Beware a Turnbull Ambush on so-called “Gay Marriage”

30th November, 2015

It is critical that activists for true marriage prepare for the nefarious tactics that will likely be practiced by homosexual so-called “marriage” activists in the upcoming plebiscite. As the information on this website attests, Malcolm Turnbull is a deceiver who will spare no effort or expense in conniving his way to victory. On no other issue has Turnbull been more fanatical than so-called “gay marriage”, and you can bet his scheming abilities will in full flight.Two potential maneuvers stand out as distinct possibilities.

1. An Ambush Plebiscite

Despite Turnbull’s rhetoric, there remains a strong possibility that he will call an early election to capitalise on his ‘honeymoon period’. This could very well occur before the May budget, because the budget will require unpopular decisions if we are to resolve our debt and deficit crisis.

There would also be another advantage for Turnbull in calling a “surprise” early election. He could ambush the electorate with the homosexual pseudo-marriage plebiscite before they’ve had a chance to examine the opposing argument. Indeed, by repeatedly telling people not to expect an early election, Turnbull has set up the perfect ambush.

Remember, a plebiscite is a very different proposition to a referendum. A referendum requires that a particular timetable be adhered to. The parliament must first go through the involved process of passing specific legislation before a referendum can take place. Even then, the referendum itself cannot be held until at least two months after the successful passage of that legislation. Effectively, this means a referendum will always have a lead-up period of at least several months, and usually much longer.

For a plebiscite (a simple, unbinding vote), there are no such legal requirements. Plebiscites are not defined in the Australian Constitution, the Electoral Act or the Referendum Act. They are merely referred to under Section 7A of the Electoral Act as a service that can be provided by the Australian Electoral Commission, subject to an arrangement with any person or body, including private individuals.

In other words, if Turnbull (via the Governor-General) suddenly, and without warning, called an early election, he could spring a plebiscite upon us at the same time. An election requires only 33 days between the issue of the writs and the election day itself. When you take the massive number of pre-poll votes into account, the time is even shorter. With people considering numerous other election issues, and plebiscite opponents living in fear of litigation under anti-speech laws, any opposing argument could be drowned out, and the referendum could sail through on inveterate homosexual indoctrination.

Turnbull knows that groups opposing this plebiscite are just starting to organise and raise money, whereas the homosexual activists have had the microphone and loudspeakers for decades via television, film, news media, and essentially all of pop culture.

Furthermore, recall last August, when the Liberal-National joint party room had a debate on homosexual pseudo-marriage. By a large margin, the party room decided to reject a free vote on the issue, and was instead disposed toward a plebiscite or referendum. Nevertheless, Turnbull defied the party’s decision and immediately held a press conference saying he opposed holding a plebiscite. He later said that if a plebiscite were to be held, it should be held before the next election.

It would take tremendous gumption for Turnbull to hold a snap plebiscite before the next election, but it can’t be ruled out. Such a tactic would eliminate the need for even the 33-day delay.

Attorney-General George Brandis, who likely supports homosexual pseudo-marriage, has also refused to rule out holding a plebiscite before, or at, the next election, adding that the matter should be dealt with “very soon“. Add to this the similar views of Rodney Croome, the leader of the homosexual pseudo-marriage movement, and it is clear that holding the plebiscite at, or before, the next election, has powerful supporters. Clearly this is a deliberate tactic to starve the opposing argument of the airtime needed to turn around decades of pro-homosexual propaganda.

It is my contention that if Turnbull and the media allow the Australian people to be fully informed, with a comprehensive debate, and the vote is unencumbered by fraud, the plebiscite will be defeated in a landslide.

In a secret ballot, where people won’t be identified, and won’t be subjected to the jack-booted retaliation of fanatical leftists, Australians will be able to fearlessly communicate their true position.

2. Electronic/Online Voting

If democracy is defined as informed public consent, Australia hasn’t had it for a very long time. Changes to the electoral system by Labor governments, from the 1980s onwards, have opened the door for electoral fraud, which is widely practiced, and more of these changes are constantly being proposed. These changes include: ink ballot markers replaced with pencil; steel ballot boxes replaced with cardboard; abolishing voter identification requirements; document-free enrolments; the ability to vote at any booth; expanding pre-poll voting; changes that encourage ballot box tampering; auto-enrollment from flawed ATO databases and more.

A pre-1980s, solid steel Australian ballot box.

It should be no surprise that cases of fraud almost invariably favour the leftist-‘progressive’ side of politics. If we now allow the implementation of electronic voting, a system wholly opaque to the average voter, it would be the full realisation of Australia’s pseudo-democratic oligarchy.

And guess who happens to be leading the charge for electronic voting?

Turnbull has repeatedly, of his own volition, pushed electronic voting. For example, he has long campaigned for a online plebiscite on the republic, and was pushing electronic voting after the 2013 election, using the high number of informal votes as the excuse. Of course, whenever he discusses electronic voting he reassures everyone that these systems are completely secure. If you trust him on that, please email me, because i’ve got some ocean-front property to sell you in Alice Springs.


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