Why Malcolm Turnbull is a Dangerous Leftist Ideologue

The Liberal Party is supposed to be the custodian of classical liberalism and conservatism. Malcolm Turnbull is neither. He is a leftist-‘progressive’ who wants to take Australia in the same general philosophical direction as the Labor Party and the Greens.

Below I have produced a meticulously researched timeline, and a series of stand-alone articles, highlighting Turnbull’s left-wing ideological orientation, and his intimate associations with the Labor Party.

I clearly show that Turnbull’s ideology is long-held and deeply-ingrained. Indeed, he has never been anything other than a leftist, and continues to ruthlessly pursue that agenda as Prime Minister.

My email is admin@stopturnbull.com. If you have any comments, criticisms or relevant information to add, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Note: All sources are either footnoted, hyperlinked or explicitly stated.


The timeline is separated into five parts, for the sake of manageability.

PART 1 | Origins of an Ego (1954 – 1980)

This part covers the ideological orientation of Turnbull’s mother, and the period between his birth and the end of his schooling.
Latest Update: 9 Feb 2016.

PART 2 | Seething for Power (1980 – 2000)

This part covers Turnbull’s initial efforts to enter politics, his involvement in the Spycatcher trial, the republican campaign, and everything in between.
Latest Update: 9 Oct 2016.

PART 3 | A Change of Tactics (2000 – 2009)

This part covers Turnbull’s joining of the Liberal Party, his brutal pre-selection campaign, his pernicious role in the Howard government, and his ascension and downfall as Opposition Leader.
Latest Update: 3 May 2018.

PART 4 | Relentless Undermining (2009 – 2015)

This part covers Turnbull’s ruthless campaign of needling and white-anting against Prime Minister Tony Abbott. I demonstrate that Turnbull didn’t merely take advantage of Abbott’s poor polling, he helped create it.
Latest Update: 3 May 2018.

PART 5 | Prime Ministership Seized (2015 – 2016)

Ongoing coverage of Turnbull’s step-by-step move to the left.
Latest Update: 3 May 2018.

Stand-Alone Articles

The 7 most outrageous public remarks of Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Ministership

7 times Malcolm Turnbull contradicted himself

The Broken Promises of Malcolm Turnbull’s Challenge Speech

A list of Malcolm Turnbull’s most blatant lies, falsehoods, deceits & distortions

Is Turnbull scheming to pass so-called “gay marriage”?

6 times Malcolm Turnbull has explicitly attacked the Liberal Party

6 times Malcolm Turnbull has insulted our Defence Forces

Turnbull’s mentor is behind the greyhound ban

What Can We Do? A Conservative Electoral Strategy

Turnbull, Paedophilia & Pornography: 8 Disturbing Connections

Red Alert on Turnbull’s ‘Smart Cities’ Public Transport Agenda

‘Battler’ Turnbull’s family income in the 1950s was 7 times the average

3 Criminal Friends of Malcolm Turnbull

Falinski invited Islamist to speak at branch meeting in 2009

Did the ABC try to sabotage StopTurnbull.com?

The Spycatcher Trial – Turnbull teams with Communists

Beware a Turnbull Ambush on so-called “Gay Marriage”

Examples of Turnbull outflanking Labor to the left

Why Malcolm Turnbull is not a true Liberal

4 Reasons Malcolm Turnbull is un-Australian

My Interview with the Daily Mail

10 Leftists who praise Malcolm Turnbull

13 Failed Predictions by Malcolm Turnbull

Costello’s Utter Hypocrisy on Turnbull Coup





85 thoughts on “Why Malcolm Turnbull is a Dangerous Leftist Ideologue”

  1. Turnbull is a disaster. So is Bishop, Morrison, Pyne and the others who betrayed the voters. WE DID NOT VOTE FOR TURNBULL. Turnbull has hijacked and destroyed the Liberal Party.

    1. No argument here Paul… he (Turnbull) is an absolute disaster on many fronts…. Bishop as well… Pyne too .. Morrison has been thrown under the bus – not too sure about Morrison but I think he was between a rock and a hard place when in September… I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt but??? Perhaps Morrison is just out to look after himself right now and can’t say I blame him. His ‘boss’ is a nasty piece of work.

  2. I agree with the above posters, Turnbull is a classic fifth element, pulling off an insider attack, on a duly elected PM. Turnbull has taken for himself wht could not win legally. Already the signs are there that many of the conspiratorial collaborators are regretting their involvement and are retless and disillusioned, as they watch their annointed, supreme communicator and ordained one, flip flop around and waffle endlessly like a dithering idiot. Brushing his conspirators atthe drop of a hat,at the first sign of issue. It will be interesting to see what happens to Pyne and Wyatt Roy. On Pyne I was sure he said he was to be Defence Minister, yet no one has commented on his obvios disappointment when he was named as Defence Minister. Already the cracks are openning every where. No sign of the contol, discipline and unity that appeared under Abbott. Name one other leader that could remain leader in opposition for so long and then lead a triumphant and decisive victory into Government. Despite the massive media misinformation campaign waged against him. Those who let Turnbull into the confines of the Liberal Party shoud be condemned, history should be severe on them. Mark my words Turnbull will lead them to annihilation.

    1. Yes, and I feel that the reason he is rushing to an early election is to make sure that he gets in before more people wake up to him or remember that they did not like him before.

    2. That information you have shown should be made public before the election so everyone is informed. What a dangerous man. I did also here he was speaking somewhere using filthy language and in front of children. Why on earth isn’t all this made public? We had a decent leader with morals, who had only our Country at heart. This information should be screamed to all newspapers before innocent people vote for this monster. Please.

  3. I could not agree more! Turdbull leadership is terminal, this gutless grub has an agenda to destroy LNP to fulfil his lefties progressive ideology. It saddens me to say I hope the Libs loose to writ this evil cretin out completely and his famous 54 stooges.

    1. The sweetest thing would be to see Turnbull lose his seat without having to endure three years of Prime Minister Shorten.

      1. How do we organise this expunging of turnbull while maintaining coalition in place. Everybody wants him gone but a catapillar bulldozer will be needed to shift his posterior from the present leadership role.
        Time is fast running out for timely action to rid us all from this gillard/rudd carbon copy.
        Where are the smart and influential people ih australia that should be organising this movement.
        Wake up all, this is the most importanr election in australuas history . God bless australia

        1. I think the smart and really influential people are probably on his gravy train also ! He was very clever to always ‘ forward think ‘ for his own benefit. His history tells it as it is !

      2. Cliff, the media will make sure that Turnbull gets in no matter how stupid Turnbull is.. Remember that they make the good look like fools and the fools look good.

    2. But remember Carmen, that the media is all left, so most of the public will not know, and as Hitler said, ‘if you tell people often enough that something is true they will eventually believe it”, he also said, “what luck for leaders that people do not think.”

  4. Hi
    The other day i rang barnaby joyce electorate office to remind them that the stupid old bastard who has just decided to run against joyce was encouraged by turnbull in order to ecpunge barnaby
    Deputy pm or not turnbull will be seething cause he basically will stand up to turnbull. He just wants yes men to push through the emmision trading , republicinism ,no more plebisites etc etc
    I asked the office girl had she seen stopturnbull.com , she had never heard of it and neither have most people i talk to.
    Get it out there soon ,all voters need to read it,urgently
    We wll go to the most important elecyion soon in australias history and only a couple of hundred voters will have known about yhis fantadtic site
    Nice work but please get it out there. Even this 70 year old wpuld be prepated yo put in a few bucks to help advertise it some how
    Cheers ken

    1. Ken, we need to get all the right wing parties like the ALA. Family first, Bob Katter’s party, National party of Australia, Rise up Australia party, to ban together and make one big party to give us a right wing party which has a chance to win.
      If we have a lot of little parties, we will never have a right wing party again..
      Notice if we have very right wing people and mps’ that they are said to be radical, extreme, etc, but if you are hard left you are ok.. you are written up as true Australians, or really there for the people etc..

      1. Following on ftom gayes suggestion to form all parties into 1 only then the turnbull synophants would be reduced to a very small number then turnbull might retire to the cayman islands where the locals need some finaincal help.
        Action items for us innovative believers in conservstive values item 1, the rest to follow
        We all email those small parties to discuss and seriously consider a plan to bring as many together as possible before the election . We ha e many great cross bench members as you 3ill ever get is bob dwy , llazurus , j lambie , the roo poo party , family firdt , abbott , and all those who have been ecpunged recently by the stabber .
        As a guide if turnbull hates them then we love them and vice versa.,bill bilson is a good example. According yo turnbull he talked yo much
        Gaye are you in agreement with the general direction taken here?

      2. Bob Katter received $125,000 from the CFMEU before the last election. I would not describe him as right wing in view of that. I wonder what they expected from him in return?

        1. Sadly ALA …even though they have a tough stance on immigration, also buy into wind turbines, green clean energy (nice catch phrase) but where is it?
          Wind Turbines have been proven to be not only useless, but dangerous, plus they need coal fired power stations to support them, running at a loss, this is the insanity of this so called green movement.
          ALA appear to be a kind of anti open borders (good thing) but embracing a lot of Green policies (bad thing)
          So they wont get my vote…doesn’t leave much definitely not Turdballs or Shorten…either, no9t much hope on the horizon sadly.

          1. A new party was registered recently called yhe MATURE AUSTRSLIAN PARTY, had a quick look at recently and may be worth a crack. Its been on tv news a couple of days ago.
            Looks promising and so far very professional. Check it out but dont forget any of them could never be worse than turbull yhe stabber or shorten the socialist wrecker.
            The LNP are fasf becoming another labour party so we must support yhe small parties otherwise the we sre wall to wall red socialist commo parties and a thrashed country will be assured.


  5. If all us turnbull stabber haters do is talk and write replies to comments on this site without taking some real action we may as well shut it down ,delete it from the web and go forth and vote informal
    There could be nothing more frustrating to us defenders of australia freedom and life style than to sleep walk to defeat at the hands of the stabber.
    I believe even the deputy prime minister is currently under seige now from windsor .of course turnbull had nothing to do with that decision did he? It must have been a very generous offer
    I hope im wrong but i dont believe that barnaby joyce stands a chance notwithstanding his deputy ship
    Turnbull is certainly clearing the deck of those under the guise of renewal , especially those with opposing views and only wants syncophants and yes men around him
    Wake up everybody its now the 17 th of march , we need a battle plan but first people must read this information.time is running out. I think im voting labour as revenge against turnbull for stabbing abbott , i will be doing my various grand children a favour

    1. Ken, if you vote Labor, you are voting communism just as much as Turnbull, so my suggestion to you is to vote for one of the right wing parties.. I feel if they all got together that they would be bigger than liberal in two elections.. that is if the media does not continue its deceptions and manipulations.

      1. Hip hip horay for gaye, i think you have got it. Yes we definetly need ladies and gentlemen of conservative ilk who want this country left in one piece for our grand children of which i have a few.
        All the mps and senators you have mentioned plus several very good others could make a very strong party.
        Lets hope they can thwart the stabber of australian politics and write a new chapter in this web site. It could be a long chapter , about 54 of then cowards ,mesmirised by turnbull , and promised rich pickings.
        I believe in karma and those 54 are overdue for theirs.
        One huge problem 2 3lections is far to long and most of yhr conservative ideals could be thrashed . Suppose they could be reversed but at what cost.
        Yes gaye you are right i promise you if i can keep my revenge on turnbull under control long enough then the the small parties will receive my vote ,hw ever in many ways i think revenge on turnbull could be exacted in the upcomingelection where turnbull thinks he will win the upper hand then he eill kick more conservatives out
        My belief is your time line for your scenario is to distant, we need a short term plan that will damage turnbull in the near future


  6. Many of the things you wrote convinced me to support Turnbull. Your homophobia and climate change denial is a dying out tradition and should be redefined along the lines of science and compassion. I honestly won’t check the comments because I assume most of them will be calling me liberal scum or some other nonsense, but if you truly want to contact me for a discussion rather than a debate, then my email is lasbumperso@gmail.com.

    1. L Howard, perhaps it is these people who care about homosexuals more than the left, as with the flood of diseases amongst homosexuals I am surprised that we have not had campaigns against it like they do for smoking and drugs.
      Smokers and Drug users live longer than homosexuals..
      I have no doubt that you WILL be popping back in to look so here are a few sites for you too look at..
      Homosexuality – The Real Agenda – True News

      The disease has infected 22 people in New York and caused seven deaths since 2010
      Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/anotherkiller-disease-striking-homosexuals/#3lkvEcQtI3P7fgjE.99… increasing problem among homosexuals in New York … – ‎Schmerin –
      … transmitted disease patterns in male homosexuals. – ‎
      … On The Unhealthy Homosexual Lifestyle Medical researchers have known for many years that the “homosexual lifestyle” is a very disease-ridden lifestyle.
      … Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do – Family 71 references at bottom of page many from medical journals.
      … Medical Downside of Homosexual Behavior
      … The Longevity of Homosexuals: Before and after the Aids …
      … Facts About Youth – Health Risks of the Homosexual Lifestyle
      … Anything But Gay: The Deadly and Dangerous Homosexual …Because of the bias manner in which homosexuality is portrayed by the media, the …
      public has little understanding of the true nature of the homosexual lifestyle . … Few people understand that homosexuality is not only unhealthy, it is deadly.
      … Homosexual Lifestyle Exposed, although Christian, it shows According to The Gay Report, a homosexual magazine, this one is very worrying.
      … The destructive nature of homosexuality – RenewAmerica see
      Homosexuality is unhealthy.

      A brief search of medical journals found:

      The Archives of Internal Medicine, “Homosexually active men are significantly more likely to report syphilis and less likely to present with primary syphilis than heterosexual men.”

      New England Journal of Medicine, “At least 80 percent of homosexual men presenting to our sexually transmitted disease clinic with anorectal or intestinal symptoms were infected with one or more sexually transmissible anorectal or enteric pathogens. Such infections were also found in 39 percent of homosexual men presenting to the clinic without intestinal symptoms.”

      Harrisonís Principles of Internal Medicine, “In one New York Study, all nontraveled immunocompetent males with giardiasis were, in fact, homosexual.”

      New England Journal of Medicine, “Anal intercourse may predispose to anal cancer through the transmission of an infection, most probably infection with human papillomavirus.”

      The Journal of the American Medical Association, “among men, report of any lifetime homosexual activity was associated with an elevated risk for HSV-2 [herpes simplex virus – 2].”

      American Journal of Medicine,”… heterosexual men in a sexually transmitted disease clinic have a substantially lower prevalence of cytomegalovirus seropositivity than do homosexual men.”

      The Centers for Disease Control reveal that homosexuals make up 80 percent of all AIDS cases in America. Heterosexual contact accounts for only 8 percent of the cases.

    2. No you are wrong, you really should read it. I also heard how he used filthy language and in front of children. But read what Ken has enlightened us with, which adds credence to it.

    3. There is no global warning , its official , no warming has taken place in the last 17 years. Its a hoax mr l howard. Do some research and you will become aware of researc completed in the usa .
      So much histeria all csused by al gore , the guy whose 18 bedroom mansion lights burned all night. Its alleged he has ownership of large companies in the solar energy business. Of course he believes ,hes making the money .
      What a joke, wheres the hard evidence? Any body can fudge figures and they do.
      Even flannery serms to have lost interest , who wouldent aftervthose embarrasing predictions
      Should god decide to warm the oceans , the great barrier reef sea life will migrate south anyway, no worries here.
      Turnbull wants an emmision trading scheme, how ridiculous , many traders and those with millions sitting in the cayman islands tax free will make millions from it while you pay . And no change ever yo global temperatures. Wake up mr l howard and smell 5he roses
      God bless australia
      One final thing turnbull no more of our money to go to flannery

    4. L Howard came to this website as we all do with common purpose ,to rid ozzie politics of a left leaning biased and untrust worthy in dividual called malcom turnbull , who in the last 6 months has taken the money but has done swa but plot quietly behind yhe scenes how to bring in his lefty /socialist policies

      Like a penchant child LHoward has now decided to vote for turnbull and lucy becsuse he dident like somebodies comments on some issues.

      L Howard after reading this beautiful website you decided to ignore all the warnings . Many have said that democracy is to good for some
      I will not waste my time e mailing you separately cause your not worth it. Wake up L Howard

    5. Actually its not Climate Change…we all know the Climate Changes, that’s a given.
      Lets stick to the theme “Golabal Warming” brought in by Maurice Strong and Al Gore (the man with the mansion that sold with multiple fireplaces)
      But lets forget that, we know they are hypocrites…
      NASA just recently confirmed Ice at the poles is increasing.
      Now didnt Al Gore and all his disciples say (I assume you believe them…since you are echoing their little catch phrases nicely)..didn’t they say that sea levels will rise because of melting ice at the pole, haven’t they shown so called videos of this.
      Yet analysis of satellite data posted late last year from NASA says the Antarctic ice sheet showed a net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001. That net gain slowed to 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008.

      Read the words “Gain” you have no basis for your argument, you cant quote facts, you could not hold a serious debate …all you can do is use words like homophobe, islamaphobe, denier…etc…
      How does it feel to be an empty brainwashed shell that cant think, or cant be bothered researching anything.
      Turnbull will have your vote tho…he deserves you and you deserve him.

  7. Getting Turnbull out of his seat is a nice idea, but it won’t happen. He holds it with 67.7%, and the seat includes most of Sydney’s most affluent suburbs, so mostly people like him. You might get a sympathetic hearing in Bondi or Clovelly, but not in Vaucluse or Elizabeth Bay.

  8. Majority, if not all the voters in wentworth are not supporters of the labour party because its against their reIigion.how come then they will vote for socialist elite malcomn turnbull.
    They must think he is one of them, well hes not , he should be in the labour movement. I think i read in this site he revered rudd and gillard and their policyies qnd vision. Remember the 4 fatalities sadly all young men.
    Hes only being a good boy and generally following the spirit of the agreement the nationals made him sign, he often revertes to labour ideology as he cant help himself
    Wentworth unite to expunge this wishy washy non leader who stabbed abbott, something millions will never forget
    Many issues remain incomplete cause he dosent want to resolve anything until after the election, then many will curse they voted for him
    My prediction after the election if he unfortunatly wins “15% GST”.
    Just like gillard saying this prior to her election
    There will be no carbon tax in any government i lead
    LNP would be a fantastic party under anybody but turnbull say kevin andrew or cory bernadi, but never left wreckers known as the labour party

  9. I’m still waiting for a reply from the Chardonnay socialist, Turnbull to the following email:

    Mr Turnbull

    Since September last year, I have been endeavoring to get answers to five questions I put to my local federal member, Scott Morrison regarding your alleged largesse with Australian taxpayer’s money in 2007.

    My first email in September was followed up with two further emails, the latter of which is detailed below. All three emails were rudely and witlessly ignored by Mr Morrison. It was only after I telephoned his electoral office on 22/2/2016 and spoke to his uncaring (at best) “attack dog”, that I finally received a letter dated 7/3/2016, signed by him, stating that he had forwarded my correspondence to you for your attention.

    Given that a month has gone by without any reply, I now put those questions directly to you, plus one further question, for answers:

    1. Did you authorise a $10 million grant in 2007, when you were the Environment Minister, to Australian Rain Corporation, which was then part owned by a person called Matt Handbury, for the “investigation” of an untried Russian technology that aims to trigger rainfall from the atmosphere, even when there are no clouds?

    2. If so did you negotiate any sort of equity entitlement for the Australian people in this company in return for their generosity to Mr Handbury? (Rupert Murdoch’s nephew)

    3. What was the outcome of Australian Rain Corporation’s “investigation”?

    4. Is Mr Handbury a friend of yours?

    5. Did Mr Handbury make any donations to your electoral fund-raising organisation, Wentworth Forum? If so, how much in total.

    6. What due diligence did you undertake in respect to Australian Rain Corporation and its “investigation”, before you parted with taxpayer’s money

    Mr Turnbull, undoubtedly all Australians hope that any of their Prime Ministers aren’t some sort of slimy spiv, so your answers to these six questions or even if these questions are ignored and left unanswered, will go a long way in determining what sort of character our present Prime Minister has.

    I look forward to your early reply.

    1. Peter , all good question but surely you dont really expect a reply do you, seriously.
      There is much corruption in this country as you well know.when you have money and connectio s with the loony left and other self centered groups you go for it and when caught just tell people you cant remember. Turnbull best mate is a case in point. He can do no wrong , sinodinis has a eell rehearsed talent in this field. Look out for his promotion in any future government lead by turnbull.
      You new the character of turnbull before you started writing the question. Good luck with that. NOW just concentrate on the matter s to hand and help audtralia expunge turnbull, dont get side tracked again

  10. I`d like for some advice on how to cast my vote and diminish Turnbull`s case.I can`t vote labour so who do I vote for ,I can`t stand the grand mufti Turnbull.Patrick.

  11. You can’t vote for any of the major established parties. They are all tarred with the same brush. I personally think that what happened with Turnbull taking over from Abbot was planned from the start. Abbot took the party to power saying there would be no carbon tax, gay marriage etc and then Turnbull’s take over was a planned event. If the Liberal party had said it was going to support these things no-one would have voted for them. When all these things that the voters don’t want have been implemented then they can get rid of Turnbull and blame it all on him and put good guy Abbot or someone else in control. Abbot is a Jesuit. I have read he went to the same Jesuit school that Shorten went to. Read some history about the Jesuits – they are all about control and undermining Christianity. They have undermined the Catholic church. They have been in control of large sums of money since they stole it from Christians making pilgrimages to Jerusalem hundreds of years ago. They used their vast wealth to control the Royalty in Europe. They are control freaks and very cunning. Don’t be fooled by the Abbott – Turnbull agenda.

  12. When will the people wake up!!! It doesn’t matter which party gets in to power they must do as they are told by the elite who rule over all governments.

    Liberal or Labor the agenda is the same; to bring democratic countries like the UK, USA and Australia etc., to the condition of a third world country.

    They want us to have chaos in every aspect of our lives so that we will readily accept their intended one world government often referred to by their puppets as the New World Order.

    Obama has had to do as he was told and there are many levels of power above him. The elite run the world through corporations, which are controlled by the bankers or the banksters as those in the know call them.

    The elite also own and control the media, so we are fed daily with the stuff most people believe is the news, but the newsreaders tell all the people in all countries the same info, which is useless, and it keeps those who believe, in the dark about what is really going on in the world.

    All the wars have been started by the banksters and they don’t care how many people are killed just as long as they continue to hold power over the monetary system. Those who were fighting believed they were fighting for their country and their freedom; this is not true; all servicemen and women were tricked into fighting. All wars are bankers wars.

    The aim of the elite is to have a one world government, one currency and one religion and us as their slaves.

    So don’t worry about Turnbull or Shorten or Liberal or Labor the agenda will be the same; the people will believe in vain that they have chosen someone who will improve things.

    This is a very involved subject but just think of how many of our freedoms that we have lost under the guise of keeping national security; they have taken all our guns as the first step and cameras are everywhere. All digital emails and phone messages are able to be read and listened to.

    Also the voting is rigged so that the government that the elite wants in gets in to power. The media which is owned by the elite always helps their chosen man to get in to power and then he will have to toe the line and do as he is told.

    President John F Kennedy tried to go against them and he was assassinated and any leader who disobeys is assassinated or deposed.

    Nobody, or not many voted for John Howard but he got in and nobody wanted the GST but it also got in and then through Howard they took all our guns.

    Anyway there are more bad things about to happen this year and you will wonder how they happened and how did we find ourselves in this situation.

    So let the chaos continue because we can’t stop it and neither can Turnbull or Shorten.

    1. Actually you make a lot of sense. We are so accustomed to thinking small in Australia but you have put forward a real possibility that has made me think it is definitely a global situation and it adds up when you explained it this way. Thank you. More foid for deep thought !

  13. The danger of Turnbull is that so many think he is something that he is not. He’s neither a conservative, nor really all that liberal. He stands for nothing and no one, which isn’t surprising from a Goldman Sachs boy.

    A nation is a nation of people. It’s leader how to represent our collective interests, WITHOUT compromise. This means making hard decisions, unpopular decisions and perhaps standing against conventional wisdom or Politically Correct ‘morals’.

    I will admit here that I generally preference the Liberals close to last, and have done so for years. But only because the party is failing to represent Australia’s interests.

    It’s failing to represent the interest of Australian families. It shows no interest in the housing unaffordability crisis, no interest in the problems the mass legal migration is causing, no interest in removing market distorting policies, no interest in putting the nations welfare above profits.

    There was a time, long ago I though the Liberal party represented this nation. Turnbull exemplifies everything that is wrong. Someone who won’t even speak against radical Islam, someone who thinks “mums and dads” want bigger mortgages, someone who thinks the country is just another company.

    1. That is true Harotio, the greatest trick of the devil is to con people into believing he does not exist. The true wolf in sheeps clothing.

    2. It is outrageous that Tony Abbott, a true patriot, with only the interests of Australia at heart has been supplanted by a crypto communist like Malcolm. Cry, my beloved country!

  14. Looks like people are waking up. The best thing you can do as individuals is to make your concerns and opinions known amongst family and friends. Many people probably share the same concerns but are too scared to say anything less they be seen as undesirable. The time to speak up is now. Direct them to this site, politely and discretely, email the link etc and let them read for themselves. The word of mouth was the original form of social media an is still a strong forum. To the author of this site, may I suggest you actively promote yourself on radio etc. get out there guys and girls and let it be known.

  15. One is in quite a quandary with this coming election. There is no way I am voting for Malcolm Turnbull but I would would rather kill my vote than vote Labour. My local politicians appears to be a good guy that did not vote to overthrow Tony Abbott but a vote for him will put Malcolm Turnbull in CHARGE to destroy the country just a Labour Would. WHAT does one DO ?

  16. Will your voting recommendations website be up and running before pre poll voting starts on the 14th June?

    I refuse to join Facebook.

    1. Hi Graham. I’ll try and have it up by then, but it’ll probably take a little longer.

      Also, you can check my Facebook page without actually joining Facebook.

  17. Hello christian jay, your worries shpuld soon be over as the admin admin of this great web site will provide us all counsel soon on how to vote so as to not help the great stabber nor labour with there open door policy to be rolled out if they win and or team up with the odiotic wreckers who hide behind the sweet sounding name but are communists and facists on steroids.
    Yes i and most thinking and enquireing voters dont want turnbull as our pm. He is short tempered and authoriation by nature and we may well end up with a police state with him looking after his banking mates. Arthur sinodinos is waiting in the wings for a promised promotion. No thank you. The man is a jerk and has no memory of financial dealing when he was in charge.

    Everybody think and act againdt turnbull and the 54 assholes who crapped on abbott ,he is a fine man repeat man fine man with morality and no money in the caymans avoiding taxes, no whacky left loony ideas , turnbull hates yhe monacy.
    Finally just ignor calls coming from the stabber. Birmingham ,morrision etc to support them..turnbull does not need rewarding for what hrs done, so lets hope and pray he gets his karma and a senate who loath him and that will be proper payback. Then and only then will the gang of 54 return to a sensible position and yhe turnbull ecperiement will be finished

    1. Clair, dont worry who wrote these comments but they are formulated from many many years of following politics
      Trust me turnbull has to go, visitots to this site are fortunately learing a thing or 2 and hopefully we will get the job done on july 2
      Insurance cover includes those senators who hate turnbull gor they will cause him much embarr4sment and grief and that what he deserves for stabbing abbott

  18. Since our elected Liberal representatives have stopped representing the membership. I propose that the membership take back their support until the party agrees to have the Leader elected by Plebiscite by all the members, starting from NOW.
    In this instance a commitment from the party that immediately after the election the members would chose the Leader is a good step towards the Party getting my vote back.

    1. Charlie what a great comment, agree totally, e mail admin on this site ,coordinate and later we will approach all our new members. Brilliant. Faces uphill battle though. See if we still hace the stabber and maybe the lib party will deal with him themselves. Ij praying they loose . Keep an eye out foe how to vote advice on yhis dite

  19. I read your conservative strategies.
    Admin. There is one point I must make to you regarding Family first.
    They are a left leaning party.
    In 2008 Family First held the balance of power in the senate.
    Rudd and Gillard were on a mission to get someone of fame for tax avoidance, Paul Hogan. They repealed section 23AG (I think) of the Tax act. This was to raise an extra $40 Million.
    As you know, they failed with Paul Hogan BUT in repealing the act, I saw my pay drop by 20 to 30 percent.
    The money I made was good but not as good as what could be made working in Australia doing the same job with better conditions. For instance, I was getting around US$700 per day (Around $900 AUD) and working 120 to 150 days per year, I preferred to stay home with my family. The same job in Australia was paying around $1400-$1500 per day. I wrote to Family first regarding this in the hope they would not back the bill however, my letter went unanswered. In the end, My take home, for working on a shitty boat on rice and fish heads and rancid meat saw my pay back to around $600 per day. (12 hrs a day, 7 days a week) Needless to say, Family First may have a few conservative policies but in the long run are more inclined to vote on leftist welfare lines. Thumbs down to putting them anywhere near No1 on any ballot paper for conservatives.

    1. I’ve changed my view on them recently after seeing that they supported one particularly awful policy. I’ve changed the article slightly, to reflect this.

    2. Apple5 are you aware that puts you in the top few % of earners?
      It sounds like you’re complaining but that makes you better off than the vast majority of Australians.
      Maybe you need some perspective?

  20. Can anyone tell me 2 things:-
    (1) Is there a list somewhere of “The Gang of 56” (like “The Gang of 4” of Communist China fame?) – those 56 backstabbing so-called Liberals, who on 14 September 2015, plotted and schemed to remove our democratically elected prime minister, Tony Abbott, from office, and in his place as our PM put a wishy-washy pro-global warming, pro-homosexual, left-leaning pretender, Malcolm Turnbull?

    (2) Where can I find out who the Liberal candidates are for Victoria in the Senate?

    I want the above info so that I can put any of the Liberals who are of “The Gang of 56” and also Victorian Senate candidates, at the bottom of my Voting Paper when I vote for 12 Senate candidates below the line on 2 July. At the top of the voting paper for the Senate I will give top preference to other Liberals who did not oust Abbott, Nationals, Fred Nile’s Party, ALA, Rise Up Australia and One Nation. The ALP & Greens will go second and third last (haven’t decided which yet).

  21. I have just perchanced across this website. It makes some telling and worrying points about the loathsome character that is Turnbull. Fascinating indeed.

  22. Oh….how sad……turnbull seems to have the flu and a temperature on tv tonight
    I suspect this multi millioner never had his flue jab or he was to tight to spend $20 bucks on a flu shot or he was to scared . Maybe a bit of both. He is looking very tired and frail lately on tv and the colour of his expensive looking leather jacket dors not suit him. Black would have been a better choice. The brown makes him look like a imposter with a guilty look on his face. Still avoiding tax turnbull.
    Karma should be kicking in sooh to deal some bad news to him.
    The gang of 54 should be expunged from yhr political landscape.
    You reckon you are going to win eh, what comes next turnbull, maybe the rise and rise of arthur sinodinous, maybe removing the monachy ,maybe more money qnd meals with islamic hate ,preachers , maybe the selling of more ports to the chinese communist party ,maybe another attempt route abbott from the party , maybe an emmision trafing scheme , mwybe the promotion of ex army davd morrision , maybe telling your banking budirs to go for it with no inquiry now ,maybe prof flannery gets a cushy new job , maybe homeless and destitute will go from 1 in 6 to 1 in 12 qnd with a biy of luck we might get a police state and with gods help we might even get abbott back and turnbull pissed of to reflect on his ignorance and arrogance towards the people of australia…….money does not buy you respect you horrible immoral imposter……

  23. Malcolm Turnbull is so “Left” that every time he’s on the TV I have to adjust the Aspect Ratio on my Television!

  24. Once a turnbull hater always a turnbull hater. Turnbull will never get a vote from me rest of my life tony abbott is my legitimate primeminister. Any other person except turnbull would get my vote.
    I really hope this election that many are still fuming at the stabbing incident last september.

  25. This time , thanks to god , we have collectivly deliverd the stabber a good kick in the family jewels area of his body.
    See fellow turnbull haters dreams do come true.
    I am waiting for somebody to tell us how many of the 54 stabbers have been expunged. Hopefully all 54 will be gone but even if only 4 or 5 are gone this shpuld even up the 55 to 44 pole hopefully to the point where abbott will again have the numbers to roll the maniac
    lazy ex banker.
    We will be so much better off with turnbull gone , expu naged and never heard of again.
    Lets hope nick xenopone dosent go to easy on turnbull

  26. In response to a suggestion that Malcolm Turnbull does not have enough mongrel in him (The Australian – Last Post 8 July) I referred the contributor to stopturnbull.com. The Australian declined to post the comment. No doubt Rupert would not have been pleased!

  27. Better Turnbull than Shorten but only just and only because there a few good Liberals left there including Tony of course. The move against Turnbull in the Senate was the right strategy and hopefully can stop him from doing stupid Lefty things.

  28. Under Turnbull, both the Liberals and the Country will suffer as he lacks the guts to make the tough decisions. Who need labour when you have a leftie within your own ranks,as leader,destroying your Culture , your Economy, and everything we stand For. I was a Liberal Voter for 30 years but I can’t be part of this problem. Get rid of him.

  29. Its about time Turnbull was dumped by the Libs.
    Left him go and be the leader of the ALP as he is doing nothing for Liberal voters. He is a closet Socialist.
    The last few weeks of Turbulls antics involving gifting of our $$$ to the UN to promote the Climate Change Scam, the changing of the income and assets test for the Aged Pension (transfer of wealth from savers to spenders), the ignoring of polls that rate him at near zero after he used polls to roll Abbott, etc have me thinking that the Lib Party is finished.
    While Turnbull is leader anyway.
    Its time for Abbott to have his revenge.
    Then bring Bernardi back into the fold.
    The more I see of Turnbull the more I think his ultimate goal is to destroy the Liberal Party.
    Get rid of lefty Turnbull once and for all!

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