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*This part covers the beginning of 2017 until October 2017 (NEG announcement).

20th January, 2017 – Turnbull announces a deal with left-wing extremist Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to hand out $240 million dollars of taxpayer money to the aluminum smelter in the Victorian town of Portland which has been made unviable by the high electricity prices caused by Turnbull’s anti-carbon dioxide policies. It is worse than throwing money down the drain because the deal itself will produce even higher electricity prices and will benefit a Communist Chinese owned power company.

21st January, 2017 – Kevin Rudd’s former speechwriter, Troy Bramston, writes in The Spectator magazine about a private interview he had with Paul Keating:

“…there is no doubt Turnbull did talk to Labor MPs, including Keating, about securing a safe seat in parliament. I asked Keating about Turnbull’s Labor ambitions while interviewing him for a biography published last year.

Keating confirmed that Turnbull asked him about becoming a Labor MP. ‘He obviously had a friendly attitude towards the Labor Party as it was currently then confected and operating,’ Keating recalled. ‘So I suspect, not unnaturally, he thought that this might at least provide an option for him.’”

23rd January, 2017 – Turnbull appoints Audrey Zibelman to be the CEO of the Australian Energy Markey Operator (AEMO). She is an American from the Democratic Party (the left-wing party in the U.S.) who worked for the leftist New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and was a candidate to become US energy secretary had Hillary Clinton won last year’s presidential elections.

28th January, 2017 – It is reported that the federal bureaucracy, under Turnbull, has increased by 4,000 in the past year alone, adding 400 million dollars per year to the budget deficit. This is in addition to Turnbull’s record spending on private consultants. The previous Abbott Government had decreased the number of federal bureaucrats by 14,000.

28th January, 2017 – Ross Fitzgerald, Emeritus Professor in History and Politics at Griffith University, writes in The Spectator:

“Turnbull cited two justifications for his leadership coup: first, that Abbott had lost 30 Newspolls in a row; second, there was no consistent economic narrative.

But what happened? Turnbull was going to restrict negative gearing, and then he wasn’t; he was going to increase the GST take, and then he didn’t; his government was never going to increase superannuation tax, and then it did. He called an election over two industrial relations bills that had been defeated twice in the Senate, and then hardly mentioned them in the interminable federal election campaign. It’s no wonder that Turnbull lost 14 seats overall, and would have lost the election but for the Country Fire Authority issue in Victoria and the National Party running a successful ‘different-and-better’ grassroots campaign.”

31st January, 2017 – Turnbull sacks Warren Mundine from the Indigenous Advisory Council following Mundine’s criticism of his lack of interest in indigenous affairs. In November of 2016 Mundine had revealed that Turnbull had not contacted him, or returned his phone calls, since before the July 2016 federal election.

1st February, 2017 – After seven months of secrecy, Turnbull finally reveals he had to use 1.75 million dollars of his own money to fund his 2016 election campaign. This is because Turnbull’s leftist, Labor-lite policies drove away traditional supporters who would normally provide the lion’s share of donations and resources. This is concomitant with his renaming of the party to ‘The Turnbull coalition team’, highlighting his effective hijacking of the entire party.

7th February, 2017 – Senator Cory Bernardi defects from the Turnbull-led Liberal Party saying the party has strayed from its founding principles. Bernardi’s actions were completely legal, legitimate and logical. Nevertheless, with astonishing hypocrisy considering his own coup against an elected Prime Minister, Turnbull says Bernardi should resign from parliament and re-contest at the next election because he was elected as a Liberal senator.

Cartoonist Bill Leak points out the hypocrisy of Turnbull-supporting Liberals who say Bernardi is a traitor by highlighting the fact that Turnbull has hijacked the party and made it into something completely new:

7th February, 2017 – In a Sky News interview Andrew Hastie condemns the Turnbull Government’s ‘Renewable Energy Target’ (RET):

“Energy is dear to my heart. I spent the summer reading up on the RET. The RET is a silent carbon tax, and it basically transfers wealth from Australian families, and Australian businesses, to the pockets of the wind industry. It’s a cross-subsidy that’s just fleecing everyday Australians and providing money to the renewables industry, which is unreliable and costly.”

11th February, 2017 – Michael Davis writes in the The Spectator:

“Anyone who reads my articles here regularly will know I wrote the first post-spill pro-Turnbull Speccie article. And I wasn’t by any means the most prominent member of the ‘Tories for Turnbull’ brigade. Brilliant stalwarts like Miranda Devine still gab nostalgically about the Ides of September. I just don’t see how they can avoid the conclusion that we were catastrophically wrong.”

16th February, 2017 – It is reported that the Turnbull Government funded left-wing activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s tour of the Middle East and North Africa to promote her book.

18th February, 2017 – Economics commentator Alan Kohler reports that Turnbull’s NBN has resulted in 20 billion dollars of taxpayers money being wasted.

20th February, 2017 – Turnbull travels to Perth and sabotages the state Liberal Party’s re-election campaign by refusing Western Australia their rightful share of GST revenue. A WA Liberal later says the trip was a “disaster” and says the party wants Turnbull to stay away. According to AAP:

“Instead of helping him on Monday, Mr Turnbull threw the premier under a bus and all but walked away from a promise made the last time he was in WA to set a floor.”

Turnbull had previously agreed to establish a minimum in GST distribution for WA, and the WA Liberals were under the impression that this is what Turnbull was announcing.

24th February, 2017 – Michael Photios announces that he is standing down as the leader of the NSW Liberal Party’s left-wing faction (often misnomerically titled “moderate”), hence making a mockery of Turnbull’s previous statement that the Liberal Party is not run by factions.

26th February, 2017 – Newspoll shows that One Nation have gone from 1% to 10% of the primary vote in the space of only 8 months. Andrew Bolt highlights something very important about how leftist media propaganda works:

“Notice how the media Left is much less interested in bad polls like this than it was when Abbott was struggling? And that’s when Abbott was clearly a better fighter come election time.”

7th March, 2017 – Turnbull says emphasising inclusivity will combat terrorism.

9th March, 2017 – In an interview on Sydney radio, former Howard Government advisor Terry Barnes makes an important point about Malcolm Turnbull’s senate strategy:

“Don’t just do what you think might get through. Do exactly what you want to do, and if they block it, you make them responsible for it. That is what is missing.”

It is important to understand that Turnbull uses the excuse of the obstructive senate to sabotage conservative legislation he opposes anyway. This effectively means that the Liberal Party is adopting the legislative status quo, which provides cover for Labor to move even further to the left. This then moves the entire political centre-of-gravity (i.e. the Overton Window) to the left, which is exactly what Turnbull wants.

16th March, 2017 – It is revealed that the left-wing faction of the Liberal Party is plotting to remove Tony Abbott’s pre-selection. Turnbull mouthpiece Nikki Savva later boasts about this.

16th March, 2017 – Turnbull announces an expansion of the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme costing, he claims, $2 billion (there is no feasibility study). The announcement is designed to distract people from the dramatic closure of the Hazelwood power station in Victoria, which Turnbull refuses to prevent.

Snowy Hydro Chief Operating Officer, Roger Whitby would later say that the expansion would only be economically viable if coal-fired stations are phased out.

“Snowy 2 is a project assuming the world that most players accept, where coal-fired generation is ageing and retiring and there’s increasing penetration of intermittent renewable energy…Why this project wasn’t done in the past – in fact some of the early visions for this project were floated in 1966 – in that time new coal-fired plants were being added…clearly if we have a reversion essentially to the past, then of course under that scenario Snowy 2 is not viable”

By December 2017, after a feasibility study was complete, the estimated cost had tripled, to $6 billion, and in March 2018 another $6 billion is added to the cost after the Turnbull Government purchases the share of the Scheme owned by the state governments of NSW and Victoria. This takes the total cost to $12 billion, which is six times higher than Turnbull’s initial estimate of $2 billion.

17th March, 2017 – It is reported that the Turnbull Government has unleashed bullying tax-collectors to fund its profligacy. Grace Collier writes:

“Periodically, unsolicited emails from [Turnbull’s Minister for Revenue and Financial Services Kelly] O’Dwyer’s office land in my inbox. Mostly, they read like the ignorant rantings of a leftist student…When she is not dreaming up ways to destroy the superannuation system or attending high-level meetings about trolls on Twitter, the minister must spend her time thinking of ways to make life harder for small business owners.

In mid-January, O’Dywer released a new draft amendment to our tax law — “Transparency of taxation debts”. This will authorise the Australian Taxation Office to disclose small business tax debts to credit reporting bureaus. This sounds harmless enough, except for the following information contained in a written submission opposing the amendment, written by “Self-Employed Australia”.

In the submission, SEA says the ATO can form an opinion that a person owes a tax debt, and that opinion is enough to make that debt real and collectable, even if the opinion is wrong. Then, it says, the ATO can inflate the original amount of the alleged debt by 90 per cent by imposing penalties and take action to collect the lot.

To collect the entire alleged debt, which, remember, is just an opinion formed by a public servant, plus penalties, the ATO can, says the SEA, without a warrant, raid a person’s home, garnishee a person’s bank account, sell a person’s house and send them into bankruptcy.”

23rd March, 2017 – Turnbull appoints his friend Justin Milne as Chairman and director of the ABC. Milne soon claims there is no left-wing bias at the organisation.

24th March, 2017 – Tony Abbott urges Turnbull to stop the closure of the Hazelwood coal-fired power station. Turnbull rejects it.

27th March, 2017 – Turnbull attempts to ram through an extradition treaty with China.

The Foreign Editor of The Australian, Greg Sheridan, wrote that the attempt to ratify the treaty “contradicts fundamental Liberal ­values” and “represents a failure in principle, as well as a failure in political and process management, on an epic scale”. Sheridan went on, saying:

“Surely the most objectionable element of the government’s ­arguments was to cite the situation of Australians who are now in Chinese custody. The government’s argument contradicts itself and making it publicly is one of the most irresponsible actions I have ever seen from an Australian government. If the Chinese government is going to mistreat Australian prisoners because Canberra does not ratify a treaty this is itself proof ­beyond question that the Chinese legal system is not independent or truly based on law.”

Tony Abbott opposed ratification when he was Prime Minister, and it should also be noted that even the Labor Party oppose ratification.

Senator Cory Bernardi said that the deceptive behaviour of the Turnbull Government suggests there was something more to it:

“…i’ve had a number of Coalition MPs and Senators come to me and say ‘thank you for doing this work. We didn’t even know this was happening.’… I raised this with Cabinet ministers yesterday and they said ‘Look. I’m sorry. I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about.’ So how does this get through Cabinet? How do the ministers not know anything about it?…And how does it not go to the party room? There are so many questions here about governance, and that’s what makes me think there is something tricky, something a bit sneaky about this deal, that the government doesn’t want us to find out.”

27th March, 2017 – It is revealed that Turnbull was privately lobbied to keep Hazelwood power station open by a number of cabinet ministers and MPs, but refused.

1st April, 2017 – Hazelwood power station is shut down. Electricity prices rises accelerate.

6th April, 2017– Writing in The Spectator magazine, Terry Barnes says Tony Nutt is wrongly being blamed for Turnbull’s election failure:

“[Nutt] is being made a scapegoat for the lacklustre and unimpressive election campaign of the prime minister himself…Last year’s near-defeat was a presidential campaign centred on Turnbull. It was badged the Turnbull team, not the Coalition government. It was Turnbull whose campaigning day mostly ended by lunchtime. It was Turnbull who was responsible for the policies – or rather near-total lack thereof – and approved the piss-weak Jobs and Growth slogan. It was Turnbull whose calling a double dissolution created a larger Senate crossbench, having just passed legislation that would have otherwise cleaned it out. It was Turnbull who wouldn’t get his hands dirty calling out Bill Shorten’s chequered union and political past aired in the Trade Union Royal Commission, inexplicably letting the Labor leader get off scot-free. Worst of all, it was Turnbull who failed to recognise Labor’s pernicious, deceitful Mediscare was not only biting with voters, but becoming an existential threat to the government…”

9th April, 2017 – Writing in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, Peta Credlin makes an excellent point about Turnbull’s willingness to use negative campaigning tactics against Tony Abbott, but not against Labor (at least until after his election disaster, when the backbench demanded it):

“…the gaffes and about-turns were nothing compared with the ­absence of a negative campaign. The brutal reality is that negative works and Turnbull’s reluctance to go negative always struck me as contradictory; after all, he had no compunction going negative to get the job in the first place.”

This contrast highlights the fact that Turnbull’s ideological goal is to destroy conservatives and conservatism, not Labor. The only contest he wants with Labor is on managerial competence.

10th April, 2017 – Reported Newspoll research shows that the Turnbull-led Liberals are rapidly losing voters over 50 years old, who make up the single largest voting demographic. This was completely predictable given Turnbull’s novelty-obsessed policy fetishes and accompanying campaign rhetoric, as well as his previous public statements denigrating older Australians (eg. calling Liberal Party members “geriatrics“).

10th April, 2017 – An internal Liberal Party review of their 2016 federal election performance finds that Turnbull’s “innovation” rhetoric, and his unwillingness to attack Labor, alienated voters in marginal seats. Furthermore:

“It also urges the Turnbull Government to respect the Liberal Party’s core supporters, amid concerns they deserted the Party in droves, refusing to man polling booths or donate to the party, furious with the Government’s proposed superannuation changes.”

10th April, 2017 – Turnbull’s fake conversion to Catholicism, which i’ve previously documented, is further exposed on a trip to India. He visits the Akshardham Hindu temple in Delhi with the Indian Prime Minister and engages in Hindu acts of worship.

Turnbull pours water on a pagan idol in a Hindu act of worship.

20th April, 2017 – Dubious polling data is leaked to a left-wing journalist at the Financial Review newspaper in an apparent attempt to discredit Tony Abbott. The polling laughably suggested that Abbott might lose his seat to independent candidate James Mathison “in a landslide”. It was accompanied by commentary from anonymous “NSW party powerbrokers” claiming that Abbott was only saved by a decision of Turnbull to pump resources into the seat, including enlisting 2GB radio hosts Ray Hadley and Alan Jones to agitate against the other candidates. The front-page headline read “Revealed: How Turnbull saved Abbott’s skin“.

Ray Hadley responded saying:

“No one from the Liberal Party approached me. No one spoke to me. It’s the greatest load of crap i’ve ever heard. And it’s been planted by Malcolm Turnbull in order to discredit Tony Abbott.”

Alan Jones responded saying:

“Put simply, in order to damage Abbott, someone from Turnbull’s office, or the Liberal Party, has leaked alleged polling in Tony Abbott’s seat before the last election…The story said he risked losing in a landslide. It’s laughable. Absolutely laughable….Abbott won 62% of the two-party preferred, about the vote he always gets. But we’re meant to believe that the Turnbull robocalls turned a 31%, in this fake poll, into a 51% primary vote in the election proper. Well, as one of my listeners said early this morning: “If Turnbull’s use of robocalls successfully rescued Tony Abbott at the last election, how come he didn’t he deploy the technology more broadly and take the Liberals to better than a one seat win on the edge of the abyss….This stuff is laughable. This is all designed to damage Abbott.”

25th April, 2017 – On ANZAC Day, for the 75th anniversary of the Kokoda Track Campaign, the Turnbull Government refused to organise or provide funds for even a single veteran to be in attendance for the ceremony at the site in Papua New Guinea. Even leftist Labor Prime Ministers like Julia Gillard have done better on this issue.

26th April, 2017 – The ABC, under Turnbull’s newly appointed Chairman Justine Milne, stands by its presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied after she used ANZAC Day to post the following message on social media:

Magied was actually a member of a federal government-appointed group called the ‘ANZAC Centenary Commemoration Youth Working Group‘.

27th April, 2017 – It is reported that Geoffrey Greene, a former Liberal Party state director in both South Australia and Queensland, and one of the architects of John Howard’s 1996 election win, made the following comments about Turnbull:

“The Turnbull Government is at war with the people. This is a government which hates their own constituents. The Liberal Party has lost touch with what it stands for and will be decimated unless it changes tack… The Turnbull Government has attacked every core constituency, small business, superannuants, pensioners, families with children, all because they have a budget that is out of control.

1st May, 2017 – After duly inviting a Taiwanese delegation to attend an intergovernmental meeting in Perth, the Turnbull Government kicks them out of the meeting upon conniption fits from Communist Chinese delegates at the beginning of the meeting, which interrupted speakers.

“It was disgusting…It was extraordinary, so uncalled for and so inappropriate, and so disrespectful.” said one high-level Australian attendee.

2nd May, 2017 – Turnbull adopts Labor’s school funding policy (throwing an extra $20 billion at the problem) and in some ways makes it even worse. He also appoints his personal friend, Point Piper neighbour, and ideological fellow-traveller, David Gonski, to chair a review into “the best ways to leverage school funding to improve the education of all students” which Turnbull dubs “Gonski 2.0”.

David Gonski is Labor’s preferred option for advice on the education sector. In April 2010 Julia Gillard, then Education Minister in the Rudd Government, appointed Gonski to chair a committee that would make recommendations on education funding. Those recommendations, delivered in November 2011, became known as Labor’s ‘Gonski Report’.

In 2014 though, David Gonski publicly admitted he is not an expert on education:

“Ours was a funding review…Our terms of reference were not to work out how best to deliver education or indeed educational outcomes but how to fund it. If it had been the former, a businessperson like me would not have been the best choice to chair it.’’

Astonishingly, despite this new “Gonski 2.0” review not being due until the end of the year, Turnbull nevertheless simultaneously announces exactly how much will be spent on school funding, and exactly how much each school will get. So Gonski’s new review is purely for the purpose of working out how best to spend money already allocated, at the school level, to achieve the best outcomes. This is precisely the expertise that David Gonski himself admits he doesn’t have.

9th May, 2017 – The Turnbull Government’s budget includes:

  • Increased spending on the bloated education sector (which has resulted in worsening outcomes because most of it goes to pay rises for poorly performing teachers. The worse they perform, the more money they get. This is what Turnbull and Labor call “needs-based” funding)
  • Increase in personal income taxes via medicare levy & bracket creep
  • Record debt and spending
  • Throwing money at white elephant infrastructure projects

Some reactions from journalists and commentators:

Terry McCrann: “It is not a budget from a Liberal treasurer.”

Phil Coorey: “This budget is hard to critique from a Labor, Green…point of view.”

Judith Sloan: “It is based on big new revenue measures and big new spending initiatives…”

Peta Credlin: “Last night, the Howard-Costello era ended.”

John Roskam: “…this is a Labor budget delivered by a Coalition government…”

Laura Tingle: “…a budget that Labor could only dream of bringing to the parliament…”

Paul Kelly: “At last the true nature of the Turnbull Government is revealed — it has stolen Labor’s popular agenda”

11th May, 2017 – Former Prime Minister John Howard says the energy crisis is a “scandalous policy failure of the first order” and adds that the renewable energy target should never have been lifted above 2 per cent.

“It will be a policy scandal of the first order if those sorts of restrictions and the absolutely overzealous growth of renewable energy targets … leads to massive increases in the cost of energy in different parts of the country…”

18th May, 2017 –  In a speech to the Transport Workers Union National Council in Fremantle, Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese (leader of Socialist Left faction) says:

“Budget 2017 was an overwhelming victory for the Australian Labor Party and the broader labour movement. It was the Budget of ideological surrender. After years of negativity and culture wars, the Coalition used the Budget to offload much of its ideological baggage and embrace Labor values on some core issues…”

23rd May, 2017 – Turnbull celebrates the 20th anniversary of the ‘Bringing Them Home‘ report which falsely accuses Australia of “genocide” and a “crime against humanity”.

27th May, 2017 – It is reported that former Prime Minister John Howard opposes several Turnbull policies, including the superannuation changes, the bank levy, and changes to school funding (which include cutting funding to Catholic schools).

Howard also said Menzies identified the “natural base” of the Liberal Party as middle-class, small-business operators, and family-centric home owners. It should be noted that this is precisely the constituency that elitist ‘progressives’ like Turnbull want to whittle down and crush.

30th May, 2017 – The Turnbull Government refuses to list Hizb ut-Tahrir as a terrorist organisation.

9th June, 2017 – The final report of the Finkel Review is delivered to the government. Adopting its recommendations would be a massive move to the left for Coalition policy. Turnbull says “we’ll look at it very favourably“.

This outcome was deliberately predetermined by Turnbull in his appointment of Finkel to control the review in October 2016. It was designed to destroy the Coalition’s political advantage over Labor on global warming and pressure the backbench into pushing the Coalition’s policy further to the left. The backbench would now be under pressure to adopt the recommendations or else be attacked by Labor for “rejecting their own review”.

If the Coalition adopt the Finkel review’s recommendations, then Labor have the necessary cover to move their policy even further to the left (thus shifting the entire debate to the left), or, if they feel that the political situation won’t allow that, they can simply adopt the Finkel recommendations themselves (which are far enough to the left to at least temporarily satisfy them), and negate any policy difference, making a Labor victory more likely.

Turnbull is trying to prevent situations arising where the Coalition could take political advantage on an issue by adopting more conservative policies because he wants policy to move further and further left. He therefore moves to protect a left-lurching-Labor party by putting the Coalition into a position where they cannot ‘wash their hands’ of the issue and engage in a simple, potent political attack on Labor.

10th June, 2017 – In an interview with Jim Middleton on Sky News, Liberal MP Craig Kelly makes comment on the Finkel review, highlighting some of its attempts to mislead and deceive:

Jim Middleton: Alan Finkel is arguing that the modelling he has done would suggest that with his Clean Energy Target electricity prices in Australia could fall by $90/year/household. That’s a pretty attractive proposition, is it not?

Craig Kelly: A couple of things on that Jim, firstly, the target that he is talking about is a 42% renewable energy target, effectively. Now that is even further to the left than what Daniel Andrews is proposing for Victoria, where he is proposing a 40% renewable energy target. The second point to make is that the report actually starts out with electricity prices in this country at $300/MWh for consumers. So that equates to 30c/KWh. Now, in NSW we’re down in the low 20s, so the starting point he’s talking about is something like 40% higher than we already are. So the 10% off that in 10 years, even if the modelling is right, still is substantially higher than we already are here in NSW, and would effectively lock in some of the world’s highest electricity prices for Australian consumers over the next decade and a half at least.

Indeed, in a 2010 interview on the ABC’s Four Corners program, Turnbull publicly admitted that cutting carbon dioxide emissions means higher electricity prices:

“If you say we are going to cut our carbon emissions but we’re not going to put up electricity prices, we’re not going to have a tax, we’re not going to have an ETS, it isn’t going to cost anybody anything, that is, as Ross Garnaut said yesterday, delusional.”

12th June, 2017 – According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

“The 2017 Queen’s Birthday honours list is the most progressive in Australian history with the top award going to advocates of climate change, same sex-marriage…”

The panel that chooses the recipients of awards (Council for the Order of Australia) is largely chosen by the Prime Minister.

14th June, 2017 – The Turnbull Government agrees to pay $70 million to immigration detainees who were held on Manus Island and Nauru between 2012 and 2014, providing yet another incentive for people smugglers.

Air Vice-Marshal and Operation Sovereign Borders Commander Stephen Osborne later says that this payout did, in fact, stimulate increased discussion and activity among people smugglers.

16th June, 2017 – It is reported that Malcolm Turnbull told former NSW state Labor minister Carl Scully that he only joined the Liberal Party because his business background precluded the possibility of advancement within the Labor Party. The conversation is said to have occurred shortly after Turnbull joined the Liberal Party (which was in December 2000), at a Sydney harbourside function.

Scully says Turnbull also told him the reason he didn’t enter state politics was due to his friendship with former NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr. Scully says he was “simply astonished” that Turnbull had “no stated philosophical commitment to the Liberal Party” and was “quite prepared to leave its political opponents in power, rather than take the reins of government away from a personal friend”.

20th June, 2017 – The Turnbull Government announces their appointment of Rosalind Croucher to replace Gillian Triggs as President of the Human Rights Commission. Her 7-year term is to begin on the 30th of July.

Croucher is touted as an improvement on Gillian Triggs but in July 2018 it was revealed she had ordered a company to pay $2,500 “compensation” to a man they refused to hire after discovering he had convictions for child pornography. Croucher also ordered the company to re-educate staff on the matter.

23rd June, 2017 – Turnbull’s “Gonski 2.0” legislation passes parliament. It increases overall spending on the bloated public education sector, whilst cutting the partial funding provided to Catholic schools.

Bill Shorten’s policy is to maintain Catholic school funding, which puts Turnbull to the left of Labor on that issue. In fact, Turnbull’s position is very close to that of the Greens, who were going to vote for Turnbull’s “Gonski 2.0” but withdrew support after they knew it would pass anyway. This was due to internal pressure from the watermelon faction of Lee Rihannon, who won’t accept anything short of outright communism.

23rd June, 2017 – The Liberal Party’s left-faction (to which Turnbull belongs) holds a private function at the Cherry Bar in Sydney’s Star Casino. There Christopher Pyne boasts about the left-faction’s dominance under Turnbull’s leadership, and how he and George Brandis were always working behind-the-scenes to get Malcolm Turnbull into the Prime Ministership:

“Two years ago … Malcolm Turnbull was the communications minister and now he’s the Prime Minister…I would say that our fortunes are pretty good at the moment. And most of your senior cabinet ministers — George Brandis, Marise Payne, yours truly — quite a few of us are very senior cabinet ministers in a Turnbull government. Now there was a time when people said it wouldn’t happen, but George (Brandis) and I kept the faith. We voted for Malcolm Turnbull in every ballot he’s ever been in.”

He also reveals that the faction is working to push through same-sex “marriage” without a vote of the Australian people :

“Friends, we are in the winners’ circle but we have to deliver a couple of things and one of those we’ve got to deliver before too long is marriage equality in this country…We’re going to get it. I think it might even be sooner than everyone thinks. And your friends in Canberra are working on that outcome.”

A tape recording of Pyne is soon leaked and made public.

Former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman later said:

“…i’ve also talked to two people who were at this dinner…they were disgusted and they left the function. In fact, one of them said to me ‘I thought I was at a Labor Party function, the way people were carrying on and the things that were being said…”

26th June, 2017 – The Pyne recording is made public and Tony Abbott responds, in a radio interview, with the following statement:

“If you are a member of a cabinet, you’ve got to be loyal. Christopher Pyne was not just a member of my cabinet, he was actually in the leadership team, and it’s important that you show loyalty. But, if he’s to be believed on Friday night, that loyalty was never there, which is incredibly disappointing.”

Pyne appears on the ABC’s Q&A program this very night and, halfway through the program, after hearing Pyne talk for a while, fellow guest and British Labour Party bigwig Alastair Campbell says:

“This guy should be in the Labor Party, shouldn’t he?”

26th June, 2017 – Turnbull’s own former chief-of-staff, Chris Kenny, says Turnbull is taking the party to the left in a whole range of policy areas:

“…he has gradually shifted closer to Labor on education, health, climate, energy, gay marriage and even fiscal management. The product differentiation between the major parties has been whittled away. “

26th June, 2017 – Senator Cory Bernardi reveals the Turnbull Government agenda, as told to him by a senior Liberal:

“A senior Liberal said to me today, they’re on an agenda to nullify or negate the policy differences between the Labor party and the Liberal party, and reduce it to a personality contest between Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull.”

26th June, 2017 – It is reported that left-faction Liberal MPs are, in fact, secretly working on a plan to pass same-sex so-called “marriage” without a people’s vote, thus confirming suspicions about what Christopher Pyne meant by “sooner than you think”.

27th June, 2017 – Turnbull participates in a scheme to get Muhammadan AFL player Bachar Houli a reduced sentence for deliberately elbowing another player in the head (there was no ambiguity). Turnbull provided a glowing character reference for Houli. The ruling was unprecedented, with Houli’s sentence reduced from four matches to two matches (a decision later overruled following public outrage).

Just a week later Houli was vigorously defending Ali Fahour, the AFL’s “diversity manager”, after Fahour brutally punched a man unconscious during a suburban football game. The victim, Dale Saddington, was forced to retire from playing football upon doctor’s advice. Fahour was sacked from his job with the AFL, and banned from playing football for life.

From right to left: Malcolm Turnbull, Bachar Houli & Ali Fahour


27th June, 2017 – Tony Abbott makes a crucial point about the leftist strategy being employed by Turnbull to move the entire political spectrum (aka. ‘Overton Window‘) to the left:

“The risk with compromises designed to end policy “wars” is that the war doesn’t actually end, the battleground just shifts; and in the meantime, principles have become negotiable, and the whole political spectrum has moved in the wrong direction.”

29th June, 2017 – In an interview on ABC radio, former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says:

“The problem is that the Liberal Party and Coalition government we have are not an authentic Coalition government. They’re not an authentic Liberal Party. And let me give you some examples: We’ve just seen a high-taxing, high-spending budget. We’ve seen them raid superannuation savings of their key support group…They continue to allow red tape to proliferate, which impacts on small business. I could go on and on and on…He’s taken the party not to the centre, but to the left.”

29th June, 2017 – The Australian newspaper columnist Greg Sheridan condemns Turnbull’s ‘Gonski 2.0’ education policy (which increases spending by 23.5 billion dollars and further centralises power in Canberra):

“Every so often a single policy episode illustrates the decline of a nation or at least its public policy culture. Gonski 2.0 is such a case.

It deserves a place on university courses for study of the worst possible policy produced by the worst possible process. It also indicates the more or less complete political bankruptcy of the federal Liberal Party, its comprehensive capitulation to Labor in political ideas.

…the Liberals’ basic policy is to do whatever Labor was going to do, but a billion or two less, thereby claiming a faux fiscal responsibility.”

Sheridan also highlights Turnbull’s long-held conviction that there should be no essential difference in philosophy between Liberal and Labor, and elections should be fought solely on managerial competence in implementation of policy, rather than policy difference:

“Under the new paradigm the Liberals apparently will make their pitch the narrowest, most bloodless and forlorn managerialism: we will implement Labor’s policies slightly less expensively, and perhaps more competently.”

30th June, 2017 – John Roskam, executive director of the Institute of Public Affairs, says the Turnbull-led Liberal Party is Labor-lite:

“What the Liberal Party faces is verging on an existential crisis. How this resolves itself, no-one knows…When the Liberal Party raises taxes, increases government spending, imposes extra regulations and red tape and does not stand up on key cultural questions – you must ask the question: is the Liberal Party as we’ve known it since the 1940s exhausted?”

“There is a crisis of conservatism facing the Liberal Party because, if the Coalition is defeated at the next election, there is no legacy from over the past five years on which they can rebuild…This looms as an existential challenge for the Liberal Party given its embrace of Labor-lite policies and a serious fracturing on the conservative side of politics. The Liberal Party will be forced to reassess its fundamental values and political strategy if it is to remain competitive into the future.”

Roskam described Turnbull’s Gonski 2.0 policy as: “a complete capitulation to the left“.

1st July, 2017 – Turnbull has massively increased immigration. In the 2016-17 financial year, Turnbull allowed 245,400 net arrivals, which was a 27% increase on the previous year. The last time the number was that high was under Labor.

1st July, 2017 – Turnbull says “This is a time for builders, not wreckers” in what is perceived as an attack on Tony Abbott. But clearly Turnbull felt it was time for wreckers when he was constantly undermining and wrecking Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministership. Furthermore, Turnbull is overseeing the wrecking of coal-fired power stations like the Northern power station in South Australia, the Hazelwood power station in Victoria, and the Liddell power station in NSW, resulting in sky-rocketing electricity prices.

2nd July, 2017 – On the Sky News program ‘Outsiders’, Dr Judith Sloan exposes the deception that left-wing bureaucrats, allied with Turnbull, engaged in with their advice to Tony Abbott on energy prices:

“Politicians have got alot on their plates. You can’t expect them to be technical experts…when the RET, the Renewable Energy Target, was renegotiated by [the Abbott government]…they were told by the bureaucrats and the experts at the time that wholesale electricity prices would go down…and they’ve basically increased between double and triple.”

2nd July, 2017 – Turnbull makes an implicit threat to quit parliament if he is removed as Prime Minister, thus putting the Liberal-National majority at risk because Wentworth is not a safe seat.

Professor Ross Fitzgerald later writes:

“For many Liberals, Turnbull’s statement on the weekend that he’d leave the parliament the moment he lost the prime ministership was confirmation that he has no real commitment to the party he leads. It was really a veiled threat: keep me or you’ll face a by-election that could cost you government. For a few months, it might keep cowed politicians who live for ministerial perks, but it will reinforce the remaining party loyalists’ fear that the current leader is an imposter.”

2nd July, 2017 – Leftist Sydney Morning Herald columnist Mark Kenny wants Turnbull to survive.

3rd July, 2017 – A member of the NSW Liberal Party, Carolyn Reid, writes in The Australian newspaper:

“As a party, we are supposed to be committed to small, lean government and low taxes, we are supposed to encourage the lifters, minimise red tape and defend freedom of speech.

Instead I see record spending, an out-of-control federal budget, exploding debt and, shamefully, I see continuing empowerment of institutions that bully us and limit our liberties.

We appear to have completely abandoned our party’s values and beliefs — in fact, we seem to have adopted most of Labor’s ­expensive and unsustainable socialist policies.

Our party now appears to be running on a “unity” ticket — with Labor. We are often referred to as a broad church. Well, we are getting a bit too broad for my liking.”

3rd July, 2017 – Institute of Public Affairs Executive Director, and 25-year Liberal Party member, John Roskam, says:

“There’s never been a bigger difference between the Liberal Party membership and the MPs representing them.”

4th July, 2017 – The Australian newspaper’s columnist Jennifer Oriel, speaking on Sydney radio, says Turnbull sounds like Barack Obama on economics:

“The language is exactly the same as that you find in Obama’s early campaign material. And so we have here a government that says it’s liberal but is adopting the ideas of a left-wing American president…They’re betraying the principles of the party. So they’re not governing for the party. They’re not governing for the people. Who are they governing for?”

Oriel also says that the Liberal Party’s left faction is running the country:

“It now appears that that left faction, the black hand faction…is really running the country.”

5th July, 2017 – It is reported that the government plans to raise personal income tax rates from an average of 22.7% to 25.9% via the underhanded tactic of bracket creep.

8th July, 2017 – Turnbull heaps sycophantic praise upon leftist French President Emmanuel Macron:

“I want to finally say, Mr President, the discussions that we’ve had, both in Hamburg and on the way from Hamburg here to Paris, have indicated, demonstrated how what a remarkable intellect you bring to the leadership of France at this time. You are the youngest President in the history of the Republic but you bring with that, Sir, an intellect and an experience and a vision and an ability to dream far beyond the challenges of today…”

Turnbull made this statement on the very same day Macron made a speech blaming carbon dioxide emissions for terrorism. The following is an English translation of the relevant part of that speech (the full, official French transcript is here):

“I have tried to explain it to some: we can not pretend to fight terrorism effectively if we do not have a decisive action against climate warming or we will have to explain to people living in Chad, Niger and others that climate is not a problem. Today, terrorism, the great imbalances in our world, what we are living is linked to the climate imbalance that has generated our international productive mode. So we have to respond because everything is linked and if we want to address the issues of Africa, development, industry and climate separately, I think it does not make sense. Since this agenda is linked, our responsibility is to keep all these commitments in a coherent manner.”

In contrast to Turnbull, former Prime Minister John Howard, in a later interview, condemned Macron for this statement, and said he needed to “earn a few stripes” before criticising Trump, as Macron has been doing with great frequency.

To see a video of this rather sickening display of mutual infatuation, click on the image.

9th July, 2017 – Turnbull again praises Macron:

“He is of course the youngest President of the French Republic. He’s come through the centre of politics. You could say he stands in the sensible centre of French politics and has won a remarkable victory, both in the Presidential election and of course in the parliamentary elections just concluded…he is a remarkable leader…”

The ABC’s Chris Uhlmann provided further details on Turnbull’s view of Macron:

“The Prime Minister and the President clearly hit it off, you know. And Malcolm Turnbull was saying that he felt extremely comfortable in his presence. I think he was very impressed by the young president. He sees something of the young Napoleon Bonaparte in him. So I think between those two there is something of a bromance that sparked very quickly.”

Commentator Andrew Bolt said:

“You know what’s happened there, don’t you? Malcolm Turnbull has just fallen in love with his reflection. A man of the left claiming to be a centrist.”

9th July, 2017 – On Sky News’ ‘Outsiders’ program, Jennifer Oriel makes a crucial point about the left faction of the Liberal Party engaging in subversion, not just against Tony Abbott as an individual, but subversion against his policies:

“I’ve criticised Abbott’s performance on debt and so forth, but, I think, one of the things those Pyne revelations, it changes the landscape entirely, so then I started to think, well, ‘Who was giving advice to Abbott? Who were the ministers in charge of the worst performing portfolios?’ I mean, how much was subversion at play throughout the entire Prime Ministership?…It’s not just treachery…we now know there was subversion at the level of policy development…They wanted to create a new mandate that was taking the Liberal Party to the left, and so voted with their man against Abbott, subverting him the entire time…They wanted a left agenda.”

9th July, 2017 – It is revealed the Turnbull Government is sending 75 dollar energy assistance payments to people making over 200,000 dollars per year. You might remember the Rudd Labor Government, in a similar way, sent money to deceased people, prisoners, and expats.

10th July, 2017 – In order to hurt Tony Abbott politically, the Turnbull clique publicize an offer to make Tony Abbott High Commissioner in London. Turnbull is trying to give the public, and conservatives, the impression that there is a strong possibility Abbott would accept this cushy job, with a bloated salary of $300,000, that is notoriously appointed on a nepotistic basis. This is an attempt to make people think Abbott is engaged in a fraud when he claims he is on a principled mission to uphold conservative values in the Liberal Party because he can be bought off at the right price. When Abbott inevitably rejects the offer, the general public, who don’t know him well, might think that just means he has a higher price.

10th July, 2017 – It is reported that a prominent Liberal-National Party member has been banned from the party for a year due to his criticism of Turnbull on social media.

10th July, 2017 – In an interview on Sydney radio Senator Cory Bernardi says that the Turnbull Cabinet rejected new legislation, approved by the meat industry, that would fix the halal rort.

11th July, 2017 – Mark Latham reveals that Malcolm Turnbull has received the results from a large and comprehensive Australian government study of employment practices in the bureaucracy that shows there is actually a bias against white men, and in favour of racial minorities and women. Nevertheless Turnbull continues to pursue so-called ‘diversity’ ideology.

11th July, 2017 – Former Victorian Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett, speaking on Melbourne radio station 3AW, says the following about Liberal Party founder Robert Menzies:

“I don’t think he would’ve attacked his own, in changing the superannuation rules, that Peter Costello set up to give people certainty and to ensure as many as possible would not become reliant on government welfare as they went through the latter years of their life…There are things we’ve been doing lately, that i’m sure neither Menzies nor Howard would’ve ever done…”

On Tony Abbott, Kennett said:

“When Tony Abbott won the election, years ago, he put Malcolm Turnbull into his cabinet, even though he and Malcolm had differences. When Malcolm won he didn’t put Tony Abbott into his ministry and hence we’ve had this continual butting of heads ever since.”

12th July, 2017 – The Australian Automobile Association warns that the Turnbull Government is conspiring to increase the cost of the average family car by as much as $5,000 by either forcing car distributors to restrict their sales to more expensive cars that have high fuel efficiency or, if they want to sell normal cars, force them to pay a carbon tax that would ultimately flow through to the consumer.

Australian Automobile Association CEO Michael Bradley says:

“This would be one of the most extreme efficiency standards in the world and will lead to car prices going up and motorists having fewer cars to choose from,”

A statement on the relevant department’s website says there is a “commitment to harmonise with the vehicle standards developed by the United Nations…”.

At a press conference in London, Turnbull refuses to rule it out. His anger is visible. He clearly wanted to try and sneak this through.

12th July, 2017 – Even leftist journalist Laurie Oakes agrees that Turnbull’s statement about quitting parliament was a threat:

“Mr Turnbull…has said quite openly that is he loses the Prime Ministership he will leave the parliament, and given the party has only got a one seat majority that’s a fair old threat.”

12th July, 2017 – Liberal MP Craig Kelly says that government policies pushing wind and solar power are killing people who can’t afford to turn on the heater in winter. The Salvation Army agrees:

13th July, 2017 – In an interview with Paul Kelly, former Prime Minister John Howard contradicts Turnbull on a few points. Firstly, Howard says he is increasingly skeptical of the theory of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change:

“I have become increasingly more of a skeptic on climate change I have to confess that. I was never a paid up enthusiast,’’

He also contradicts Turnbull on whether classical liberalism and conservatism are the founding philosophies of the Liberal Party:

“The Liberal party, to me, has always been the custodian of two traditions in the Australian polity: the classical liberal tradition and the conservative tradition. And let me say to people in this country who regard themselves as conservative: you are always welcome in the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party and the National Party are the natural and most productive homes for conservatives in this country.”

In contrast to Turnbull’s fawning adulation, Howard condemned French President Emmanuel Macron for saying climate change causes terrorism, and also condemned his criticism of Trump.

15th July, 2017 – In an interview with The Australian newspaper, John Howard makes further implicit criticisms of Turnbull. Interviewer and columnist Janet Albrechtsen writes:

“Turnbull’s claim in London to wearing the freedom mantle is also a dubious one…where are the great freedom reforms under Turnbull? Not in the realm of free speech. Not in the workplace either. There’s no sign of a serious push against red tape and regulation. Slapping on new taxes, growing the size of government and ­bureaucracy is no sign of a freedom-loving prime minister. Many Turnbull government policies are more at home at an ALP partyroom meeting than a rousing Menzies address.”

15th July, 2017 – In order to keep his activities secret, Turnbull is using taxpayers’ money to fund legal action against freedom-of-information practices that have been standard for 35 years.

18th July, 2017 – It is revealed that the Turnbull Government will fund the Indonesian tourism industry to help create 10 new Balis.

18th July, 2017 – Turnbull makes a “captain’s call” to create a super-ministry of Home Affairs, thus breaking the commitment he made in his challenge speech. The move was opposed by the Australian Federal Police, ASIO and the overwhelming majority of cabinet ministers.

The Australian newspaper’s Greg Sheridan later writes:

“The decision by the Turnbull government to establish an omnibus, security-focused department of home affairs, with Peter Dutton leading the new ministry, changes the Prime Minister has ­described as the most important to the organisation of national ­security in 40 years, never once went to a full cabinet meeting for consideration.”

20th July, 2017 – Liberal policy advisor Terry Barnes makes comment on Turnbull’s policies:

“The policy direction of the federal Coalition, and the federal Liberal party, has drifted too much to the centre, and straight over that centre line to the left…”

20th July, 2017 – Kevin Rudd attacks Australia’s border protection regime put in place by Tony Abbott. Turnbull exposes his own weakness on border security in his unwillingness to publicly rebuke Rudd and his refusal to publicly attack Labor as untrustworthy on border protection.

Journalist Samantha Maiden is amazed that Turnbull didn’t call a press conference:


21st July, 2017 – An audio recording is released online of retired Major-General Jim Molan saying Turnbull doesn’t really support democratic reform of NSW Liberal Party pre-selections as he claims, and that Turnbull’s left faction will use tricks to attempt to block reform:

“The biggest problem we’re going to face…the way to destroy us is to confuse the issue beyond belief..If we’ve got the numbers we ask our people to vote ‘yes’ for the two Warringah motions and ‘no’ for every other motion and every other amendment…People will try the obvious tricky things. The first thing they’ll try is that the state executive on Friday night will suspend standing orders or bring in a motion or there will be a compromise on this or a compromise on that, backed by the Prime Minister and the Premier…they don’t want change…”

“One faction also, at the moment it happens to be the left faction, it seems to be supported by lobbyists. I know that from first principles because when I did my pre-selection, who should appear in the room, and proxied out two delegates…Photios and Campbell, the heads of the two major lobbyist firms… To say that that has any aspect of fairness, to say that we accept a process like that, is a real blight on what this party should stand for. And the fact that the Prime Minister and the Premier don’t step in and stop this is appalling. We’ve got a saying in the military: ‘the conduct you walk past is the conduct that you condone’. If you walk past abuse of the constitution then you are as much to blame as those doing the abusing.”

22nd July, 2017 – An article in The Spectator magazine about Turnbull’s strategy of hiding his leftist ideology behind a claimed “pragmatism” and “centrism” makes the following very important point:

“It was quite striking that the only conservative achievement of this government was framed by Turnbull in left wing terms: border security is good because it helps to win public support for multiculturalism.”

It should also be noted that, when Tony Abbott was leader Turnbull referred to the border protection policy as “harsh” and “cruel“.

22nd July, 2017 – Peter Hartcher, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, says that Turnbull’s vociferous public displays in favour of democratic reform of the NSW Liberal Party are all an act designed to deceive, whilst his left-wing faction allies work behind-the-scenes to destroy the reform push:

“The Left faction’s lock on power in NSW has almost entirely shut out ordinary members… Turnbull would not be unhappy to see the reform motions die, because it would preserve his group’s control of the NSW party, but he cannot say so openly.”

He also says that Turnbull’s stated electoral strategy of moving further and further to the left (or as Turnbull calls it, the “centre”) to switch Labor voters to Liberal is a failure:

“So how can the Coalition raise its primary share of the vote to winning levels? One option is the one represented by Abbott. He and his acolytes argue that, if he is restored as leader, he will appeal to Hanson’s voters with an authentically right-wing appeal, with policies such as his proposals to cut the immigration intake and have the federal government build coal-fired power plants.

The other option is the one represented by Turnbull. By moving to the “sensible centre” on policies such as schools funding and health care as he did at the May budget, he will win votes at the centre of the spectrum, votes that otherwise would go to Labor. The problem with this scenario is that, so far, there’s no sign that it’s actually working. The polls have remained unmoved.”

And what is Labor’s response to Turnbull moving closer and closer to their position (and in some cases even outflanking them to the left)?

“On Friday the Labor leader signaled that, while Turnbull might have moved to the left to try to seize the “sensible centre”, Labor will move yet further left.”

Thus Turnbull is moving the entire political centre-of-gravity (aka. the ‘Overton Window’) to the left, which is exactly his goal (especially in particular areas, for e.g. global warming and social issues).

23rd July, 2017 – Turnbull’s rhetoric about supporting NSW Liberal Party pre-selection reform is shown to be fraudulent by his opposition to the Waringah motion (the only genuine reform motion on offer – the others being stalling/sabotage attempts) and his failure to show up to the vote.

Instead, in another ‘captain’s call‘ he conspires with Bill Shorten to implement four-year fixed parliamentary terms to reduce the influence of the electorate.

Sky News host Chris Kenny later had some pertinent comments on the matter:

“We have field evidence on this. We have all the evidence we need…Over the past few decades most of our states have gone from 3-year terms to 4-year terms…In most of those states, almost as soon as they got 4-year terms, the governments got worse…4-year terms are an abomination…This is a joke, and Malcolm Turnbull should have called it out as a joke and attacked it straight away instead of entertaining this idea for 1 second.”

25th July, 2017 – The Daily Telegraph reports that 68,400 homes across NSW can’t afford their electricity bills and are at risk of having their supply cut off. Furthermore, in order to make their electricity bills affordable, 77% of low-income NSW households are forced to go without heating and 33% are forced to stop using hot water.

Liberal MP Craig Kelly comments:

“We have a national emergency. Using World Health Organisation data, an estimated 2,000 Australians will die this winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes.”

This situation is the result of Turnbull’s policies on global warming.

25th July, 2017 – It is reported that Turnbull’s cabinet is dominated by inner-city MPs:

“The federal government is dominated by inner-city Liberal elites. Even though only 31 per cent of Liberal MPs come from inner-metropolitan seats (as categorised by the AEC), they occupy 76 per cent of Liberal Cabinet spots. Outer-suburban and regional Liberals (62 per cent of the party room) are hopelessly under-represented (with just 18 per cent of Cabinet).

The result is a left-leaning administration, where the likes of Julie Bishop, Christopher Pyne and Simon Birmingham embrace identity politics and PC-social engineering, no less than Labor.”

26th July, 2017 – Howard-era Treasurer Peter Costello (implicitly) criticises Turnbull’s massive spending and debt accumulation. The following exchange is from an interview on Sydney radio station 2GB:

Ross Greenwood (Host): As a former and successful Treasurer what is the recipe to try and get the Australian economy moving again?

Peter Costello: “I do think the government has got to work on balancing the budget and reducing debt…You’ve got to bear in mind that we’ve had eight deficits in a row. The government is forecasting another two or three. That’s a decade of deficit. You can’t go on spending money you don’t have forever…The one thing I would say that we never seem to focus on these days in Australia, it seems to have gone off the agenda, is making the economy more productive…What i’d like to see is a bit more enterprise and a bit more reform on the supply side of the economy which would get things firing up a bit. That’s the area i’d be looking at..

Ross Greenwood (Host): Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey had what would be called a contractionary budget that tried to cut spending. They were not able to get that through a hostile senate. You’ve had that basically thrown out in terms of policy in the last budget and so Scott Morrison and Malcolm Turnbull come out with a budget that seems to be more of a spending budget…which of those strategies is right do you believe?

Peter Costello: My own view is that we have to get spending in Australia under 25% of GDP…You can’t balance a budget if it’s above that…When I left office we had it down to 23%…There’s two ways to do that. One is you can reduce expenditure aggressively, and I do think we’ve got to work on expenditures, the other is you could grow the economy…You’ve got to work on both of those angles I think. We can’t give up. This level of spending we’ve got at the moment Ross, was the level of spending that Rudd said we needed as an emergency response to the financial crisis in 2008. So we went into emergency spending in 2008. We’ve hardly come out…Are we still in the emergency 10 years later? This sort of stuff gets locked in… “

Ross Greenwood: This is part of the philosophical battle that goes on between Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull…

27th July, 2017 – According to Turnbull’s Defence Personnel Minister, the Turnbull Government is open to a doing a peace deal with the Taliban.

28th July, 2017 – The Australian newspaper’s Troy Bramston, in an interview with Alan Jones, exposes Turnbull’s lack of willingness to attack Labor, saying:

“I don’t think there has been any effective political scrutiny placed on Bill Shorten in recent years.”

He also explains how the Labor Party is moving even further to the left, with their Marxist class warfare rhetoric, among other things. This is something they are able to do because Turnbull has provided them political cover. Alan Jones makes the point:

“There is no risk in [Labor] saying this because the prosecution of the other case by Turnbull and Morrison is almost non-existent, and if its existent its ineffective.”

Bramston expands:

“The Labor party is seeing the Liberal Party moving more towards their direction on a whole range of economic and social policies, so what’s Labor doing…? They’re moving further to the left.”

So you can see how, by dragging the Liberal Party to the left, Turnbull is able to move the entire political centre-of-gravity further to the left. This is why it benefits leftists to infiltrate the Liberal Party, even if they can’t openly pursue their full-blown agenda within that party. It helps the leftist cause overall if the Liberal Party moves, as far as it will tolerate, further to the left. This is exactly what Turnbull is doing.

Bramston also says the following with regard to education policy:

“Labor has won that debate on education policy because Malcolm Turnbull adopted Labor’s policy…the Gonski school education reforms. So there’s no division there. There’s no political battle-line there to be fought. It’s basically arguing over how you implement Labor policy.”

30th July, 2017 – It is reported that Turnbull’s NBN is forcing Australians living in Sydney’s Elan tower to use inferior internet infrastructure with slower speeds, when they have already paid for a superior system.

1st August, 2017 – After four months of being in operation, Turnbull’s much-hyped ‘Prepare, Trial, Hire’ program (also known as ‘PaTH’), which he said would give “up to 120,000” young people a job, has delivered just 200 jobs. That’s a rate of 50 jobs per month. At that rate it would take a further 200 years to achieve 120,000 jobs.

8th August, 2017 – It is reported that, under Turnbull’s leadership, the Liberal Party has achieved a record for sustained low primary vote support:

“Since February, the Coalition’s primary vote has been over 36 per cent just once, 37 per cent in March, and below it three times…the Turnbull government has already racked up the most sustained run of poor primary vote results for the Coalition in Newspoll history.”

16th August, 2017 – Turnbull gives a speech in the House of Representatives which, although ostensibly supporting Australia Day remaining on the 26th of January, does so wholly on a left-wing basis. The speech gives the impression that the existence of multiculturalism in Australia is the only justification for celebrating on the 26th of January, and that modern multiculturalism is a kind of redemption for what Turnbull calls the “tragic” European settlement of this continent.

It is a cunningly deceptive speech that actually undermines what it purports to support, and is completely consistent with Turnbull’s previous comments in which he has attacked European colonisation of the Australian continent.

The truth is that, before European colonisation, infanticide, cannibalism, child marriage, polygamy and savage inter-tribal warfare were rampant on this continent. Life was brutish and short. Colonisation was the beginning of an immeasurable improvement.

18th August, 2017 – Turnbull gives a press conference on the Barcelona attacks, in which 13 people were murdered by a Muhammadan. Turnbull says:

“Our best allies, our indispensable allies, in the battle against Islamist extremism, against Islamist terrorism, is the Muslim community.”

6th September, 2017 – In a speech in the House of Representatives, Liberal-National Party MP George Christensen says the Turnbull Government is supporting leftist gender theory:

“One collection of activist groups have made a declaration that not only calls for same-sex marriage but refers to gender classification as structural violence, and calls for it to be removed from birth certificates and identification documents. It’s already removed here in Canberra, in the ACT. Our children are being taught in school that gender is not determined by biology but by a feeling. Even our government, this Australian government’s guidelines on the recognition of sex and gender says gender refers to the way a person feels.”

12th September, 2017 – The postal survey on marriage begins.

I will soon be releasing an article titled ‘5 ways the Turnbull Government rigged the “gay marriage” survey‘. Please stay tuned.

14th September, 2017 – Turnbull quietly pushes through legislation titled ‘Products Emissions Standards Bill 2017‘. Senator Cory Bernardi calls it a ‘carbon tax by stealth’ that will apply to a wide variety of items including lawn mowers, whipper-snippers, leaf-blowers, outboard motors, farm tractors, quad bikes or any off-road vehicle. It was sold under the guise of preventing “air pollution”.

Bernardi also points out that this legislation could be used to introduce a carbon tax on cars, which Turnbull clearly wants but couldn’t get through the party-room:

“This, of course, is a regime that opens up the ability for the government, by regulation…to expand this to a whole range of other items…The regulations within this bill, the regime in which this bill is created, allows for the extension to motor vehicles.”

By passing a bill now with scope for regulatory expansion without the need for future parliamentary approval, whilst promising it is only for limited purposes, Turnbull is cunningly providing a future Labor Government with the means to pursue draconian carbon dioxide restrictions without passing new legislation, thus simultaneously dis-empowering the blocking votes of any potential conservative minor party balance-of-power.

15th September, 2017 – Gerard Henderson reports that the Turnbull Government has passed legislation that could mean taxpayer funding of left-wing publications like Crikey and The Saturday Paper, both of which are run by multi-millionaires.

“And now the Turnbull government proposes to subsidise Crikey (chairman Eric Beecher) and The Saturday Paper (proprietor Morry Schwartz), both left-wing publications. Sure, Messrs Beecher and Schwartz are some of the nicest millionaires that Hendo has ever met. But they preside over leftist publications which do not need government handouts. Meanwhile, conservative publications get neither money nor even jam.”

19th September, 2017 – In an interview on Sydney radio, Tony Abbott makes a crucial point that people like Miranda Devine, who condemn Abbott for not pursuing a more conservative agenda as Prime Minister, don’t seem to understand. The point is that a Prime Minister doesn’t have dictatorial power, even within their own government, and they are often forced to bend to the collective will of their cabinet and/or party-room colleagues in order to retain the office.

“[The Abbott Government] reduced the Renewable Energy Target from 28% to 23%. Now I would’ve liked to have reduced it further. I would’ve liked to have said ‘no more subsidised renewables’ but I had to deal with the Senate and I had to deal with a cabinet, and when you are the party leader, as opposed to a backbencher, you are inevitably a little more constrained…”

He made the same point on Sky News:

Peta Credlin (Host): You’ve always had a skepticism about renewable energy targets anyway…why didn’t you scrap it completely rather than just reduce it, as you did?

Tony Abbott: Because, as you can imagine, there were a range of views inside the government. The job of the Prime Minister is to be a cabinet chairman rather than simply the projector of a personal view. But, look, knowing what we know now we certainly should’ve gone alot further than we did.

Peta Credlin (Host): What you’re trying to say there…you were pulled to the left by people like Malcolm Turnbull on this sort of policy.

The power of the left-wing faction of the Liberal Party is such that Abbott was forced to include a large number of them in his cabinet, and they (Turnbull in particular) will push their wicked agenda vigorously and unashamedly, no doubt accompanied by threats and intimidation.

This is why Turnbull wanted as many weak individuals in his cabinet as possible. For instance, he kicked out Bruce Billson because the Turnbull agenda is anti-small business (and pro-big business), and Billson was a strong and outspoken advocate for small business, within cabinet. He also kicked Peter Dutton out of the National Security Committee, and of course, he refused to allow Abbott in his cabinet, even though Abbott allowed Turnbull in his. Instead he brought in a few pushovers who would be too afraid to stand up to him.

16th October, 2017 – Sky News presenter Andrew Bolt makes a crucial point about the lasting affects Turnbull might have on the political spectrum if he is allowed to remain leader:

“…here’s the problem. It is absolutely true that Labor would indeed be worse on taxes, on spending, global warming policies…but how much better really is this government? How different to Labor? You see, it’s not enough for the Liberals to say ‘Well, at least we’re not as bad as Labor’…If they keep going this way, and lose under Turnbull, they will leave their party in opposition with nothing to defend or to build on. No record, and very few principles. They will have left Australia with record debt, record spending, record electricity prices, high unemployment, high taxes, and they will also have surrendered on global warming. They’ve even just passed tougher laws against free speech, for this gay marriage vote. That will be the Turnbull legacy, virtually a smoking ruin.”


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