10 leftists who praise Malcolm Turnbull

3rd October, 2015

1. Former Greens leader, Christine Milne

In 2012, when Julia Gillard was Prime Minister and Tony Abbott was Opposition Leader, the then Greens leader, Christine Milne, suggested that if the Liberals changed leaders to the more palatable Malcolm Turnbull, they could attract Greens preferences.

“Green voters would be interested in that change…”


2. Global warming ideologue, Tim Flannery

In 2007, Tim Flannery explicitly endorsed Malcolm Turnbull for the seat of Wentworth, even over the Greens and Labor candidates.

“I have known Malcolm for 20 years and I reckon he’s bloody good. I have immense respect for him.”


3. Former Labor PM, Julia Gillard

In November 2009, the Liberal Party member base erupted in anger at the then federal Liberal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull, and his deal with the Labor government to legislate an economy-crippling Emissions Trading Scheme. As Turnbull was being savaged by Liberal loyalists, he was praised by none other than Julia Gillard, who said:

“I would like to pay a tribute to Mr Turnbull. Mr Turnbull has been acting constructively, in the nation’s interests, on this matter.”


4. The “Mama Mia” blog (Mia Freedman et al)

In a 2014 article titled “We’re all falling a bit in love with Malcolm Turnbull“, the “Mama Mia Team” gave 9 reasons why they love Malcolm Turnbull.

Among their reasons were his position on global warming, his support for homosexual so-called “marriage”, and his backing of the ABC.


5. Foul-mouthed “comedian”, Catherine Deveny

When Turnbull knocked off Brendan Nelson for the federal Liberal leadership in 2008, Catherine Deveny wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald, saying:

“The left are reluctant to admit it but they’re pretty rapt Malcolm Turnbull’s the Liberal Party’s new Head Boy.”

And when Turnbull overthrew Tony Abbott for the Prime Ministership, she tweeted the following:


6. Former ACTU head & Labor Minister, Greg Combet

In 2012, whilst answering a Dorothy Dixer on the carbon tax during Question Time, Greg Combet made an analogy between the Liberal leadership and a horse race. He referred to Malcolm Turnbull as the “classy thoroughbred” of the field, and said the “Liberal Party stewards” should intervene to change the leadership:

“…the Opposition leader’s scare campaign has been the biggest shakedown since the Fine Cotton affair in 1984…Frankly it’s time the Liberal Party stewards started to intervene here, and had a look at a bit of change. And what about the member for Wentworth…A classy thoroughbred if ever there’s been one!”


7. Former Labor Minister, Craig Emerson

On an episode of the ABC’s Q&A program, then Labor Minister Craig Emerson calls Turnbull a “decent man” who is being “forced” to support strong border protection policies. Emerson contrasts Turnbull, who supports Labor-lite (read: weak) policies on border protection, with Tony Abbott, who supports strong border protection:

“So far has Tony Abbott dragged the Liberal Party to the right that Malcolm Turnbull, who I consider a decent man, is forced into a policy of supporting towing back boats into Indonesian waters…”


8. Former “Independent” MP, Rob Oakeshott

In 2012, amidst Kevin Rudd’s leadership challenge, the Gillard-supporting “independent” MP, Rob Oakeshott, said he would only consider switching allegiance to the Liberals if Malcolm Turnbull were leading them.

“If on an outside chance on Monday there is a change of leadership from the Labor Party, more than likely my first phone call would be to Malcolm Turnbull to ask him: ‘Can you command a majority on the floor of the house of representatives?”


9. Former “Independent” MP, Tony Windsor

Before the federal election in 2013, “independent” MP Tony Windsor – a leftist pseudo-bushie who had supported Gillard to form government after the 2010 election dead heat – urged the Liberal Party to replace Tony Abbott with Malcolm Turnbull if they wanted to win the election, saying:

“If Malcolm Turnbull was Leader of the Opposition, for instance, I think it would be all over”


10. Rusted-on Labor Voters

In numerous polls, Malcolm Turnbull is held in very high regard by a large number of rusted-on Labor voters who will never vote Liberal. Indeed, a snap post-coup poll even had Turnbull leading Bill Shorten in popularity among Labor voters.


P.S. There are endless others, including former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Greens supporter Rosie Batty, Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs, former Labor MP Maxine McKew, and let’s not forget Turnbull’s closest friend, the late Neville Wran, former Labor Premier of NSW.


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