Falinski invited Muhammedan to speak at branch meeting in 2009

15th April, 2016

Mackellar Liberal pre-selection candidate Jason Falinski invited an advocate of ‘Sharia law’ to speak at a Liberal Party branch meeting in 2009.

StopTurnbull.com has discovered an article from the 5th August, 2009 edition of the Manly Daily detailing Falinski’s branch meeting invitation to Keysar Trad, who had previously worked as a translator for the pro-terrorist magazine ‘Nidal ul Islam‘, and was then a spokesman for the infamous Sheikh Hilali.

Falinski and Trad.

In 2009 Falinski was president of the Mona Vale branch of the NSW Liberal Party, and invited Trad to speak on the issue “Can Islam and the west live side by side?”. Falinski was forced to withdraw the invitation after the Supreme Court of NSW found that Trad held views “derogatory of Jewish people” in dismissing his defamation case against Sydney radio station 2GB.

Falinski said Trad had been invited because at the last branch meeting a member of the Jewish community had been the guest speaker and they wanted to be “balanced”.

Falinski was hand-picked by left-faction heavyweight Michael Photios, and his pre-selection would represent yet another step forward in the Turnbull-led extermination of conservatives from the Liberal Party.

His record of policy advocacy makes for disturbing reading.

In 1997 Falinski became National President of the Young Liberals, and immediately began pushing leftist causes like increased immigration rates, a republic, and an official apology for the mythical ‘stolen generation’. Under Falinski, the Young Liberals passed resolutions condemning Pauline Hanson and opposing Howard Government legislation to protect farmers from ‘native title’ claims.1,2

In 2001, writing for OnlineOpinion.com.au, Falinski endorsed “freeing up” Australia’s borders, and attacked Howard Government plans to tighten the eligibility criteria for refugee status.

“If… Australia’s political leaders feel that it’s easier to pander to the xenophobic tendencies of some in our community by expelling “illegal” migrants in vast numbers, or loading the judicial dice to ensure the sick, the old and the ailing have one more hurdle to jump before being allowed to stay here, then they are doing our nation a disservice… Australia’s stance should be clear – let them come, and hope they stay.”

In the same article he supported carbon trading, increasing fuel excise and other ‘green’ policies to negate the apparently damaging environmental impact of his desired “massive increase” in immigration.

In 2002, again writing for OnlineOpinion.com.au, Falinski said the Liberal Party must abandon what he called “populist right wing” stances to stay relevant to the Australian public. Apparently winning three straight federal elections at that point (1996, 1998, & 2001), didn’t indicate relevance to Falinski.

In 2004 Falinski was president of the Wentworth electorate’s Point Piper Liberal Party branch, and he helped Malcolm Turnbull branch-stack his way to pre-selection victory. Falinski called Turnbull’s opponent, Peter King, a “low life of the highest order” and chided him for not sticking up for ‘refugees’ and pushing green policies.3

In 2005 Falinski was the NSW convener of the Australian Republican Movement, and used the wedding of Prince Charles to campaign against the monarchy.4

In 2010 Falinski was a Warringah councillor and put forward a proposal for a ‘commitment register’ to recognise unmarried and homosexual couples. He was inspired by a similar register instituted by Clover Moore’s City of Sydney Council. Falinski said it was “long overdue”. The measure subsequently passed and Falinski was praised by the Greens, but opposed by other councilors who said this issue is no business of local councils.5,6

In 2011, Falinski attacked the then Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, and backed Turnbull for the Liberal leadership:

“But many will feel the risk with sticking with Tony Abbott is that he can be a divisive figure, taking the party he leads too far right…There’s only small – but measurable – doubt that Tony Abbott would beat [Gillard]. However, Malcolm Turnbull would be a near certainty. That’s why I’ll take early and lucrative odds – just for bragging rights.”

Just last month Falinski mocked conservative stalwart Kevin Andrews, who was Defence Minister under Tony Abbott:

“Concerned? Confused? So am I. Who’s our minister? That would be the Minister for Desk Toys and Paper Cuts, Mr Kevin Andrews. Nothing from him about the aged care system yet, old or new.”

A few days ago Andrew Bolt posted some of these damning excerpts and linked to the relevant posts on Falinski’s blog. These posts were quickly deleted by Falinski, indicating an attempt to hide his leftist personal views and win pre-selection by deceit.

Don’t let him succeed.


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