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The admin of did the following interview with Daily Mail reporter Candace Sutton on the 2nd of October, 2015.daily-mail

  1. Your Facebook page ‘Kick Malcolm Turnbull OUT of the Liberal Party NOW’ appears to have started in September 2012. Was there any particular event which prompted you to start the page, and I’m guessing his speech on ‘Republican Value’s at the University of WA in which he questions the then Opposition’s focus on people smuggling and the carbon tax. And if that’s the case, do you believe this is when he showed his hand at not being a ‘real’ Liberal?

I’ve been wary of Mr Turnbull for a very long time. I realised he was trouble when he became Opposition Leader in 2008, and dragged the Liberal Party as far to the left as he could. He demoted economic rationalism, went soft on border protection, and started doing deals with Labor on an economy-crippling “Emissions Trading Scheme”.

There was no specific event which triggered the creation of the Facebook page in 2012, rather it was a reaction to the persistent needling, sniping and undermining that Turnbull had been engaged in since Tony Abbott became leader in 2009. These activities will be documented in my next update to the website.

  1. Are and your new Twitter page a response to his becoming PM?

No. I started working on after the February leadership spill, and the purpose was to provide information to Liberal Party members and voters who could then agitate Liberal backbenchers against a change in the leadership.

I didn’t plan on making the website public until after the Canning by-election because I honestly didn’t think the Liberal backbench would be foolish enough to dump Tony Abbott before he was electorally tested. Clearly I overestimated their intelligence, and underestimated Turnbull’s ability to sell his snake-oil.

When I heard the leadership spill was on, I quickly made the incomplete version of the website public, but it was too late, so now I’m continuing with a broader objective.

  1. What do you think you can do to ‘stop’ Turnbull?

I think there are a couple of things we can do to stop Mr Turnbull, but the task of far greater importance is the medium and longer-term task of eliminating every last so-called “progressive” and careerist from the Liberal Party, and replacing them with principled classical liberals and conservatives, who will fight hard for the philosophy.

In the short-term, I think there needs to be a massive effort to unseat Mr Turnbull in Wentworth, without hurting the Coalition in other seats. This will require a very localised, strategic campaign encouraging people to either put Turnbull last, or vote Labor. Given Turnbull will be forced to take aboard some conservative policies (at least temporarily), he may well be vulnerable on the left, particularly in a seat like Wentworth. In 2004, when he was pretending to be a conservative, Turnbull nearly lost the seat for the Liberals. Further, there is a contemporary precedent for unseating a sitting Prime Minister, and that is John Howard in 2007.

Classical liberals and conservatives should also use their Senate votes very carefully, to ensure that Turnbull won’t have an easy Senate to deal with if he wins. They should specifically vote for the sound Liberal candidates, who will be willing to cross the floor against Turnbull, and put the others behind high quality minor parties, like Family First (Bob Day is excellent). If they can’t be bothered numbering all the boxes, then vote ‘1’ for Family First.

  1. What sort of support have these sites received since the leadership spill?

The website has had about 62,000 visits from 45,000 unique visitors in the space of two weeks. Further, several people have made pdf files of the website and spread it via email and other websites, so the true audience is far greater than the website statistics suggest.

There has been significant media coverage, particularly on talkback radio in Sydney, and I have had emails from several members of the Liberal Party thanking me for my work, and encouraging me to continue, which I certainly will be doing.

  1. How deep do you believe the schism is among Liberal Party supporters since Abbott was deposed?

Clearly, the deep and fundamental schism in the Liberal Party is between a faction consisting of principled classical liberals & conservatives – who support lower taxes, national sovereignty, economic growth, & family values – and a farrago faction made up of so-called “progressive” internationalists, secular humanists, careerists and corporate lobbyists who support things like weaker border protection, more foreign aid, UN treaties that bleed our national sovereignty, carbon taxes, corporate welfare, anti-family policies, and the republic. The latter group is currently in charge, led by Mr Turnbull and Julie Bishop.

  1. What is your greatest gripe against him?

I don’t hate people on a personal level. What I despise is Mr Turnbull’s nefarious philosophy. It is a dangerous and erroneous philosophy that is gradually destroying the Australia we have known and loved. It is a philosophy that belongs in the Greens or the Labor Party.

  1. I’ve read your list of reasons why he is really a Labor party man and not a Liberal, but if he can win the next election for the Liberal Party what is wrong with that?

Malcolm Turnbull has no interest in doing anything for the Liberal Party. He hasn’t even put the Liberal Party’s logo on his website and campaign literature in the past. Even now, as we speak, the Liberal Party logo still doesn’t appear on his website, even though he has updated his header graphic to include “Prime Minister of Australia”.

I’ve studied Mr Turnbull’s past very closely. He is a seething, narcissistic ego-maniac on a scale that dwarfs even Kevin Rudd. If this man led the Coalition to an election win, his head would grow to a size that may well require renovations to the doorways at Parliament House. He would go on a leftist-‘progressive’ rampage, and turn the Liberal Party into the Turnbull ‘Progressive’ Party, which will double as a personality cult. The policies would all be changed, and he would start doing deals with Labor and the Greens, steamrolling all opposition. This explains why he has assembled such a submissive and relatively inexperienced cabinet. He wants to be the “Minister for Everything” and this “vision for growth” he talks about must refer to the size of his ego, because some of the policies he advocates are economically-crippling.

Liberals have talked about the tremendous power and influence that the leader of the federal parliamentary party can potentially yield over the party organisation. If Turnbull succeeds in remaking the party in his leftist-‘progressive’ image, as he tried to do when he first became leader, the Australian people won’t have a conservative or classical liberal voting option among the governing parties. This is why he must be stopped.

  1. Given Abbott’s poor rating in the polls and Turnbull winning his party’s numbers, despite the fact that he may be widely disliked, doesn’t this indicate Australian voters don’t support leaders who are too far left or too far right?

The policies of the Abbott Government were neither far-right, nor even significantly conservative (these are two completely different philosophies by the way). That is why conservatives and classical liberals often complained that the Abbott Government was wrong, or wasn’t going far enough. Remember, you have to distinguish between the ‘Abbott Government’, and Tony Abbott the individual. The Abbott Government wasn’t a dictatorship of Tony Abbott. It included many from the leftist-‘progressive’ and careerist wing of the party – including Turnbull, Bishop and Pyne – who are constantly exerting tremendous pressure within cabinet.

Furthermore, what many don’t seem to notice is that the so-called political “centre-ground” has continually moved to the left, particularly since the cultural revolution of the 1960s. This has happened because the left have, very cunningly, infiltrated the major institutions of society, including pop culture. This tactic is sometimes called the “long march through the institutions” and it has allowed them to gradually change the culture, such that far-left “progressive” ideology is now considered “moderate”. When you combine this leftist cultural onslaught with an unprincipled Liberal Party, you allow the left-wing policy agenda to be driven forward and normalised.

For instance, today you are considered to be a bigoted right-wing extremist if you accept the fact that marriage is a child-centred institution, solely between one man and one woman, but that was the policy of both major parties during the Howard Government.

With regard to Abbott’s personal poll ratings, you have to remember that Tony Abbott was subjected to the biggest campaign of character assassination in Australian history, including by the gargantuan, taxpayer-funded ABC. If the average Australian knew Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott intimately, then it is Turnbull who would have rock-bottom personal ratings.

  1. What sort of threats have you received and what kind of people are they from?

I have received several inflammatory and abusive emails, including one from a Victorian barrister using her official email address. Whether these are proxies for Mr Turnbull, I don’t know. He does have a track record of using litigation to intimidate and censor.

  1. Please let me know when you plan to unmask your identity, and if these sites are your solo work or if there is a group of people behind them

I will release my identity, but I can’t give an exact date as yet. And yes, I am the sole author.


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