Did the ABC try to sabotage StopTurnbull.com?

24th January, 2016

Most conservatives know the ABC is biased, but few realise the deep-seated and conspiratorial nature of this bias. Most put it down to ‘groupthink’, a kind of unconscious bias where people unknowingly make conformist decisions that reduce conflict. Although ‘groupthink’ may explain the behaviour of some lower-level ABC journalists, the evidence for a deliberate agenda among the most powerful ABC figures is overwhelming.

One particularly suspicious occurrence involves this very website.

The original (incomplete) version of StopTurnbull.com was made public on the 14th of September 2015, a few hours after the leadership spill was announced. Being a new website with an anonymous author and no reputation, I relied on thorough referencing for legitimacy, and included many hyperlinks to ‘mainstream’ sources.

The very first section of the website contained information about Turnbull’s intimate childhood connections with the Labor Party, including his mother’s membership of the party and her close friendship with Labor stalwarts Lionel Murphy and Neville Wran. To substantiate this claim, I hyperlinked to two separate pages on the ABC’s website. Both of these pages contained transcripts related to the 3rd August 2009 episode of the ABC series Australian Story. The episode was titled “Paths of Glory” and Turnbull, then Opposition Leader, was the subject matter.

Both of these pages were fully functioning from the time I started building the website, in February 2015, until the 14th of September, when I made the website public. They appeared as follows:



On the 19th of September it came to my attention that the transcripts on these pages had been completely removed, effectively breaking my links. They now appeared as follows:


This was a serious problem because I was wholly relying on these referencing hyperlinks for legitimacy. Furthermore, these were the very first referencing hyperlinks that visitors would come across. If the very first links were broken, the all-important first impression would be one of disrepute, and people may not continue reading.

I immediately checked both URLs on Google’s cache and the internet archiving service, Wayback Machine. Both showed that these pages had previously contained the relevant transcripts. I subsequently changed my hyperlinks to point to the archived Wayback Machine versions.

Clearly, at some point between the 14th and the 19th of September, as StopTurnbull.com was threatening to go viral, the transcripts were completely removed from these websites, effectively breaking my links. I’ll let you decide whether this was deliberate or not.

P.S. The ABC has, in the past few days, provided yet another example of the kind of conscious and conspiratorial bias to which I refer. During their coverage of a press conference held by Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss, the ABC’s News 24 channel had “technical difficulties” just as Truss launched into an eloquent criticism of the ABC, with regard to its contempt for rural Australians.


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