it has been immeasurably strengthened under your leadership and we thank you for it.”

23rd November, 2016 – Turnbull undermines superannuation, passing new legislation with the help of Labor.

27th November, 2016 – Turnbull is asked to comment on the death of Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro. He refuses.

28th November, 2016 – Turnbull appears with bare-breasted aboriginal woman outside parliament.

3rd December, 2016 – Senator Derryn Hinch says it was Malcolm Turnbull himself who suggested Hinch’s successful amendments that weakened the legislation bringing back the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

4th December, 2016 – Minister for Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg, exposes Turnbull’s plan to take a step in the direction of an Emissions Trading Scheme.

Cabinet had privately agreed to a review of the government’s “climate change” policies that included the possibility for buying international “carbon permits”, but Minister Frydenberg was ordered to keep it quiet so that Turnbull would not be forced to rule anything out. This would allow for the creation of a recommendation from so-called “independent experts” which coincides with Turnbull’s personal opinion, and which he and his agents could then use as a propaganda tool for changing government policy.

5th December, 2016 – Turnbull abolishes the practical environmentalist policies established under former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in favour of Greens policies.

15th December, 2016 – The Turnbull Government gives $22 million of taxpayers money to Hollywood movie studio Warner Bros for the making of Aquaman.

17th December, 2016 – Turnbull gives the keynote speech at an Australian Republican Movement anniversary dinner, and calls for a new path to a republic involving a two-stage public vote.

17th December, 2016 – Turnbull is questioned about his poor results in the opinion polls. After explicitly using polling as a justification for the Coup d’état against Tony Abbott, Turnbull now says he dismisses opinion polling as unreliable.

23rd December, 2016 – Turnbull’s projected budget surplus is exposed as a fraud.

25th December, 2016 – Turnbull pushes multiculturalism is his “Christmas” message.

28th December, 2016 – It is revealed that the Turnbull Government is planning to cut the pay of federal anti-terrorism police by up to 35%.


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