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*This part covers the NEG announcement onwards.

17th October, 2017 – The Turnbull Government pushes a colossal lie in announcing its new “National Energy Guarantee” policy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They claim (without any modelling) it will lower electricity prices, even though Turnbull’s previous statements, when Tony Abbott was leader, contradict this. For instance, appearing on the ABC’s Four Corners program on the 15th of March 2010 he said:

“If you say we are going to cut our carbon emissions but we’re not going to put up electricity prices, we’re not going to have a tax, we’re not going to have an ETS, it isn’t going to cost anybody anything, that is, as Ross Garnaut said yesterday, delusional.”

Former Liberal MP Ross Cameron said that Turnbull was lying:

“I believe this government now telling us that we can fulfill our Paris commitments while putting downward pressure on prices is lying to us. It would be much better if they just came out and said ‘OK, we’ve doubled the price of electricity because we’re shutting coal and we’re not replacing it. You should just be aware, we’re about to double it again, but we’re asking Australians to bear that cost…’. At least it would be honest.”

One crucial but overlooked point is that Turnbull was aided and abetted in this policy by a group of ultra-ideological, “expert” global warming bureaucrats who run the electricity grid, especially the Energy Security Board Chair, Dr Kerry Schott.

These people allowed Turnbull to place all the responsibility for the promises about the policy on their back, to help him politically. Why are these anti-carbon dioxide fanatics helping Turnbull defeat Labor when Labor policy pushes greater emissions cuts? The obvious answer is that they want to protect Turnbull’s leadership in order to destroy, for the longer term, their only effective opposition, which is conservatives within the Liberal Party.

Dr Kerry Schott, considered the primary architect of Turnbull’s policy, is an eclectic bureaucrat and veteran oligarch who has previously had close connections with Turnbull and the Labor Party. She worked for the investment bank Turnbull started with former NSW Labor Premier Neville Wran and former Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam’s son, Nicholas Whitlam in the late 1980s. She has also been a board member of the Whitlam Institute, which maintains Gough Whitlam’s archives.

During Turnbull’s time in the Howard Government’s ministry, first as Parliamentary Secretary for Water and then as Environment Minister, Schott was CEO of Sydney Water. They both agreed that Australians must pay higher prices for water to fund global warming-friendly infrastructure (like desalination plants that turned out to be white elephants).

Ref: Heywood, L. (2006, Nov 23). Price rise to slow the flow. The Courier–Mail.

17th October, 2017 – Despite Turnbull’s rhetoric to the contrary, the architect of his “National Energy Guarantee” policy, Kerry Schott, refuses to guarantee that the policy will reduce prices:

“I don’t think anybody can guarantee a price reduction about anything actually, because what happens with prices depends on too many things.”

18th October, 2017 – Turnbull refuses to guarantee lower electricity prices under his new “National Energy Guarantee” policy, conveniently shifting responsibility to the “experts” of COAG’s Energy Security Board.

19th October, 2017 – Veteran global warming policy analyst Joanne Nova says Turnbull’s new “National Energy Guarantee” policy is a veiled carbon tax involving international carbon credits.

23rd October, 2017 – The Turnbull Government is presiding over record high welfare state spending, costing $157 billion per year, $430 million per day, and $300,000 per minute.

23rd October, 2017 – NBN chief executive Bill Morrow warns that Turnbull’s NBN is losing money and would only make a profit if it was given government protection against competition from mobile networks, thus increasing prices for consumers.

It is also revealed that a single NBN connection to a particular Tasmanian house cost the taxpayer $91,196 — an outlay that would take 146 years to recoup through user fees.

24th October, 2017 – The Turnbull Government publicly admits it is pursuing the nefarious GPS-based “user pays” tax system to fund roads. This system is the thin end of the wedge for creating a totalitarian surveillance and control grid where governments can manipulate people’s movements in cars by increasing or decreasing taxes in specific areas.

24th October, 2017 – A document written by an Australian Federal Police commander in July is publicly released. It reveals that the extra AFP personnel required to protect Malcolm Turnbull at his mansion, because he refuses to move into Kirribilli House, are sapping resources for other operations such as busting child porn rings and drug importation. International drug mail ­detections were being ­referred to NSW Police and 23 active investigations had been terminated or suspended.

This is in addition to the extra $3 million it probably costs to guard Point Piper relative to Kirribilli House.

24th October, 2017 – It is reported that the Turnbull Government is refusing to fund a rehabilitation program for Australian Defence Force personnel suffering from what appear to be long-term side effects of antimalarial drugs they were given as part of their deployment. The Turnbull Government cites lack of evidence, unwilling to give our diggers the benefit of the doubt. They will, however, swiftly hand out countless millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to foreigners at the prompting of celebrities.

28th October, 2017 – An article in The Saturday Paper reveals that Christopher Pyne sought help from the left-wing organisation GetUp in order to save Turnbull in the 2009 leadership spill against Tony Abbott. Mike Seccombe writes:

It was the last Saturday of November in 2009 and the phone call was to Simon Sheikh, then national director of the activist group.

“He complained that conservative organisations, particularly the Australian Christian Lobby, were contacting MPs to advocate support for Abbott,” Sheikh says. “He asked if I could organise for people to email or call MPs in support of Turnbull.” …

Sheikh and Pyne had established a reasonable relationship, although the MP had expressed his frustration that GetUp! did not sufficiently distinguish between moderate Liberals such as himself and the party’s conservatives.

The article also reveals that GetUp campaigned against conservative Liberals at the 2016 election, and protected left-wing Liberals.

The rationale was simple: the Turnbull government would be better if there were fewer right-wingers in it. Before last year’s federal election, GetUp! identified a dozen seats held by “hard right” Coalition MPs: Bass, Dickson, Dawson, Macquarie, Macarthur, Deakin, Mayo, Cowper, Page, Braddon, Grey, Gilmore and, to a lesser extent, New England.

What began was the biggest campaign ever undertaken by an organisation not affiliated with a political party. It involved 40,000 phone calls – not robo-calls but live conversations – as well as extensive doorknocking, letterboxing, online advertising et cetera.

In almost all the targeted seats, the swings against the government were higher than the national average. The government lost Bass, Braddon, Macarthur, Macquarie and Mayo. GetUp! went close to claiming another very significant scalp, in Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s seat of Dickson, where the margin was slashed from 6.7 to 1.6 per cent. …

Amanda Tattersall is one of the three main founders of GetUp!…“The 2016 targeting of the hard right was actually a pro-Turnbull campaign,” she says. “It was designed to make him a more effective prime minister by removing the hard-right people from his party. Sure, Eric Abetz didn’t like it. But Eric Abetz is part of that faction that wanted to undermine Malcolm Turnbull.”

29th October, 2017 – Christopher Pyne releases a statement admitting he sought GetUp’s help to save Turnbull’s leadership of the Liberal Party in 2009:

“In the 2009 leadership contest I supported Malcolm Turnbull as leader of the Liberal Party and encouraged all those around me to do the same, including stakeholders and lobby groups such as GetUp.”

Commentator Andrew Bolt makes the obvious point:

“What does it say that Pyne thought GetUp close enough to Turnbull to want to save him – and from Tony Abbott?”

30th October, 2017 – GetUp National Director Paul Oosting confirms the left-wing organisation targeted conservatives and protected the Liberal left faction at the 2016 federal election. One of the Liberal MPs that GetUp protected was Turnbull-backer Craig Laundy.

1st November, 2017 – The Australian newspaper reports that Christopher Pyne has been using outside forces to attack conservatives within the Liberal Party:

The Australian has been told that on Saturday, June 22, 2013, Pyne, the boss of the left faction of the Liberal Party in South Australia, rang Peter Gandolfi, a mayor in the South Australian electorate of Barker, and asked him to run as an independent against [conservative] Tony Pasin. Pasin was the Liberal candidate pre­selected in that seat in March the previous year…”

Pasin said he had first heard about it earlier in 2017, and added:

“The person who told me said, ‘Mate, I’m about to tell you something that is going to rock your world’…The person expected me to be shocked. Sadly, I wasn’t shocked because I have witnessed attempts to damage career prospects of young conservatives over a long period of time…I have become all too familiar with this kind of Machiavellian behaviour.”

When approached Gandolfi himself “did not dispute” the report, and a party insider was quoted saying:

“You’ve got the Manager of Opposition Business out there trying to actively lose a seat for [then-leader Tony Abbott] in… a hung parliament…”

2nd November, 2017 – The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announces a public inquiry into Turnbull’s NBN after a massive influx of complaints. It is later reported that Malcolm Turnbull’s own home is not connected to the NBN, despite it being available and despite his encouraging of other Australians to take it up.

5th November, 2017 – Turnbull leaves the door open to a deal allowing 150 unauthorised boat arrivals in immigration detention to be resettled in New Zealand, thus giving hope to the people-smugglers.

It was later revealed that the Turnbull Government specifically asked the New Zealand government to keep the offer on the table. In contrast, Tony Abbott rejected a similar offer when he was Prime Minister, citing its potential to be a ‘pull factor’ that would encourage people-smugglers.

7th November, 2017 – A memoir by Turnbull’s indigenous advisor, Warren Mundine, is published. In it he says the following:

“Of the five prime ministers whose governments I’ve worked with in an official capacity, every single one expressed what I saw to be a genuine interest in making a difference in this area — except Turnbull.”

Mundine added that Turnbull is driven by “inner-city elites and the ABC lefties” on the issue.

11th November, 2017 – It is reported that the Turnbull Government is increasing red tape on car imports, potentially putting thousands of people out of work.

13th November, 2017 – Liberal Senator James Paterson releases his private members bill to enact same-sex “marriage”. This bill stays true, as much as possible, to Liberal Party philosophy and protects Christians from persecution, as opposed to Liberal Senator Dean Smith’s private members bill which is supported by Labor and the Greens.

A party-room debate should now proceed as to which of these two bills should be supported by the Liberal-National Coalition, but Turnbull rejects this, saying that the Smith bill should be the one presented to parliament, and it should be a free vote. This move by Turnbull ensures that protections for Christians will be rejected by ceding power over their fate to Labor, the Greens, the cross-bench and a cabal of left-faction Liberals who co-operate with them.

In this action, Turnbull and his left-faction have declared their support for the following:

    • Effectively banning faithful, Bible-adhering Christians from running a variety of businesses serving the wedding industry by forcing them to either act against their conscience or else be sued and forced out of business or imprisoned.
    • Effectively forcing the “Safe Schools” program (and similar programs with different names) onto school children.
    • Oppressing Christians in a wide variety of other ways with regard to speech and practice.

Back on the 15th of September, at the beginning of the survey, Turnbull had lied, saying:

“I just want to reassure Australians that as strongly as I believe in the right of same-sex couples to marry, as strongly as I believe in that, even more strongly, if you like, do I believe in religious freedom… Religious freedom is fundamental and it will be protected in any bill that emerges from this parliament.”

15th November, 2017 – The results of the postal survey are announced and Turnbull and the left faction immediately begin efforts to ram through the Smith bill as quickly as possible, starting with the Senate.

John Howard condemns the Smith bill, saying it provides insufficient protections, and Liberal-National Party Senator Barry O’Sullivan exposes the fact that Turnbull and some left-faction Liberals are conspiring with the Greens and Labor, against Coalition party-room opposition:

“There is deep discontent amongst alot of Coalition senators at the way that this has been managed, the introduction of this bill…It’s almost as if some cohort within the executive — there’s ­evidence that we’ve been misled, there’s evidence that decisions have been taken where they haven’t consulted with the broader caucus of the government members…Today we will cede the government to the opposition and the Greens — that’s the effect of this motion this afternoon.”

17th November, 2017 – In an interview on 3AW, Turnbull says the Dean Smith bill “does not impose any restrictions on religious freedoms at all”. Less than 2 weeks later Turnbull was forced to expose his own untruth after backbench pressure. He announced he will vote in favour of amendments to Dean Smith’s bill to protect religious charities and ensure freedom for marriage celebrants.

In the same interview Turnbull again promotes the people smuggling trade by saying 150 unauthorised boat arrivals being held in immigration detention, might be able to go to New Zealand after his discussions with left-wing New Zealand Labour Party Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Turnbull said:

“I’ve had discussions with the New Zealand Prime Minister about it and they’ve made an offer to take 150 …It’s a possibility that that could happen in the future…”

19th November, 2017 – On Sky News’ ‘Outsiders’ program, Peta Credlin makes a very important point about personal attacks on her by Turnbull-backers in the lead up to the coup:

“When the attacks came personally, they were about manufacturing an environment to bring down a Prime Minister”.

21st November, 2017 – Turnbull tax policies are such that he can even be attacked by the Labor Party for his tax increases. At a press conference Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen says:

“…the Prime Minister needs reminding, he has legislation before the House…to actually increase the personal income tax paid by every Australian. Legislation opposed by the Labor Party. The Medicare levy increase is a fancy word for increasing tax. The Medicare levy increase is just a fancy way of saying that Malcolm Turnbull wants to put up personal income tax.”

23rd November, 2017 – John Howard calls the Turnbull Government “disgraceful” over their decision to ram through homosexual so-called “marriage” without any protections for Christians.

25th November, 2017 – In the Queensland state election, the Liberal-National Party’s how-to-vote cards preference in favour of Labor, and against One Nation, a tactic which ensured victory for Labor. This means they would prefer a Labor win than contemplate a coalition with One Nation.

This proves, yet again, that leftist infiltrators within the Coalition are trying to move the political centre-of-gravity to the left, and will fight tooth and nail to block any movement in another direction, even immolating their own party’s governing prospects, and accepting a Labor government.

This is precisely the type of tactic Turnbull endorses because he wants the two major parties to be identical in ideology (i.e. leftist-globalist-‘progressive’), and fighting elections only on managerial competence. He has even, in the past, called for a Liberal-Labor coalition government to shut out the National Party.1

After the election, Turnbull said that “Voting for One Nation in the Queensland election has only assisted the Labor Party” when it was the Liberal-National Party preference allocations to Labor that actually caused the victory for Labor. Taking this into account, what Turnbull is implicitly saying with a statement like this is ‘Stop voting for One Nation or we’ll give you a Labor government, because we prefer that to a deal with One Nation’.

26th November, 2017 – Andrew Bolt exposes the deceptions and contradictions spouted by Turnbull-backers who said the Queensland election loss in 2017 had no federal implications, but said the opposite in 2015, when they blamed Tony Abbott for the Queensland loss.

27th November, 2017 – As reported in The Australian, Senator Seselja points out that ramming through the Smith bill is not only a betrayal of ‘No’ voters, but also a betrayal of ‘Yes’ voters who only voted ‘Yes’ because they were promised that protections would be implemented. Michael Sukkar says the Smith bill is “the antithesis to Liberal values”:

“Coalition Yes campaigners…claimed that it was more desirable for a Coalition government to legalise same-sex marriage, as freedom of speech, conscience and religion would be more greatly protected than a Labor government in the future would provide….That the Greens are on a unity ticket with Senator Smith on this bill is all the evidence we need to know that this bill is deeply flawed and the antithesis to Liberal values. Sadly, the Smith bill doesn’t provide any further protections than the Labor Party, who have also embraced this bill.”

Andrew Hastie said the ramming through of the Smith bill was a “Faustian pact with the Greens and Labor…”.

28th November, 2017– Liberal-National Party Senator Ian Macdonald says Turnbull appeals to rusted-on Labor and Greens voters who will never vote for the Coalition:

“…a lot of those people who he’s appealing to are people who are never going to vote for us, never in a month of Sundays will they vote for us. Even if we give them everything they ask for, they will never vote for us. Whereas often the people on the other side of the argument are our traditional supporters and we are losing them to people like Hanson and Katter.”

That is because Turnbull is a leftist-globalist ideologue, not a pragmatist-centrist as he is portrayed by his media allies and the ignorant. If all he wanted to do was become Prime Minister, and stay there as long as possible, he would have compromised over the Emissions Trading Scheme in 2009, and he would not be pursuing global warming ideology in office.

29th November, 2017 – Senator Dean Smith’s marriage bill passes the Senate unamended. The core problem was that Turnbull protected the Smith bill and conspired against the majority of the Liberal-National coalition to side with an unholy coalition of Labor, the Greens, leftists on the cross-bench, and several left-faction functionaries in the Liberal Party.

In addition to the matter of principle, there was a perfect political opportunity to wedge Labor by introducing only a bill with adequate protections. If Labor and the Greens voted it down, they could be attacked publicly.

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson highlights how the Coalition majority was shut out by Turnbull:

“It’s a shocking thing that three-quarters of our senators have voted for religion and individual freedom protections and the polls show the public wants these, but they have been voted down. How do we explain this to our voting base? I frankly think our base will be staggered that the leadership was prepared to follow a green/left/Labor progressive approach on these issues with the Smith bill.”

Senator Cory Bernardi points out that the process was rigged from the start:

“The promises by both the Labor Party and the government that religious freedoms would be protected, traditional freedoms and family choices would be protected, was just hollow talk. The fix was in…The two major parties are both the same. You cannot trust them.”

2nd December, 2017 – Turnbull contacts NewsCorp bosses in an attempt to intimidate and gag Herald Sun newspaper (owned by NewsCorp) columnist Andrew Bolt, claiming Bolt is in a conspiracy to destroy him. The problem with this theory is that Bolt has been publicly and openly calling for Turnbull’s removal from the leadership for a long time.

2nd December, 2017 – Turnbull tries to ride on the coat-tails of the National Party’s massive landslide win in the New England by-election. Turnbull’s theory that the result is an endorsement for his Prime Ministership and management of the Coalition is contradicted by the federal election result in 2016, which saw the Liberals lose many seats and the Nationals lose none, thus saving Turnbull’s government. Hence, the evidence suggests that the landslide by-election win was achieved in spite of Turnbull, and would’ve been even greater had he not been there.

2nd December, 2017 – The Australian reports that former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson is openly (and correctly) blaming Turnbull for conservative defections from the Liberal Party. Anderson says the following:

“I think, frankly, this is a ­national crisis. I am sorry to put this at the PM’s feet but this is where it belongs. Ultimately, this is an issue of respect and communication. When John Howard saw trouble coming, he would get on the phone, he’d talk and talk until it was sorted out. Conservative voters are deserting us in droves. They won’t man the booths. They don’t feel there is respect for them or their views. The PM must show respect for the five million people who voted No, most of whom are his supporters, but this is not how they feel.”

5th December, 2017 – Results of an opinion ‘poll’ designed to protect Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership are released. The results say 71% of the Australian people want elected Prime Ministers to serve their full term. Turnbull’s leftist-globalist media allies use the poll to agitate for him remaining Prime Minister. Sky News political commentator Paul Murray makes an important point:

“An opinion poll is being put out into the market today, and, in part, this is to protect Malcolm Turnbull. It shows that about 70-something percent of people don’t want party-rooms to move on sitting Prime Ministers. Now, this poll did not appear when the media was running a campaign to knock off Abbott…”

7th December, 2017 – The Smith bill passes House of Representatives without amendment, and Turnbull celebrates lustily. Queensland independent MP Bob Katter says:

“I would like to ask the Christians in Australia to remember not one time did the parliament protect them today.”

11th December, 2017 – Turnbull is asked why he is allowing approximately 200,000 people per year to permanently immigrate to Australia. He answers with the following:

“Our immigration program is overwhelmingly skills-based, so it is driven by the demands in our economy. So, as you have more demand for people with the skills that we need in our economy then you’ll get more immigration…”

Immigration expert Dr Bob Birrell, President of the Australian Population Research Institute, has written a 17-page study that contradicts Turnbull on this point. In an appearance on Sky News, Dr Birrell said:

“What’s happened with the skilled program is that over the past 6 years it’s been radically changed. Six years ago one of the criterion was that you had to have an occupation that was in short supply in Australia. That rule has now been abolished. There is no requirement anymore that you have to have scarce skills to be selected in the skilled migration program.”

12th December, 2017 – It is reported that Turnbull approached former NSW Labor Premier (and now Senator) Kristina Keneally with an offer to be his government’s ambassador to the Vatican. Keneally is notorious for her left-wing pseudo-Catholicism, and for her agitations against Church teaching on marriage, sexual behaviour, abortion, and other fundamental matters.

Catholic dogmas and infallible moral teachings come straight from the mouth of Jesus Christ, and are thus unchangeable without His direct intervention.

In his willingness to appoint Keneally, Turnbull exposes his own pseudo-Catholicism, which was already heavily exposed. As i’ve previously written, it is apparent that Turnbull’s supposed conversion to Catholicism in the early 2000s was a facade to help him ingratiate himself with the then dominant conservatives in the Liberal Party. This would facilitate his rapid promotion to cabinet. That some conservatives actually fell for this ruse, is an indictment on their own abilities.

Turnbull had already appointed Keneally to a “Referendum Council for the recognition of Aboriginal Australians”, and these implicit endorsements undermined Liberal attempts to attack her as unfit for public office during the Bennelong by-election.

15th December, 2017 – Turnbull ratifies a United Nations (UN) treaty that will give foreign UN bureaucrats unrestricted access to Australian prisons and immigration detention centres. This will obviously give them a greater opportunity to slander and propagandize, thus causing further break down of our border security and public order.

The ratification process was initiated by Labor under Rudd/Gillard, and was part of the Turnbull Government’s campaign to gain a seat on the UN’s so-called “human rights” council, which features countries who violently persecute Christians, like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

By contrast, in 2015, when Australia was attacked by the UN on immigration detention, the then Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, rebuked them, saying Australians are “sick of being lectured to by the United Nations”.

19th December, 2017 – Turnbull announces yet another set of ministerial changes. He abolishes the Minister for Industry indicating his eagerness to see Australia de-industrialised.

Turnbull also appoints his fourth Minister for Small Business, the minnow Craig Laundy, to ensure that no impact is made in favour of small business. You’ll recall that Tony Abbott, as Prime Minister, made small business a cabinet-level ministry and appointed the high-functioning Bruce Billson as minister. After the coup Turnbull sacked Billson, removed small business from cabinet, and has thrown the portfolio around to four different ministers to ensure none of them had enough time to make a serious impact.

It is crucial to understand that Turnbull and his ideological ilk want power concentrated in fewer people, to more easily control society. That is why they want to crush small Aussie businesses. They want a society and economy dominated by big corporations, big government and big trade unions.

29th December, 2017 – It is revealed the Turnbull Government is spending record amounts on consultants, amounting to 700 million dollars per year.

1st January, 2018 – Turnbull agitates on the republic by suggesting a postal vote could be held on the issue.

15th January, 2018 – Turnbull approves an $840,000 wage increase for 30 government staffers ($28,000 each).

18th January, 2018 – Turnbull boasts about the high number of jobs being created, but the deception is exposed by the fact that the unemployment rate is actually increasing. The government is bringing in massive numbers of immigrants, destroying social cohesion and national sovereignty, whilst not enough jobs are being created for those immigrants to even keep the unemployment rate steady.

The extra jobs are being created simply by increased demand due to the immigrants themselves, not by any government action, and Turnbull is deceptively boasting that he is creating jobs when he is actually making the situation worse for the average Australian.

3rd February, 2018 – The Turnbull Government pledges 90 million dollars in foreign aid after being prompted by pop star Rihanna.

10th February, 2018 – Turnbull opposes the NSW Liberal Party’s grassroots-backed, John Howard-backed ‘Rosehill Resolution’ (aka. ‘Waringah Motion’). These are constitutional amendments which would give party members complete and immediate power over pre-selections. Turnbull instead supports a motion that keeps power in the hands of left-wing factional warlords like Michael Photios until some indeterminate future date.

12th February, 2018 – Journalist Janet Albrechtsen releases information indicating that Turnbull personally intervened to sack her from the board of the National Museum of Australia because of her criticisms of his government.

NB: It should be noted that although Albrechtsen is now a Turnbull critic, in 2015 she was a supporter of Turnbull’s coup against Tony Abbott.

15th February, 2018 – In announcing his changes to ministerial standards banning sexual intercourse between ministers and staff, Turnbull justifies the action not on the basis of the immorality of adultery or the importance of family values, but on the left-wing basis of gender power imbalances. Turnbull says:

“There has been a lot of discussion about the Ministerial Code of Conduct…the truth is that is deficient. It is truly deficient. It does not speak strongly enough for the values that we all should live, values of respect, respectful workplaces, of workplaces where women are respected.”

Turnbull adds “there is a …real gender perspective here.”

So Turnbull is not condemning Barnaby Joyce for committing adultery, but rather for not respecting the woman with whom he is committing adultery. Turnbull’s foreword to his new Ministerial Code of Conduct states:

“Ministers, regardless of whether they are married or single, must not engage in sexual relations with their staff. Doing so will constitute a breach of the code.”

The code itself simply states: “Ministers must not engage in sexual relations with their staff. Doing so will constitute a breach of this code.” This means that even if the minister marries the staffer, they are still technically in breach of the code if they have sexual relations.

28th February, 2018 – Turnbull defends Employment Minister Michaelia Cash after she made comments about rumours of sexual affairs with staffers in Parliament House, and even threatened to name names. Speaking in parliament, Turnbull says:

“The honourable member refers to some remarks made by Senator Cash during a very heated exchange in Senate estimates where she was being bullied and provoked by Senator Cameron…who was making insinuations about staff.”

Of course, it was Turnbull who opened the door to this kind of behaviour with his reaction to the Barnaby Joyce affair. Furthermore, he couldn’t criticise one of his coup backers because it might threaten his hold on power.

Terry Barnes later says:

“His senior minister made an absolute hash of things and when it came to dealing with it, instead of disciplining her he basically backed her. Said that she was being picked on by Senator Cameron. And effectively gave her a leave pass.”

1st March, 2018 – Turnbull announces his 4th Veterans Affairs Minister in just 2½ years, again showing his contempt for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Meanwhile, ADF veterans are killing themselves (there were 84 suicides in 2017). Their families, other veterans, and supporting charities, are saying it’s the fault of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

1st March, 2018 – The government-owned, taxpayer-funded SBS starts running an advertisement encouraging elderly people to turn off their heater in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The advertisement will later be run throughout the FIFA World Cup, which is watched in high numbers.

Liberal MP Craig Kelly later responded, saying:

“The World Health Organisation has made it very clear that the effects of cold housing increases mortality risk, physical health risks, and mental health…The World Health Organisation recommends that your home be heated to at least 18 degrees in winter. Now there’s many Australian homes that don’t reach that temperature…That’s why you have home heating. Now, for a government ad to…spread a message that when you are cold…don’t turn the heater on because that might help with our Paris targets is irresponsible and its dangerous.”

Turnbull and his government have since done absolutely nothing on the matter, and SBS continues to run the advertisement as of July 2018.

5th March, 2018 – It is reported that the Turnbull Government is overseeing an epidemic of child rape and sexual abuse among people of indigenous descent in the Norther Territory (which is under the sovereign control of the federal government).

According to The Australian newspaper:

“Underage Aboriginal girls are now almost 60 times more likely to contract syphilis than their non-Aboriginal counterparts and 30 times more likely to contract gonorrhoea or trichomoniasis, ­according to official figures.”

Furthermore, child protection authorities have been considering cases of sexually transmitted infections in indigenous children to be “normal“, and abandoning further investigation.

5th March, 2018 – A Qantas staff training manual is leaked to the media. It orders staff to use the term ‘invasion’ rather than ‘settlement’ when referring to European colonisation of the Australian continent in 1788. People are outraged at this, but it should be remembered that Turnbull had, almost two years before, endorsed this lie.

6th March, 2018 – Peta Credlin exposes Turnbull’s refusal to remove Australian citizenship from Muhammadan terrorists who fought in Syria and Iraq, in deference to a United Nations treaty.

7th March, 2018 – It is reported that a Turnbull Government department spent $250,000 of taxpayers’ money on consultants to design a Facebook page.

7th March, 2018 – Nick Xenophon says he wasn’t lobbied intensely by the Turnbull Government on legislation for a public interest test that could’ve prevented the merger of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and the Construction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union (CFMEU) to create a powerful super-union. The merger had been approved by the Fair Work Commission on the 6th of March.

Indeed the Turnbull Government refused to even put the legislation to a vote.

Peta Credlin also made some crucial points about Turnbull’s deliberate weakness on industrial relations:

“Following the PM’s December reshuffle he also dumped IR from the cabinet, and handed it to newbie minister Craig Laundy who has done sweet bugger all to progress the public interest test, even as the CFMEU-MUA merger loomed…Industrial relations used to be a values-driven policy area for the Coalition, but today they’re not even prepared to put the legislation up, and have the fight.”

7th March, 2018 – Turnbull is criticised for the absence of an attack on Labor over Bill Shorten’s flip-flopping hypocrisy on the proposed Adani coal mine. Geoff Chambers, writing in The Australian says:

“Malcolm Turnbull has again missed an obvious opportunity to shift the political agenda and heap pressure on Bill Shorten. The Prime Minister…has failed to attack Shorten over his flip-flopping, self-serving rhetoric on the $16.5 billion Adani coal mine.”

7th March, 2018 – The Turnbull Government gives away 8 billion dollars in oil and gas revenue in a treaty with East Timor.

7th March, 2018 – It is reported that ABC political commentator Laura Tingle, an ardent leftist, will be paid $15,000 of taxpayers’ money by Turnbull for two days work with his Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

8th March, 2018 – It is revealed that, in the first 9 months of 2016 the Turnbull Government spent 5.86 million dollars of taxpayers’ money monitoring media coverage of government departments.

9th March, 2018 – Left-wing ABC host Emma Alberici is paid $12,000 for two days work with the corporate regulator Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), a government body under the control of the Turnbull Government.

10th March, 2018 – The Australian newspaper’s Political Editor, Dennis Shanahan, says that the lack of action to remove Turnbull from office, even after he fails all of the tests that were used to publicly justify Tony Abbott’s removal (e.g. 30 Newspoll losses in a row), indicates that the original justifications were a fraud, and that Tony Abbott was removed for other, unstated reasons. Shanahan writes:

“The bad run of polling was always just an excuse to execute a long-term plan to remove Abbott and not have to admit to plotting against a first-term leader…[Turnbull] needs to address the polling issue he created, but that requires an admission that the removal of Abbott was a long-term project, not suddenly triggered one Monday morning by a Newspoll published in The Australian.”

12th March, 2018 – It is reported that the Turnbull Government will increase solar subsidies to 1.3 billion dollars in 2018, which will increase electricity bills by up to $100 per household. Turnbull’s own former chief of staff, journalist Chris Kenny, calls this “economic self-harm“.

March, 2018 – The new President of the NSW Returned Services League (RSL), who is Malcolm Turnbull’s son-in-law, a 37-year-old named James Brown, tries to ban the complementary taxis provided to veterans for the ANZAC Day parade, which would prevent many veterans from being able to attend. Although publicly justified under the guise of preventing terrorism, this appears to be a left-wing attempt to sabotage the parade.

Brown even publicly admitted, in an interview on 2GB radio in Sydney, that he is deliberately trying to remove the focus away from older veterans.

Furthermore, the RSL in Victoria has banned all vehicles manufactured before 2010 (including the historic military vehicles which help provide a patriotic and romantic atmosphere) from their parade citing concern about (harmless) carbon dioxide emissions, and the ACT RSL is trying to ban children under the age of 12 from their parade.

Among other things, these are all nefarious covert attempts to make the parade so boring and uninspiring that people lose all interest, thus dwindling patriotic feelings among the populous. Clearly, the left’s march through the institutions has now extended to the RSL.

14th March, 2018 – The Northern Territory government, which is a glorified local council under the complete control of the Commonwealth, indicates that it will fund the notorious “Safe Schools” program. The Turnbull Government has the power to veto this decision, but doesn’t.

The Turnbull Government also continues to promote “Safe Schools” material and resources on federal government websites like the “Student Wellbeing Hub” (www.studentwellbeinghub.edu.au).

18th March, 2018 – A Liberal-National Party MP attacks the Turnbull Government for giving 9.5 million dollars of Australian taxpayers’ money to the baby-butchering organisation knows as ‘Planned Parenthood’, calling it a “disgraceful act“. The Turnbull Government responds by saying “these services are vital”.

23rd March, 2018 – Turnbull tweets a photo of himself meeting with his favourite American President:

26th March, 2018 – Prof. Ross Fitzgerald writes:

“A Shorten win would certainly give us the most left-wing government in our history. But a Turnbull win — unlikely as that is — would validate the most left-wing Liberal government we’ve ever had.

Right now, the political choice is no longer between the centre-right and the centre-left; it’s between the soft-left and the hard-left; between left and lefter, so to speak.

In the short term a Turnbull defeat would be bad for the country, but in the long term it might be the only way to stop both parties from drifting ever further to the left.”

29th March, 2018 – A year on from the closure of the 1600 megawatt Hazelwood coal-fired power plant in the Latrobe Valley (which Turnbull allowed to happen despite the protestations of Tony Abbott), a report from the Australian Energy Regulator found wholesale electricity prices in Victoria were up 85 per cent on 2016.

29th March, 2018 – Turnbull’s own former Chief of Staff, Chris Kenny, says the left-wing media helped Turnbull overthrow Tony Abbott and are now protecting his leadership by playing down what will be his 30th straight Newspoll loss (and the failing of his own test for keeping the leadership). The following is from an interview on Sydney’s 2GB radio:

Steve Price (Host): “I’ve been interested in how many of the left-leaning members of the media keep talking this down saying ‘it’s no big deal, it’s just another poll…'”

Chris Kenny: “Well, it’s the people who campaigned to get Malcolm Turnbull into the job in the first place. It’s the people who were the Abbott-haters in the media…who really hated Abbott because he is that sort of ‘Captain Catholic’ conservative leader that they all despise. They barracked for Malcolm Turnbull. They urged him to get in there. They were very very pleased with their work when he took over the leadership. And now they want to talk this down.”

31st March, 2018 – The Australian newspaper’s Political Editor, Dennis Shanahan, speaking on Sydney radio, says:

“At the moment we’ve actually got two centre-left parties competing for the same ground.”

4th April, 2018 – The Australian newspaper’s Foreign Editor, Greg Sheridan, speaking on Sky News, explains why Turnbull’s “socialism” argument against government acquiring and funding coal-fired power stations is deceitful:

“I think today was a dismal, harrowing, and pathetic day for the Turnbull Government…Scott Morrison is out there saying: ‘No! No! No! New coal-fired power plants are shockingly uneconomic. Only a fool would build them. They cost so much.’ Has he advised the governments of Japan, China, and Germany about the absolute unviability of this?…You have [ministers] saying: ‘Coal doesn’t need subsidies’. Maybe it doesn’t in pure economics, but if our politics has made it impossible for anyone to invest in coal then it does need government intervention. And a final thought…if this is all about the free market – and avoiding socialism and government regulation – is the free market giving us Snowy-Hydro 2.0? Is the free market giving us the Renewable Energy Target? Is the free market giving us any of this mad, crazy energy policy that we’ve had this last ten years? This looks, to me, very much like the last days of Rudd-Gillard. Figures plucked from the air, terrible tactical expediency…The bottom line is, what new baseload power has been built in five years of conservative government?”

5th April, 2018 – The leftist-Muhammadan hybrid known as Waleed Aly tries to rig opinion polling to prevent Turnbull losing his 30th straight Newspoll. He tells his leftist audience on Channel 10 show The Project to, if contacted, lie to the polling agency by saying they are voting Liberal.

5th April, 2018 – In an interview on the ABC’s 7.30 program John Howard makes several implicit criticisms of Turnbull:

On workplace relations he says:

“I would do it differently. I think we’ve rolled back too many reforms. And I do think there will come a time in the not-too-distant-future where greater flexibility in the workplace will again become a necessity. At the moment the issue lies a bit dormant…”

He attacks taxpayer subsidies for wind and solar power generation:

“The problem is that the incentives in energy policy now are skewed in favour of renewables. And it is increasingly unattractive for private enterprise to invest in either preserving existing coal-fired power stations or constructing new ones. That’s the essence of the problem. And if we hadn’t gone overboard about renewables then I don’t think we would have quite the debate we’re having at the present time.”

The following statement from Howard seems to be a criticism of Turnbull’s Labor-lite policies and his lack of willingness to attack Labor:

“I do not regard the next election as unwinnable but there are alot of our supporters who are nervous. And they will be very unhappy and very angry with the parliamentary party if, through what they regard as their negligence, the opportunity of pinning the Labor party on many policy failures is passed over.”

Finally, Howard tells Turnbull he must respect the party-room:

“The relationship between a Prime Minister and the party is that he’s the first amongst equals…He’s got to respect their equality…They’ve got to work together in, I think, a far more purposeful way than has been evident over the last few months.”

5th April, 2018 – Amidst widespread criticism of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony for its leftist bias and inordinate focus on primal aboriginal culture, Turnbull defends it saying “…don’t read all the negative stuff”.

6th April, 2018 – In an interview with The Australian, John Howard says that the merger of the MUA with the CFMEU – which has taken place on Turnbull’s watch – represented the “ultra-concentration of union power”:

“…just like we don’t like an ultra-concentration of commercial power, why should we feel comfortable about an ultra-­concentration of union power, particularly given the track record of the two unions…I would argue the merger of those unions does represent the ultra-concentration of union power. I think the public-interest test ought to be applied; it’s applied to corporate mergers.”

As i’ve stated previously, Turnbull and his ideological allies actually want a greater concentration of both commercial power and union power at the same time, as well as a greater concentration of power in government. This will allow a very small group of ‘elites’ to more easily control all three, and work in synchronisation for their diabolical ideological ends. They want to destroy all significant decentralised power centres, especially medium-sized businesses.

You’ll notice that it’s the big corporations who tend to support the left-wing social agenda, and the big unions collude with big corporations to rip-off the workers (eg: the AWU-Cleanevent deal and other deals for lower penalty rates) so there is no ideological contradiction between simultaneously wanting a high concentration of power in both big corporations and big unions.

John Howard says Turnbull must re-introduce legislation to establish a public interest test for union mergers:

“I am very disappointed that the public-interest-test legislation has not gone through the parliament and I would hope the government would re-present that…I took the view with these things it was better to keep putting something up and having it knocked over…When we had legislation on ­industrial relations, we always put up unfair dismissals and we put it up 30 or 40 times.”

Turnbull abandoned the legislation (titled the ‘Ensuring Integrity Bill’) after a weak and feckless attempt at swaying the Senate cross-bench.

6th April, 2018 – The National Library of Australia, under the auspices of the Turnbull Government (specifically the Department of Communications), appoints Benjamin Law as an ambassador. Law, an open homosexual, is a prominent proponent of same-sex “marriage” and the “Safe Schools” program. He tweeted the following on the 30th of August, 2017:

“Sometimes find myself wondering if I’d hate-fuck all the anti-gay MPs in parliament if it meant they got the homophobia out of their system”

Another journalist responded tweeting “start with Hastie” (a reference to Liberal MP, and former SAS Captain, Andrew Hastie). Law responded with “[sighs heavily, unzips pants]”.

Law has refused to apologise and has not deleted the tweets. Furthermore, he has a history of similar behaviour. In 2011 the ABC published an article authored by Law in which he said:

“… what’s wrong with being an effete kind of gay? Some of us are effete, flighty and soft, and that should be fine. And some of us are huge and muscled, built like brick sh*thouses and could demolish Andrew Bolt’s face if we wanted to, and that is definitely fine by me too.”

No attempt was made by the Turnbull Government to overturn the decision or even criticise the appointment.

9th April, 2018 – Tony Abbott, speaking on 2GB radio, makes a very important point about the Howard Cabinet:

“I served in the Howard cabinet for much longer than anyone else who is currently in government. The Howard cabinet was a good cabinet. It never leaked until, I think, 2007 or thereabouts.”

Turnbull was brought into the Howard cabinet in 2007, and there is little doubt that he was the leaker. For instance, in 2007 cabinet discussions were leaked to undermine John Howard’s anti-Kyoto Protocol policy. The leaks resulted in an endorsement for Turnbull from then Greens leader Bob Brown.

9th April, 2018– A minister in the Turnbull Government, speaking anonymously to The Australian newspaper, says Turnbull’s Prime Ministerial office resembles Kevin Rudd’s:

“The office is supposed to resemble Howard’s office but in fact it resembles Rudd’s.”

In the same article another source refers to Turnbull’s private office behaviour as “Ruddesque”.

It is also revealed that Barnaby Joyce pushed Turnbull for a feasibility study into building another coal-fired power station. Turnbull killed off the study by imposing conditions that were impossible to fulfill.

10th April, 2018 – A report in The Australian newspaper reveals that, in 2016 there was a formal proposal from Peter Dutton to cut to immigration numbers which was opposed by Turnbull, and prevented from being considered by cabinet. The proposal was not a fleeting one, as it had been modelled and costed by the bureaucracy in February 2017.

12th April, 2018 – The Australian newspaper reports that the Turnbull Government is wasting billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money in order to win votes in key electorates:

“It’s now clear that the government has stuffed up the $4 billion patrol boat tender… On a per vessel basis we are spending substantially above any other country…some estimates have the per equivalent vessel expenditure at twice world levels…”

13th April, 2018 – Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper reports that Turnbull has $1 million of his personal money in an investment fund called ‘Bronte Capital’ that ‘short sells’ shares in Australian companies (including mining companies), meaning it effectively bets on Australian companies to lose.

15th April, 2018 – A survey reveals that 22% of Australian children are missing meals due to the rising cost of housing, electricity and other necessities. These price rises are caused by Turnbull-backed policies on global warming and immigration.

19th April, 2018 – Long-term data on household electricity prices shows that Turnbull-backed global warming policies have resulted in sky-rocketing prices, and also shows that Tony Abbott’s policies succeeded in reducing or steadying prices.

22nd April, 2018 – Andrew Bolt exposes Turnbull’s “record jobs growth” scam:

“You’re the victims of a hoax that was exposed in the fine print of a deceitful Treasury document that Morrison released last week to claim he was right not to want fewer of the immigrants who are forcing up house prices…the vast majority of these jobs “created”…were actually given to the immigrants now pouring in.”

26th April, 2018 – It is reported that the federal Administrative Appeals Tribunal has, since 2010, prevented the deportation of 8 killers, 66 other brutal thugs with shocking convictions for violence, 17 rapists, paedophiles and other sex offenders, 33 drug dealers and 23 armed robbers.

The tribunal has also prevented deportation of fake Iranian refugees who were caught holidaying in Iran after saying their lives were at risk if they were forced to go back there.

Despite this, Turnbull has not proposed any changes to the legislation that gives the tribunal its power. The tribunal appears to be just a political cover for leftist politicians to pursue leftist policies whilst denying responsibility.

30th April, 2018 – The “Gonski 2.0” report is released and Turnbull backs it. Education researcher Dr Jennifer Buckingham, a senior research fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies, says the report is so bad it should be ignored.

Herald Sun newspaper columnist Andrew Bolt points out that the report’s recommendation for educational programs to be specifically tailored for each individual student, without having differentiated classes/schools based on ability, is consistent with the union movement’s agenda to increase the number of teachers. Given that schools already struggle to hire quality teachers, this will further reduce the overall quality of the teaching contingent.

2nd May, 2018 – The architect of Turnbull’s energy policy, Kerry Schott, speaks at a conference in Melbourne saying there won’t be any further coal-fired power stations built in Australia, and the ones still existing will all be shut down:

“I can assure you that, unless there’s a change of technology, there would be absolutely no way that anybody would be financing a new coal-fired generation plant…So, people might want to see them go faster, but they’re going anyway.”

Malcolm Turnbull refuses to criticise Schott for this statement, instead saying “Everyone’s entitled to have their opinion…”.

The truth, of course, is that new coal-fired power stations are being built all over the world and coal is still the cheapest way to generate electricity. A new high efficiency-low emissions (HELE) coal-fired power station can generate electricity at a cost as low as $40/MWh, and generation from normal brown coal stations is even cheaper.

4th May, 2018 – The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) releases a joint statement with the Australian Industry Group, the Business Council of Australia, and a series of other organisations, supporting the Turnbull Government’s policy of allowing close to 190,000 foreigners to permanently migrate into Australia every year.

Here we see another example of how the leadership of big unions, big business and big government are all part of the same group of ‘elites’ pursuing a common ideology, and working to destroy the country.

7th May, 2018 – Former Treasurer Peter Costello says the Turnbull Government’s budget problems are caused by over-spending:

“We’re nearly at the peak of income tax collections which are sustainable…the government has said it is going to cap it at 23.9%…What its gotta do is its gotta cap expenses at the same amount…If you’re going to cap tax-to-GDP at 23.9%…you’ve gotta get your expenses down to about 24%. That’s where they were. We should try and have a cap on them as well, and if we could get them back down to 24% we could start balancing budgets and we could pay off debt but we’re a long way away from that…”

8th May, 2018 – The Turnbull Government announces they will ban all cash transactions above $10,000, forcing more people into using payment methods that are easily surveilled and centrally controlled by government.

The ban also favours banks because it makes it more difficult to avoid fees on credit card transactions.

9th May, 2018 – Economist Dr Andrew Stone comments on the Turnbull Government’s budget:

“The core problem is that there is no effort to address spending in this budget…the government is boasting that it’s made 404 million dollars of outlays cuts over 4 years as though that’s something to be proud of. Now, the thing is, to put that in perspective, over the next 4 years total government outlays are expected to exceed 2 thousand-billion [2 trillion], so if you take 404 million out of 2 thousand-billion that’s the equivalent of saying that for every 100 dollars that the government was going to spend, it’s proudly now declaring it’s only going to spend 99 dollars and 98 cents.”

Dr Stone also explains how Turnbull is cooking the books:

“I think the NBN is a good example of one of the mechanisms that Andrew Charlton was just discussing about how government’s hide what’s perfectly standard government spending off-budget. It’s actually a scandal that the NBN is still treated off-budget. It should never have been put off-budget…This current financial year about, I think it’s about 9 billion dollars is being spent on the NBN…and yet not a cent of that is showing up in the budget position…it’s clear, I think it’s been clear right from the get-go, that this is not a commercially viable project.”

9th May, 2018 – The Turnbull Government is forced to admit its rosy budget outlook is based on keeping permanent immigration levels at close to 190,000 people per year, which tends to raise overall GDP (i.e. the size of the economy overall), but reduce GDP per capita (i.e. how well the average individual Australian is doing).

It is also noted that the Turnbull Government is keeping car tariffs in place despite Australia no longer manufacturing any cars. This is because Turnbull is anti-car, and keeping the tariffs in place helps increase the price of cars, thus reducing their purchase and usage. As i’ve previously documented leftist-globalists like Turnbull want to gradually phase out cars in favour of socialised mass transit, and they want economic pressures in place to facilitate that transition.

9th May, 2018 – The ACTU engages in what is likely to be unlawful strike action in Melbourne, shutting down critical port and transport services, and blocking traffic in the CBD.

Australian Mines and Metals Association chief executive Steve Knott later points out that the strikers are on high incomes and their actions are hurting small business operators on low incomes:

“Waterfront workers who ­illegally shut down Australia’s busiest port on average earn over $100,000 and work 35 hour weeks for 40 weeks a year…Under the pretence of claiming to be representative of low-­income earners these wharfies, intentionally or otherwise, have inflicted damage on small business operators more than half of which take home $50,000 or less.”

He criticises the Turnbull Government’s lack of response, saying:

“[The] silence is also deafening from the government, which is yet to publicly condemn the illegal industrial action … If the regulators and gov­ernment won’t even condemn ­unprotected industrial action that heavily impacts services and ­businesses in one of our biggest cities, what chance is there of them taking action to deter it in the future?”

Mr Knott also commented on Turnbull’s demotion of the Industrial Relations portfolio, moving it out of cabinet to a junior ministry for the first time since Federation:

“This very much feeds into the perception of left-wing union bosses and their followers in the community that compliance with Australia’s IR laws is optional…The spectre of the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Turnbull government offering no comment pre, during or post the illegal strikes on Wednesday, to attend a pre-orchestrated post-budget political rally that shut down Melbourne’s CBD, will surely embolden union activists.”

Turnbull’s lack of response is, of course, consistent with the leftist-globalist agenda to destroy small and medium-sized businesses, and other decentralised power centres, in favour of empowering big unions, big government and big business, which can then be controlled by a relatively small group of elites.

16th May, 2018 – Liberal MP Craig Kelly explains how rooftop solar is driving up electricity costs:

“A study out only earlier this year by one of the solar councils, and they estimated that the cost of rooftop solar was around about 150 dollars a megawatt-hour after the subsidy. If you count the subsidy in there you’re looking at around 200 dollars a megawatt-hour….Our existing coal-fired power stations have a cost of about 30 to 35 dollars a megawatt hour, so we’re replacing something at 200 dollars a megawatt-hour that used to cost us 35. And that’s only part of the cost. You’ve also got the additional cost of the poles and wires because the more people that install solar in the homes, the less demand there is for electricity from the grid, so the poles and wires cost, pro-rata, goes up higher… Then you’ve got the cost of the existing coal and gas generators. The more solar that it has coming into the grid, these have to operate at less levels of efficiency, less capacity output, so their cost goes up.”

16th May, 2018 – The Indonesian Army takes delivery of 8 new Boeing AH-64E Apache attack helicopters worth a total of about 440 million Australian dollars. Consider this alongside the fact that the Turnbull Government sent Indonesia 359 million of Australian taxpayer dollars in foreign aid for the 2017-18 financial year.

23rd May, 2018 – The Herald Sun reports that Benjamin Law, the homosexual activist who said he wanted to “hate fuck” conservative Liberal MPs, was invited to be a paid speaker at a lavish conference held by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), a federal government body.

The three-day conference at the luxury Novotel Twin Waters resort (which has a private saltwater lagoon) is reported to have cost taxpayers $500,000, covering flights, accommodation, food and drinks.

The AAT is the same body that prevented the deportation of numerous murderers, paedophiles, drug dealers, and fake refugees.

29th May, 2018 – Newspoll reveals that more voters favour Labor to deliver lower power prices and supply security, than the Coalition. Sky News presenter Chris Kenny says:

“The parties are neck-and-neck with energy. This should not be right…The Coalition should be streets ahead…It tells you that the Coalition is…not telling people how dangerous Labor’s policies would be…but, I think, more than that, it also shows that their actual policy…the reality of their policy is it’s not divergent enough from Labor.”

29th May, 2018 – The Australian newspaper’s economics editor, Adam Creighton, says spending has accelerated since Turnbull’s leadership takeover:

“…in the 14-15 financial year [under Tony Abbott] real spending actually shrank slightly…but in every year since the rate of real spending growth has actually increased. So spending growth is actually accelerating.”

1st June, 2018 – It is reported that the Turnbull Government is propping up its budget by essentially stealing money from people’s inactive superannuation accounts.

6th June, 2018 – Tony Abbott makes an important point about Australian National University’s (ANU) left-biased, ideologically-based rejection of a Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation offer to fund a course in Western Civilisation. In an interview on Sydney radio he says:

“The A.N.U. accepts money, its been reported, from U.A.E., from Turkey, from Iran. We’ve got 6 Australian universities that host Confucius centres, which are strongly influenced by the Chinese government and by Chinese donors…If it was ok for the government to call in the leaders of A.G.L. to talk about the future of Liddell power station, surely it would be ok for the education minister, and indeed the Prime Minister, to call in the chancellor and the vice-chancellor of these institutions for a ‘please explain’ because they are government-funded…”

Turnbull has, thus far, done absolutely nothing on the issue.

11th June, 2018 – In a radio interview, Tomago Aluminium CEO Matt Howell explains how anti-coal, pro-wind, pro-solar energy policies are increasing prices and forcing industries like his to periodically shut down their operations:

“Last Tuesday and Thursday there was a lack of dispatchable reserve capacity in the electricity market, and this was indeed confirmed by the market operator A.E.M.O.. So, quite simply, our energy system in this country has become degraded. Now, when that happens, as it did on Tuesday and Thursday, wholesale prices spike to a crazy level: around 14,000 dollars a megawatt-hour…It would be equivalent to paying about 400 dollars a litre for petrol…Last Tuesday and Thursday, late evening, when the solar panels weren’t working with very little wind, something had to give and that was us…if we want to be a manufacturing powerhouse in this country we need internationally affordable and reliable energy. It cannot be dependent on the weather…There’s no aluminum smelter anywhere in the world powered by wind and solar, and backed up with batteries.”

13th June, 2018 – Minerals Council of Australia director Greg Evans explains how companies that build coal-fired power stations are wanting to build them in Australia but are being prevented by risk caused by Turnbull and Labor Party policies:

“We’ve had approaches from companies, international companies, that build coal-fired power stations…They would be quite happy to proceed but one of the uncertainties is regarding future government policy and ensuring the system…is conducive to a large-scale investment because…We costed a proposal for…a thousand megawatt H.E.L.E. coal-fired power station. It’s something over 2 billion dollars. So if you’re making that sort of expenditure decision then you want to be more certain about the government policy which is operating.”

14th June, 2018 – Turnbull’s lack of action on the paedophilia epidemic gripping aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory (NT) is exposed by NT News.

Turnbull responded by mocking the newspaper about it’s well-known crocodile headlines. Sky News journalist Matt Cunningham made the obvious point about this disturbing response, saying:

“I’m not sure that when we’re talking about the rape of 2-year-old children that it’s the time for light-hearted jokes like that…”

This is yet another example of Turnbull’s disturbing views and activities with regard to sexual morality that have been extensively documented here at StopTurnbull.com.

Even Labor’s Nicole Manison, the Deputy Chief Minister of the NT, condemned Turnbull for these comments, and pointed out the stark contrast between Turnbull’s immediate calling of a Royal Commission over the child detention controversy, and his mocking indifference over the rape of 2-year-olds.

18th June, 2018 – The Australian newspaper reports that the Turnbull Government (via its ‘Energy Security Board’) secretly told a group of expert advisors to power companies and large industrial energy users that its so-called “National Energy Guarantee” (NEG) policy is a carbon dioxide emissions intensity trading scheme “by stealth” that would favour wind and solar power. The government forced these people to sign confidentiality agreements to prevent the information becoming public.

Economics professor Judith Sloan says:

“[The NEG] knocks out coal and…knocks out gas….It’s an ongoing subsidy to renewable energy.”

20th June, 2018 – The Trump Administrations withdraws the United States from the so-called “Human Rights Council” of the United Nations, which harbours human rights abusers who persecute Christians like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Egypt.

This is the same organisation that Turnbull immediately sought membership in upon his ascension to the Prime Ministership, and the government, of course, expressed its disagreement with the United States’ decision.

20th June, 2018 – It is revealed that some pre-schools and childcare centres in Australia are now having children perform daily “acknowledgement of country” or “welcome to country” ceremonies. The door was opened to this kind of thing by Turnbull’s repeated statements on the subject, such as his claim that colonisation was an “invasion” and that Australia “was, is, and always will be, aboriginal land“.

24th June, 2018 – Former Howard Government Minister for Industry and Science, Ian Macfarlane, says Turnbull’s anti-coal policies are causing the high electricity prices:

“We have philosophically said ‘no’ to [coal]…What’s causing the current crisis is that coal-fired generators are being closed down and not being replaced.”

25th June, 2018 – The Australian newspaper reports that taxpayer-funded salaries for Turnbull’s office staff have surged by 32%, which is almost 7-times larger than private sector wage growth.

27th June, 2018 – It is reported that Turnbull’s Department of Environment is scheming to increase the price of beef by forcing farmers to take costly measures to reduce methane emissions. One method they recommend is culling herds, which would mean less supply, thus pushing up prices.

Liberal MP Craig Kelly had previously warned:

“Agriculture makes up…about 14% of our emissions. One of my concerns about the N.E.G. [Turnbull’s energy policy] is that it will set the principles and the precedent for the other sectors of the economy. When we talk about agricultural emissions, it’s not actually the machinery…Something like 95% or more of our agricultural emissions comes from basically animals farting and belching. So the only real way you can reduce your agricultural emissions is to cull your herd size…We’re looking at, around about, the culling of 690,000 dairy cows. The culling of about 7 million beef cattle. The culling of around about 20 million sheep…If we adopt the principles and the precedents that are being put forward to us on the N.E.G. you’ve got to start your emissions reductions immediately in 2020, which starts in 18 months time and, on my numbers Alan, you’ve got to cull your herds across the nation. About 8,000 animals a day, every single day, throughout the next decade. What will this do to regional areas? What will this do to our farming sector? What will this do to the price of beef and lamb…?”

Sky News host Peta Credlin had also warned:

“Alot of the budget growth is predicated on us taking advantage from those free trade agreements and becoming the food bowl of Asia, and selling our dairy produce into Asia. If we’re going to have to cull herds, we’re not going to have the economic benefit from the free trade agreements. We’re going to sell ourselves out the back door.”

27th June, 2018 – It is reported Turnbull has done a deal with Senator Leyonhjelm to hold a free vote on allowing euthanasia in the territories. This further proves that Turnbull’s Howard-era conversion to Catholicism was fake, and merely a stunt to curry favour with the the then dominant conservatives in the party.

Senator Cory Bernardi makes the point:

“…the Prime Minister reportedly has been prepared to trade away a life issue, an issue that is significant in our constitution, to curry favour for a vote on the A.B.C.C. [Australian Building and Construction Commission]. I think that should appal Liberals…”

2nd July, 2018 – Tony Abbott makes a very important point about Turnbull’s so-called “National Energy Guarantee” policy:

“The government is kidding us when it says that it’s all about reducing price when there’s an emissions reduction target and a reliability target but not a price ­target.”

This is because Turnbull wants prices to rise. Indeed, that is the whole point of the exercise. The price reduction rhetoric is lies for political purposes.

The centre-piece of an intelligent conservative policy on energy would include a specific (and low) price target that would be prioritised above emissions reduction. That would help expose the entire fraud.

4th July, 2018 – It is revealed that Turnbull has changed party-room procedure in an unprecedented manner in order to stifle dissent. Specifically, he has banished any political discussion of policies to the end of meetings, late at night, so that time runs out before many backbenchers get to speak.

6th July, 2018 – A report is released that forces the Turnbull Government to admit it got the funding model for its Gonski 2.0 education policy wrong in its hasty attempt to attack Catholic schools. According to The Australian:

“The long-awaited review of the government’s socioeconomic status funding model has confirmed Catholic criticism of a system that was biased against low-fee-paying non-government schools…Senator Birmingham and cabinet colleague Christopher Pyne had savaged Catholic educators who pointed out the flaws in the SES system.”

With regard to Turnbull’s factional ally and Education Minister Simon Birmingham, Journalist John Ferguson says:

“His statement appears to sheet home the blame for his political problems to the Howard government…He absolutely knew [Gonski 2.0] didn’t work for the Catholic sector and many low-fee-paying independents. Yet he willingly picked a brawl with a large slab of the country, which educates more than one in five of the nation’s children. Same goes with his cabinet colleague Christopher Pyne.”

Pyne had previously said that Catholic schools were running a “dishonest campaign” against the Turnbull Government, and Birmingham accused the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria of a willingness to be bought off for a “few pieces of silver”.

8th July, 2018 – Dr David Carland, Executive Director of Australian Resources Development Limited, says a graph on the official Snowy-Hydro website proves that Turnbull’s Snowy-Hydro 2.0 policy requires rising electricity prices:

“On Snowy’s own website, to demonstrate the viability of their particular project, they put up a graph that shows Snowy prospers in a world of rising prices…This is a modelling world that has no new coal, has coal-fired power stations shutting, has us meeting Paris, and has renewables coming in. So whilst the graph says Snowy 2.0, as a project, can work, it’s also telling the rest of us that we’re in for a very long period of high prices.”



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