‘Battler’ Turnbull’s family income in the 1950s was 7 times the average

16th June, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull recently posted an emotional video on his Facebook page, outlining his “battler” upbringing. In the video Turnbull says:

“Most of my childhood I spent with my dad. He was a single father, and we lived together – two guys – big brother and little brother really was the type of relationship. We were incredibly close. We didn’t have much money. He was a hotel broker and for most of that time he was battling like a lot of people are, a lot of single parents are, certainly.”

But does this video provide an accurate picture of Turnbull’s childhood? To answer that question, let’s take a more detailed look at Malcolm’s family history.

Prior to meeting Malcolm’s father, his mother, Coral Lansbury, was married to wealthy ABC radio producer George H. Edwards (40 years her senior). In August 1953 Edwards died, just six months into their marriage. They had been living in a luxury harbourside apartment in Sydney, at 14 Longworth Avenue, Point Piper, directly adjacent to the secluded Lady Martin’s Beach and Felix Bay.

Edwards also owned two other luxury apartments in the same building, and left behind an estate worth £32,766. Income from the estate was to be divided three ways, between his two daughters from a previous marriage, and Coral, provided she didn’t remarry.

To give you an idea of how much £32,766 was worth in 1953, it was a time when average weekly earnings (before tax) were roughly £16, members of parliament had an annual salary of £1375, and you could buy a new two-bedroom house on a quarter-acre block in the growing suburbs of Melbourne or Sydney for about £2,500.

At this time Turnbull’s mother was already a well-known radio playwright and actress, with her works appearing on the ABC, 2UW, and other stations. In the pre-television era, these radio programs were popular, and she would’ve been making a very good living, a large chunk of which was coming from the taxpayer-funded ABC. This was, of course, in addition to the income she was now receiving from the Edwards estate, which was also accumulated on the back of the taxpayer, via the ABC.

Coral continued to live in the luxury Longworth Avenue apartment after Edwards died, and in the summer of 1953-54 found herself staring out the window at a strapping life-saver doing laps along the beach. That man was Bruce Turnbull, a real estate agent who also lived in an apartment on Longworth Avenue. They met on the beach, and Malcolm was conceived very soon after.

Malcolm Turnbull’s parents met here, at Lady Martin’s Beach, in the summer of 1953-54.

Malcolm was born on the 24th of October, 1954, but Coral and Bruce were still unmarried. Of course, had they married Coral would’ve forfeited her interest in George Edwards’ estate.

With Malcolm born, Coral would now front court seeking a lump sum pay-out from the estate. Her solicitor in the matter was her close friend, and future NSW Labor Premier, Neville Wran.

In November 1954, the trustees of George Edwards’ estate advertised the three luxury apartments for auction (see below), and Coral was able to secure a pay-out of £3,100, relinquishing any further interest in the estate.

Advertisement from the Sydney Morning Herald (6th November, 1954, pg. 26).

Coral, Bruce and baby Malcolm then moved into a “luxury house” in Roseville, according to a December 1954 article in the Sydney Truth newspaper. The article also reported that Coral and Bruce were married, and that Malcolm was premature, but this wasn’t true. In fact, they didn’t marry until the following December, 12 months later, according to NSW state government marriage records.

They soon purchased and settled in an apartment at 119 New South Head Road, Vaucluse (pictured below), with views across Sydney Harbour. It was a downgrade from the Edwards apartment in Point Piper, but it was still very good. Today these apartments are worth around $1 million dollars each.

Block of four apartments at 119 New South Head Rd, Vaucluse.
The view from 119 New South Head Rd, Vaucluse.

Here in Vaucluse Coral churned out the scripts, and her income grew rapidly, much of it from the ABC. In March 1957 the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Coral’s income alone was £5,000 per year, when the average taxable Australian income was roughly £753 per year. This was noteworthy because, at the time, the majority of women were focused on raising children and home duties.

Article from the Sydney Morning Herald (14 March, 1957).

If you add Malcolm’s father’s wage into the equation, young Malcolm was living in a household with a gross income over 7 times higher than that of the average Australian.

At the beginning of 1963, aged 8 years, Malcolm was sent to board at Sydney Grammar’s preparatory school in St Ives, 20km north of the Sydney CBD. In the same year, Coral transitioned into academia. She was appointed a lecturer at the University of NSW School of History, where she specialised in trade union history (especially the AWU) and English literature.

It was at the University of NSW that Coral began an affair with Professor John Salmon, and left Bruce. The Vaucluse house was sold, and in 1964 Bruce rented a new apartment at 13 Gladswood Gardens, Double Bay (pictured below), right on the harbour. Malcolm would stay at this apartment when he was home from boarding at Sydney Grammar.

Block of apartments @ 13 Gladswood Gardens, Double Bay.
The view from the Gladswood Gardens apartment block.

It is unknown to me how the assets of the marriage were divided, but Malcolm says he and his father went through “financial hardship” and were “battling” at this time, which is very difficult to believe. What happened to all the money? Who paid for Malcolm’s continued attendance at one of the most prestigious schools in the country? Was there a trust fund? What was Bruce’s income at this time?

These questions haven’t been answered.

In 1970, when Malcolm was 15, Bruce moved into a luxury three-bedroom apartment at 7 Longworth Avenue, Point Piper, with spectacular views of the harbour (pictured below). Today the apartment is worth $3-4 million.

This was the same area Bruce had met Coral 16 years before, and he was now happily remarried to an air hostess named Judith Norma Womersley. Malcolm has said of Judith that she was “a very warm woman, nice woman…I had a very good relationship with her“, and Turnbull’s biographer, Paddy Manning, says this luxury apartment was Malcolm’s base for most of the next decade.

Luxury apartment block @ 7 Longworth Avenue, Point Piper.
The view from 1/7 Longworth Avenue, Point Piper.

Bruce expanded his wealth via the real estate business, and when he died in a plane crash in 1982, the then 28-year-old Malcolm inherited an estate worth approximately $7 million in today’s dollars.

Today Malcolm lives in a $50 million mansion just a few doors down from the apartment at 7 Longworth Avenue, and just two doors down from the apartment his mother lived in when she met his father, at 14 Longworth Avenue.

Malcolm Turnbull’s mansion @ 46 Wunulla Rd, Point Piper.

Clearly, Malcolm was never deprived of material wealth, but he was deprived of something far more important… a maternal mother. What he had instead was a “liberated” atheist-feminist who would send him off to kindergarten all day while she worked on her scripts and made her riches.

Malcolm though, continues to support feminist ideology and policies of the kind enunciated and practiced by the mother who abandoned him. He has imbibed the ideology of his oppression, thus the oppressed has become the oppressor.


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101 thoughts on “‘Battler’ Turnbull’s family income in the 1950s was 7 times the average”

  1. Thank you for sharing this information and uncovering the truth that Malcolm has been trying to hide. He has had a privileged life and has no idea how the ordinary people in this country live.

    1. he might not be the best for this country ( who would be ) but his upbringing is irrelevant to that. So what ? He had a good and wealthy childhood, good for him is all I can say.
      and his ” mother issues ” we don’t know what really happened, nor do we know if everything we read and hear is true.

      1. Malcolm Turnbull himself raised the issue of his upbringing by posting that video on Facebook on that very subject, in the midst of an election campaign. I am merely RESPONDING. Get it?

        1. Absolutely. If he can raise his childhood as an issue to demonstrate that he understands hardship and battling then it is reasonable to highlight the evidence that proves that to be bollocks.

        2. GOT IT….. But where the hell did SHORTEN get his money….Out of the coffers, at he unions……Has he been cleared of everything yet? I think that Malcolm is a great guy, and whatever way he was raised, he turned out OK, as far as I am concerned.

          1. You think Malcolm is a great guy? I bet you think Shorten is a great guy as well.

            Turnbull is a traitor to the Liberal Party and the Liberal Party needs to get rid of him.

            But more than that, Turnbull is an illegitmate PM foisted upon us by the left wing of the Liberal Party.

            The Liberal Party needs to be cleansed of this filth.

          2. Did you get it Tania McLeod??? I’m not sure you did.. But hey as long as your not concerned.. Lies are ok?.. I have a purple unicorn with your name on it…

          3. Good for you, you must be the only person who likes him. Fact is he lied, why say your childhood was impoverished if it was not? Was he pretending to appeal to the man in the street for his vote? Whatever the case, Malcolm is an elitist with no clue about people or how to be pm.

        3. I thought that Tony Abbott was a disgusting bigoted lower than a snakes belly coward when he Told Tony Windsor that he would do anything other than sell his arse to get this job of prime minister,
          Today we have his successor crawling even lower by making and displaying on electronic media for the whole nation to see, a video film falsely claiming, that he was the product of a broken home and had to do it tough as a boy. A sympathy vote from the heart breaking vision he created was his ambition so that he could hoodwink the masses into believing that he was a self made man with resolve and determination who had over came the hardship of a boy that had to fight tooth and nail from early freezing mornings until searching for scraps outside soup kitchens at night. The audacity and lies of this man who wants to represent this great country on the world stage as it’s prime minister is appauling and should be condemned by all and sundrie.
          Alas Malcom you have been found out and do not deserve to be trusted by the people that have fought and died for all the gains and privileges that we hold so dear today, way and beyond so many of the countries of the world. You were literally born with a gold spoon in your mouth and found it so hard to take out that you continued sucking on bigger ones and cheating your country men and women of the taxes you should be paying them.

          1. Your an idiot!! Tony Abbott never said any such thing!! and besides Windsors quote was that Abbott would sell his arse!! The lies and vitriol against Abbott and his FAMILY are appalling! No politician has endured such attacks!! There is evidence as proven on this site that his polling was directly effected by the whiteanting and back stabbing of Turdbull. Interesting that Turdbulls first sentence after having him knifed was the loss of 30 successive polls. Abbott should still be PM he would have trounced Shorten and Labor, by week two he would have been a bashed bleeding mess in the foetal position blowing bubbles! The lies perpetrated by the media were shown up when Abbotts team won a massive majority, when they were saying Rudd would win!! So their predictions now can hardly be believed. Turdbull thinks he rules by divine right, that us why the campaign was such a dud, he thought he had it won before we kicked off! It was all him, it was Team Turnbull, now he seeks to blame others!! Further Turdbull and most others coukdn’t run a bath let alone a party and are nit fit to sit in the same room as Abbott.

      2. The point of the article, I think, is Turnbull ‘s claim that he and his family were “battlers”.÷

        1. And so was Abbott. But worse, he put up the money and organised it to send an innocent person to prison. Whether you like Hanson’s ideas or not is not the issue, colluding to send a person to prison crossed a red line.

          He did not even pretend there was some lawless act to address, like saying the law is for everybody. No, he said ‘it couldn’t have gone on’, i.e. Hanson’s activities. Who was he to say what goes on?

          The anti Turnbull brigade may well get their will, but please hold your horses until Abbott is out of Parliament. You don’t kick someone out only to get a worse protagonist. He is also too loose with taxpayers’ money, i.e. paying the US for their Marines in Darwin.

      3. The issue is not wether he had a good and wealthy childhood but that he released a video about his childhood where he tried to say that his family were battlers. The article certainly does not support that, so it appears he has tried to mislead the Australian people. If he misleads us on something as trivial as this how can we trust him on anything?

        1. Turnbull can’t be trusted at all, and neither can the left wing filth in the Liberal Party.

          They need to be taught a lesson for their treachery against Tony, and if that means voting for Family First (or some other conservative cause), that’s exactly what I will do.

          Maybe then – and ONLY then – will they learn a valuable lesson.

          We need to get Tony back into power, and the sooner the better as far as I am concerned.

      4. We are wondering why he lied about it.
        That’s what.
        That is the point of the article. Which you missed.

    2. That is a problem of wealth. A wealthy persons view of hardship, struggle, and hard-work can only be viewed through their prism of wealth. Some think it is hardship when the maid forgot to order the caviar. And Marie Antoinette had a distorted view of the things poor people had in their cupboard

      1. …and of course she never actually said that. You are simply adding to this misogynist piece on nonsense. Fair go have a crack at Turnbull but this actually misses the target and denigrates all working women.

        1. The overwhelming majority of working women would prefer to stay home with their children, but can’t afford it. Of course I’m not denigrating them. I’m praising them and denigrating women who abandon their children for personal fulfillment. Malcolm’s mother could’ve cut back on the work to spend more time with her son. She didn’t need the money. Instead she sent him off to kinder and later completely abandoned him.

          1. you called her an oppressor.. I was about to share this excellent article until I saw the last paragraph…this section is not warranted and is pure mysogyny

          2. I don’t hate all women, as misogynists do. I do however despise the ones who abandon their children (or deliberately avoid having children) for personal fulfillment. Malcolm’s mother could’ve cut back on work and spent more time with him. She was making enough money already.

          3. Why is it all about mothers? Seriously! My father was around a lot when I was small, as he was studying, and he was a wonderful caretaker. Get real, please.

          4. I agree the last paragraph needs to be rewritten… Say what you mean but the Anti-feminist rhetoric is killing the sharing of article

          5. If that man is making 7 times the average wage, then he has the ability to cut back a little and spend some more time with the children.

      2. I totally agree.! Malcolm Turnbull never knew what it was like to go to bed, hungry!
        Here I was, believing that he had done it tough.
        Thank you for informing me of the truth.

    1. Yes, because it adds further evidence to the truth Australians are hopefully coming to understand as such; Malcolm Turnbull manipulates historical data to his own design, and skilfully omits all that can conceivably portray him in a ‘bad light’. To say, “I did it tough as a child,” just because his mother was never around is a cop out. So many Aussies of his generation rarely saw either parent, simply because the ‘Dad as sole breadwinner’ analogy was only true for those fathers with high paying jobs. Most families needed Mum to work as well as Dad, or else they didn’t have a roof over their heads, food on their tables or clothes on their backs.
      Malcolm had a privileged upbringing, even if his Mum wasn’t around that often. All the truth of his childhood shows is that he was brought up to believe riches were a right, and manipulative schemes were the path to those riches. I honestly believe that a person who is so far removed from everything the Aussie battler holds dear has no right running a country built on hard yakka and fairness for all citizens.

    2. Malcolm made it everyones business with his “poor me” video. He has been called out again.

    3. He made it our business when he indicated he knew what it was like to be an Aussie battler. Hadn’t done that no one would care.

      1. Totally agree Rachel. Why bring it up at all – knowing it is untrue – presuming the article above is correct. Perhaps to draw attention to himself, to start a dialogue on the whole issue and remain in the spotlight a little longer. Shame it’s confirmed that he’s the actual bxxtard that I thought he was.

    4. ‘Denigrates all working women’?! What nonsense. It explains, quite well, why Tunbull is NOT a battler and the primary elements in his life contributing to that.

    5. Yes it is, mainly when he tells Mr and Mrs Average to live on what they get and don’t worry, like Joe said POOR people don’t own cars.

    6. Yes, because he aspires to be PM again.
      He really is a bastard (not that I care about that out of wedlock bit) but I just can’t stand liars.
      I thought Abbott was the biggest liar ever, but Mal is in sharp competition.

    7. Absolutely it is.

      Why? Because Turnbull is lying to the Australian public about his background, and playing the victim. It’s a flat out lie, and one that he should not be able to get away with.

      It all boils down to trust – and Turnbull has lied and manipulated his way into power, and he’s using the exact same tactics to keep hold of power to promote his leftist ideology.

      He can’t be trusted and he shouldn’t be trusted.

      Bring back Tony.

  2. “Clearly, Malcolm was never deprived of material wealth, but he was deprived of something far more important… a maternal mother. What he had instead was a “liberated” atheist-feminist who would send him off to kindergarten all day while she worked on her scripts and made her riches.”

    Seriously? You are labelling women who actually use their minds as “liberated athiest-feminists and deny them any sense of maternal instinct?

    I suppose you think the only good working mother is one who grinds herself into the ground in a low paying job.

    Clearly, you are a Communist.

      1. “My point is that mothers should always put children and family FIRST in their list of priorities. Career comes second.”

        What an outrageous comment. Is that also what men should do?

        You sound more like a troglodyte than a communist, to me.

        1. Yes, men should do that. Biological males should take the masculine role, and biological females should take the feminine role.

          1. Seriously?? Apart from the inescapable requirement that women give birth and breastfeed, parenting skills are not reliant on redundant and irrelevant gender stereotypes.

          2. Get yourself a biology textbook and learn about the differences between male and female. Stereotypes are based on realities.

        2. Anja, having a subtle attempt (maybe) with accusations of envy misses the point. To deny one’s, obviously, privileged, upbringing in order to score political advantage is not only dishonest, it insults those whose upbringing WAS impoverished – in every sense of the word. Turnbull has shown he lacks empathy, in much the same way as the dreadful Michaelia Cash and, it seems, the majority of their Liberal cronies.

      2. Yes, it’s my business because he wants me to help put him in charge of the REAL Aussie Battlers.

      3. Yeah right ….and what mother has in these days time to do that ? if single or married, a mother has to work these days so the family can survive, does that make a mother not have a maternal instinct ? Also, a father cannot be a good parent ?
        The issues we face aren’t created by Turnbull it’s a long ongoing problem…..a Government miss leaded ans miss leading…..and guess what ….that will never change Turnbull or not

        1. If the mother is FORCED to leave her children, then obviously that has nothing to do with feminism or lack of a maternal instinct. My mother was forced to work too, and she didn’t want to. The left claim we have progressed since the 1950s, but if that is the case, why are two wages required to run a household instead of one?

      4. Not all mothers have the maternal instincts.
        There are also one hell of a lot of men who have no maternal instincts either. Why should a mother always put her children first? We are living in this world, not the Victorian era. There are times, that women need to do things for themselves. He may have missed out on his mother, but he has grown up to be a decent person. Anyway, give me a politician, or ANY human being on earth, that doesn’t tell the odd lie. Just listen to Bill Shorten, and you can hear all the lies you want.

        1. So you believe morality depends on the time you live in? So men sodomising teen boys was ok in Ancient Greece and human sacrifice was fine in pre-Columbian South America?

    1. The point he had a mother not around this day and age it’s every second house both parents work and are in school or child minding and are nursed with iPads instead of parents .. But they don’t pretend to be poor,

      He ( Malcome does not know what it is like to surfer really.) to go without, as he never had too, battling is a word to him…not an emotion

  3. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy as long as you got that way honestly. Why Malcolm Turnbull tries to pretend that he suffered financially as a child is beyond me. He obviously wants people to think he is like your average “aussie” but you wouldnt have to be Einstein to work out he isn’t. He has never had to struggle financially but he would have struggled emotionally as a child being dumped into boarding school to keep him out of the way.

  4. I empathise totally with Malcolm Turnbull. He has exhibited so much courage and resilience overcoming the ongoing trauma of such a heartbreaking background. Malcolm deserves a community service medal for showing the world what one can achieve after such humble beginnings.

  5. And that is why Malcolm cannot identify with the poor in our community. He has absolutely no idea. His description of “battling” as a youth with his father makes him appear rather elitist. Living where he did and being afforded the privileges of a private education removes him from those who were really battling to just provide school shoes for their children. Not impressed at all with Turnbull and his “poor me” story.

  6. Wait how was Malcolm oppressed by feminism? Thanks to feminism there was plenty of cash to go to an elite private school, paving the way for him to inherit the earth. This article was so en pointe and then it ends with that odd and confusing comment.

    1. His mother felt it to be her right to abandon her child in order to pursue her personal interests, both romantic and career-related. That is classic feminism.

      Going to an elite private school is no compensation for being abandoned by your mother. Turnbull though, has taken on the ideology of his oppressor, as oppressed people sometimes do. For instance, young boys who are victims of paedophilia often become paedophiles themselves.

      1. Wow again..

        “His mother felt it to be her right to abandon her child in order to pursue her personal interests, both romantic and career-related. That is classic feminism.”

        Admin, you have a seriously flawed view of feminism.

        1. Self-proclaimed feminists disagree among themselves. Turnbull mother, for instance, attacked Germaine Greer in the 1970s. And we have people like Camille Paglia criticizing the establishment view of feminism today.

      2. Did she actually abandon Malcolm or did his parent send him to boarding school? Your final paragraph is so full of personal bias that it discredits the story you tell of MT’s childhood.

        1. So if someone says one thing you disagree with, you then assume everything that person has said, even well-documented facts, are now discredited? You must have a difficult time attaining information then.

  7. Don’t give a damn if you think she is a feminist or what his upbringing was but if your crying boo hoo to the Australian public that you’re a “battler” you better check that your definition is the same as theirs. I wish on my carers pension I was battling that hard. :/

  8. I thought an excellent, informative and interesting article, until the strange comments on feminism.

    The author would do well to do some reading on feminism, ask some questions, seek some views other than his own. NOT from men’s rights activists or misogynists, I would suggest.

    1. I’ve read widely on feminism. It is a misnomer, for a start. It’s merely a cover for leftist ideology.

  9. So what? His youth wasn’t that rosy. We didn’t have much money when I was young but I had a mother and I was better off.
    In any case , how this election campaign can go so low digging in his private life…where are we going to finish up before the 2nd of july?
    A man who know how to manage his own money will be better to manage the country than some little nobody promising millions here and billions there to have people voting for him ( must have a money printing machine hidden somewhere )

    1. I’m not digging at all. Turnbull himself raised the matter of his childhood. He is responsible for politicizing it. I am merely responding to the misleading nature of his politicking on this matter.

    2. Mate. Malcolm started it by declaring his stays as a common man, a battler. We become doubtful about these assertions when it becomes evident that his political action doesn’t show any empathy or understanding for common man

  10. Malcolm has no idea how the other half lives.
    He has grown up in a white privileged suburb and had the privilege of attending a top private school.
    He then inherited a fortune and became a millionaire. So quite frankly to even pretend that he was poor is disgusting and trying to sound like he knows that poverty and the life that entails is dispicable.

  11. The article was sound until the last 2 paras which don’t relate to anything in the rest of it. Also, maybe Turnbull Sr wouldn’t let her take him. Maybe she didn’t feel up to the job – she was in her 20s. Maybe Malcolm was a mistake. I hope you reserve these same judgments for the men who leave their kids.

    1. I hold in contempt both mothers and fathers who abandon their children for their own worldly fulfillment. Malcolm’s mother made no attempt to take him with her. She had no maternal instinct, as Malcolm himself has recounted.

      1. Perhaps that’s what Malcolm’s dad told him about her. Perhaps Malcolm’s dad wouldn’t agree to joint custody. Perhaps it’s true and she didn’t have ‘maternal instinct’ and should be tried as a witch or something. Whatever the case, it has nothing to do with your thesis. You can tell from the majority of the comments that also don’t relate to your thesis because of this ridiculous curve ball. Good job!

  12. I read in a previous article about how his mothers family were very wealthy and set up trust accounts and such, to ensure he received the best education and that he would never be lacking for anything during his child hood / adolescence.

    I struggle to understand how a man, who has much of his life on public record, has the gaul to claim he was a struggling battler (with harbor frontages, private schools and trust funds, along with a millionaire father). Poor baby, he must rue the days that the fresh caviar was delivered late. I can understand why his childhood was so traumatic.

  13. I hope he brings the skills that helped him and his family create wealth to the position of prime minister. Australia needs someone who understands both the real estate and the money markets in a high position. He has shown he has the capability to make the best of our resources.

    If Malcolm is elected, I think we will have the best chance of a good economic future.

    1. And has literally nothing to do with the rest of the article. He was clearly itching to weave it in somehow, and what’s worse, thinks it was seamless!

  14. The truly disappointing aspect is that most of the commentary above actually comes from individuals presumably entitled to vote. Perhaps the greatest benefit of Senate Reform will be to nullify the votes of those who can’t actually count beyond the fingers on one hand and make it to six, let alone twelve.

  15. “Abandoned” is not the same as “leaving him with his father”. Why should a woman be condemned for not having a strong maternal instinct? “Instinct” implies that it is not a learned behaviour, rather, an uncontrolled impulse. Surely it’s better that, in such a case, she NOT be the primary caregiver. Had she continued to have children upon realising that she was not maternal, perhaps you’d have reason to find fault with her.

    Do not blame the behaviour of the man that Turnbull has become on the fact that his mummy didn’t love him enough. Such victim mentality is purely for the weak of character, and Turnbull has had more than enough opportunity to rise above it.

    1. People are largely shaped by their childhood formative years, and young children are victims. They aren’t responsible for the actions around them, yet they are formed by them. A child needs a masculine and a feminine influence to be whole, hence her leaving left a genuine hole, even if she couldn’t fill it adequately to begin with.

  16. Oh yes, truth is the new hate speech!

    Good article Admin – it shows his scheming nature came from his mother.

    Why ? – well look at the “milestones” of her life life plan.

    The life plan ….
    1. Get money (marry a rich old man who soon dies)
    2. Get a child (breed with a handsome man then leave)
    3. Further her academic career (affair with the Professor)

    All achieved with using the “charms” of a woman.
    Now, no man can do that !

  17. I hope he is elected. Not everyone can turn a 7 Million dollar property portfolio into something substantially more. Most people would spend it all to nothing. Good on him, He is a smart man.

    Writer sounds nasty and jealous.

  18. Can you explain what you mean by a child “needs” a masculine and feminine influence around them?
    In that case what should we do with children whose fathers or mothers have abandoned them?
    Are you saying a child who grows up in a single parent family is somehow lesser for the fact?

    In an ideal world sure that would be great, but how many ideal families do you know?

  19. Hahaha. This is hysterical and endless. But his mother sounds incredibly interesting. I’d rather chat to her!

  20. All politicians lie, that’s how they get votes. If you think either one is better than the other you are sorely mistaken. History speaks for itself. Its just a matter or trying to vote in the lesser of 2 evils.

  21. My initial thought when seeing this bullshit put out by Turdbull was you have to be kidding!! A forlorn hope of trying to appeal to the battlers of look at me I had it hard too, but the facts presented in this site blow him out if the water, least if all many are already aware of his back ground!! Only the convenient ignorant choose to ignore. There is nothing wrong with being rich or successful and I certainly never begrudge those who work hard to achieve but this was fanciful, lying BS to sucker in the gullible. His puncing about as if he had it in the bag with his staged phoney selfie moments on trains on the street ( yeah right)!! The stupidity of holding a dinner in Kirribilli House with Islamists during the campaign, the mocking of Abbott and Conservatives, failure to attack Shirten and his corrupt unions, show he is not fit to be PM. The sooner this tosser is gone the better

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